r5u870 camera driver for Linux

I have a WDM camera on my laptop VGN-SZ3XWP/C which is only supported by the r5u870 Linux kernel driver (not by the r5u87x user space tools). However, the latest supported kernel is 2.6.30 so here I describe how to make the camera work with Linux kernel 2.6.32.

Table of Contents

1 Download and build

Download git repository:

$ cd /tmp
$ git clone http://logand.com/git/r5u870.git
$ cd r5u870

Check out the right branch:

$ git checkout -b <branch> origin/<branch>


$ git checkout -b k2.6.32 origin/k2.6.32

Build the driver:

$ make

Remove the driver if already loaded:

$ lsmod | grep r5u870
$ sudo rmmod r5u870
$ sudo rmmod usbcam

(Re)install the driver:

$ sudo make install

2 Usage

The camera works fine with:

  • Cheese Webcam Booth
  • XawTV

However, it still doesn't work with Skype. I tried setting LD_PRELOAD environment variable but that didn't help:

$ LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype

That might work on 32 bit Linux but I am using 64 bit installation. I tried several possibilities in the same spirit with no success yet.

3 Changes


  • port to Linux kernel version 2.6.32
  • using git instead of subversion

4 References

5 Feedback

If you find how to make the camera work with Skype or need to port the driver to a newer version of the Linux kernel, please send me an email.