OnDoc: online pdf document viewer, annotator and form filler.

LogandCMS: Content Management System and online shop software.


WPS: PostScript and PDF interpreter for HTML 5 canvas.

webglade (tar.gz): JavaScript library to dynamically create XUL GUI from Glade XML files.


picoWiki: picoLisp wiki implemented in picoLisp. Information about picoLisp and related software.

phil.l: Chandy / Misra solution to the Dining Philosophers Problem (without locking).

gtk (tar.gz): picoLisp gtk-server interface.

nb (tar.gz): Non-blocking I/O functions for picoLisp. Includes a simple asynchronous echo server example.

mplisp (tar.gz): miniPicoLisp with FFI. Modules include Buddy BDD library, OpenGL, Gtk and GMP.


jmultimethod: multimethods for Java using annotations.

dbquery (tar.gz): Query RDBMS, result as S-expression. Makes RDBMS accessible from Emacs/Lisp via Java JDBC.

Common Lisp

clisp-ole (tar.gz): Prototype OLE bindings for clisp. Includes MS Excel interoperability example.

addagram (tar.gz): Program to solve "Add-A-Gram" problem.

Emacs Lisp

ls-mode (tar.gz): Emacs mode for editing ParenScript code (JavaScript with Lisp 'syntax').