OnDoc Alpha

Welcome to OnDoc, an online PDF document viewer, annotator and form filler.

This is an experimental Alpha version of OnDoc.
Your feedback, feature requests or bug reports are welcome.

Take a PDF document from the Internet or your computer and OnDoc will display it in your web browser allowing you to fill out forms and add annotations.

Get a PDF document from:

Web link:
Local file:

The document will be available to anybody (see the list of public documents and patches). If you wish to keep it private, sign in to your account first and then get the document under your account. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up to create one.

Browse annotated OnDoc Quick Start document, the original OnDoc Quick Start document without annotations or try some examples:


Core features:

  1. Browse and navigate PDF documents online.
  2. Annotate PDF documents.
  3. Fill out forms.

Additional features:

  • Text extraction.
  • Publish and share annotated documents.

Usability features:

  • Viewer works securely without JavaScript and cookies.
  • Cookies are required to sign in.
  • JavaScript is required to edit documents.

Supported Browsers

I have tried the following browsers so far:

Safari4 Beta 528.16YesYes
Internet ExplorerNoNoNot supported yet

If you are using a different browser, please let me know if it works for you.

Limitations and Known Issues


  • Only default (non-embeded) PDF fonts can be used for annotations.

Known issues:

  • AcroForms not editable yet.
  • PDF version 1.5+ not implemented yet (cross-reference and object streams).
  • Annotations on some documents not showing up.
  • Extended features are disallowed in Adobe Reader after adding annotations to some documents.
  • Sign in/up form must be submitted twice after enabling cookies.
  • Document or patch name cannot contain the plus character.
  • "Broken" PDF documents cannot be displayed at all.


2009-06-11 v0.2

  • Added handling of encrypted documents
  • Fixed wrongly positioned annotations on some documents
  • Better user interface with single menu permanently on the top

2009-05-27 v0.1

  • Initial version


Please feel free to contact me about any bugs you find, features you would like to use or your opinion on how OnDoc could be further improved to suit your needs.