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OnDoc is an online pdf document viewer, annotator and form filler.

Take a PDF document from the Internet or your computer and OnDoc will display it in your web browser allowing you to fill out forms and add annotations.


The Content Management System and online shop software makes maintenance of web sites and online shops as easy as possible:

See online shop demo as an example of an online shop maintained using LogandCMS. It is a fully functional online shop with payments disabled.

Try now to get hands-on experience with LogandCMS, try LogandCMS sandbox where you can freely experiment and modify your own sample shop directly inside LogandCMS.

Learn more from the documentation and browse screenshots of the Online Shop Demo front-end and administration back-end.

LogandCMS is modular software and can be customized to suit your particular needs.

Web and Software Development

I develop web sites, online shops or custom software fitted to your requirements. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.