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2015-05-02 21:00link to ieee-float pageTomas Hlavaty1+1-1
2015-05-02 20:59remove redundant packageTomas Hlavaty1+3-8
2015-04-28 20:08added READMETomas Hlavaty1+200-0
2015-04-28 20:07added gitignoreTomas Hlavaty1+1-0
2014-09-11 20:52ignore unused argTomas Hlavaty1+1-1
2014-09-11 20:52define BIFF-PhRuns structureTomas Hlavaty1+6-1
2014-09-11 20:28fix typoTomas Hlavaty1+1-1
2014-09-10 06:35update yearTomas Hlavaty1+1-1
2014-09-10 06:35sb-kernel:make-double-float expects (unsigned-byte 32)Tomas Hlavaty1+1-1
2014-09-10 06:34fHighByte can change with each continuation recordTomas Hlavaty1+23-9
2014-04-14 20:06use sb-kernel:make-double-float on #+sbcl instead of ieee-floats dependencyTomas Hlavaty2+4-2
2014-02-14 08:48fix biff-continue-streamTomas Hlavaty1+9-7
2014-02-12 21:53defensively assert that not dealing with #\null charsTomas Hlavaty1+13-5
2014-02-12 21:28fix bit fiddling in unicode stringsTomas Hlavaty1+8-8
2014-02-12 20:09understand biff continue recordsTomas Hlavaty1+28-3
2014-02-07 23:05throw end-of-file error with :stream self otherwise ccl and ecl complains when printing the errorTomas Hlavaty1+66-60
2013-11-20 23:52no dependency on IEEE-FLOATS when #+cclTomas Hlavaty2+4-1
2013-11-20 16:12Implement DOUBLE-FLOAT-FROM-BITS using IEEE-FLOATSStelian Ionescu2+11-1
2013-03-24 22:26BIFF-RkNumber understands double floatsTomas Hlavaty1+7-9
2013-03-24 02:22parse-xls-file addedTomas Hlavaty2+284-5
2013-01-06 19:47traverse-directories removedTomas Hlavaty1+104-143
2013-01-06 18:58introduce ole-directory-stream and remove ignored args id and levelTomas Hlavaty1+36-30
2013-01-06 17:33update (c) yearTomas Hlavaty5+5-5
2013-01-06 17:19remove commentsTomas Hlavaty1+0-7
2013-01-06 17:18remove clos and dependency on :trivial-gray-streams and :alexandriaTomas Hlavaty3+263-292
2012-09-04 14:34fix numbering in .doc files added (second level doesn't restart for now)Tomas Hlavaty2+536-2
2012-09-04 10:45New function PHYSICAL-STREAM-POSITIONDavid Lichteblau1+18-2
2012-09-04 10:02minor style improvementTomas Hlavaty1+2-2
2012-09-04 08:39Published under the MIT LicenceTomas Hlavaty5+114-4
2012-09-03 12:08mostly debugging output, some stuff might not be a good idea long termTomas Hlavaty1+11-7
2012-09-03 12:05io refactoring, read-* functions definedTomas Hlavaty2+72-54
2011-07-12 22:55compute live persist object directory and DocumentContainerTomas Hlavaty1+58-56
2011-07-05 21:55extract-pictures as separate functionTomas Hlavaty1+44-39
2011-07-05 21:54ppt-entry-to-html-naive shows text, images and structureTomas Hlavaty1+75-29
2011-06-22 22:01better html outputTomas Hlavaty1+79-62
2011-06-14 22:34handle text and images in html outputTomas Hlavaty2+107-21
2011-06-14 22:30s/blib/blipTomas Hlavaty1+2-2
2011-06-12 12:10ppt-file-to-html-naive and ppt-file-to-html casesTomas Hlavaty1+132-11
2011-06-12 12:08read-record and read-record-body separateTomas Hlavaty1+63-23
2011-06-12 12:06extract-ole-file uses walk-RecordHeader-treeTomas Hlavaty1+21-12
2011-06-12 12:04comments removedTomas Hlavaty1+0-2
2011-06-12 12:04enums improvedTomas Hlavaty2+41-11
2011-06-07 00:01defenum implemented for nicer print-RecordHeader-tree-from-ppt-fileTomas Hlavaty3+244-220
2011-06-05 14:05minor fixesTomas Hlavaty1+3-2
2011-05-30 21:58use ubyte instead of byte typeTomas Hlavaty1+2-2
2011-05-30 21:53print-RecordHeader-tree-from-ppt-file and ppt-file-to-html addedTomas Hlavaty1+117-0
2011-05-30 19:16change name from ole to olefsTomas Hlavaty7+508-508
2011-05-23 20:35more OfficeArtBlips addedTomas Hlavaty1+55-9
2011-05-21 16:47png and jpeg extraction from powerpoint files worksTomas Hlavaty5+414-129
2011-05-18 00:18mini-streams handled correctlyTomas Hlavaty1+28-22
2011-05-17 22:52remove ztream, really need random accessTomas Hlavaty1+31-53
2011-05-16 23:19ztreams implemented to simplify ole-entry-stream codeTomas Hlavaty1+61-42
2011-05-12 23:31gray ole-entry-stream implementedTomas Hlavaty2+116-2
2011-05-10 20:46can traverse directories and save big fat chainsTomas Hlavaty1+168-78
2011-05-05 20:25Initial commitTomas Hlavaty2+245-0