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README.cygwin (6060B)

      1 Using w3m on Cygwin
      3                                                                     2003/02/20
      4                                                             Katsuyuki Watanabe
      5                                                                       Dai Sato
      7 You can use w3m on Windows with a UNIX compatible environment "Cygwin". For
      8 detailed information of Cygwin, See http://cygwin.com/.
     10 Build
     12 After w3m-0.2, patches for Cygwin have been marged to w3m packages. If you use
     13 cygwin-1.1.4 or later, w3m shuould be build without any problems.
     14  (*) on Cygwin B20.1, you should add -luser32 to LOCAL_LIBRARIES
     16 The newest version of termcap and ncurses package are recomended. Especially,
     17 older versions of termcap have bugs in the entry for Cygwin which make the
     18 screen collapsed. The problem was fixed in termcap-20001020-1.
     20 Please make sure to execute ./configure before the make. The macros explained
     21 in "Macros" are defined by ./configure, and they are nessary to make this
     22 package. When you have some problem in making w3m, please check the points
     23 below:
     25  o  Do make veryclean, then exec ./configure && make.
     26  o  Check gcc and binutils are properly installed. setup.exe might have
     27     finished without reporting any errors, though the download of package
     28     files was end in failure. In this case, you should try to setup again.
     30 Using Cygwin with Win95/98/ME, configure will not run correctly when
     31 environment variable CYGWIN includes "ntsec" and/or "ntea", because shell
     32 scripts will not have executable attribute. It is recomended to remove "ntsec"
     33 and "ntea" from environment variable CYGWIN to load cygwin1.dll for the first
     34 time.
     36 Macros
     38 The macros below are defined in config.h for Cygwin environment.
     41     With -dump, -dump_{head,source,both,extra} option, output to stdout are
     42     done in binary mode. It might not been needed with cygwin-1.3.11 or later,
     43     but remained for safe.
     44     In common with Cygwin and EMX.
     46     The path names are handled as file names when they includes drive letters
     47     like "C:", "C:/", "file://C:/", "file://C|/", and so on.
     48     In common with Cygwin and EMX.
     50     URIs of common resources of NETBIOS in "//NETBIOSHOST/SHARE/PATH",
     51     "file://NETBIOSHOST/SHARE/PATH" format are handled as file: schema instead
     52     of ftp: schema.
     53     Only for Cygwin environments.
     55     Search and line input to forms are supported. But input through IME is
     56     available only with the local console when TERM=cygwin, and environment
     57     variable CYGWIN is not include "tty". The restrictions avoid the problems
     58     of the DOS prompt of Win9x and tty layer of Cygwin. For WinNT, the macro
     59     doesn't change any behavior of w3m, IME is always available with local
     60     consoles.
     61     Only for Cygwin environments and LANG=JA.
     63 Cooperation with Native Applications
     65 When calling the Win32 Native Abblications, "File not found" errors might be
     66 raised because of difference in formats of path name between Win32 and UNIX.
     68 Local CGIs
     70 Local CGIs in $LIB (/usr/local/lib/w3m/cgi-bin by default) use /usr/bin/perl.
     71 If you want to use ActivePerl (a native application) and so on, please modify
     72 the each scripts in $LIB with wrapper scripts as follows:
     74 ------ /usr/local/bin/winperl ------
     75 #!/bin/sh
     76 # wrapper script for Win32 Native Perl
     77 PERL=/cygdrive/c/Perl/bin/perl.exe
     78 case $1 in
     79   -*)
     80     ;;
     81   *)
     82     SCRIPT=`cygpath -w $1`
     83     shift
     84     ;;
     85 esac
     86 exec "$PERL" "$SCRIPT" $@
     87 ------------------------------------
     89 Where the PERL= is the path of Native Perl in Cygwin context. cygpath
     90 utilities come with Cygwin packages.
     92 For directory listing, when "Use external program for directory listing" is
     93 set "NO", you can browse the directory list without local CGIs.
     95 Editors
     97 w3m uses external editors to operate texts textareas and so on. You can use
     98 any native application as the external editor with the script as below:
    100 ------ /usr/local/lib/w3m/winedit ------
    101 #!/bin/sh
    102 EDITOR='/cygdrive/c/Program Files/sakura/sakura.exe'
    103 FILE=`cygpath -a -w $1`
    104 exec "$EDITOR" "$FILE"
    105 ----------------------------------------
    107 Where the EDITOR= is the path of Native editor in Cygwin context.
    109 If you use inetd as a service in WinNT and connect to localhost by telnet,
    110 the windows will be opened only if "Allow service to interact with the 
    111 desktop" is ON.
    113 Known Bugs
    115 LF is converted to CR+LF when use -dump or -dump-source options.
    116     Make sure USE_BINMODE_STREAM was defined in compilation. Try to
    117     re-configure and make, or set binmode to the environment variable CYGWIN.
    118 Can't input through IME in DOS prompt of Win9x.
    119     When "tty" is included in the environment variable CYGWIN, it is not
    120     permitted to avoid problems in tty layer of Cygwin. Remove "tty" from
    121     CYGWIN.
    122 Cursor keys doesn't work when IME is ON in DOS prompt of Win9x.
    123     This is the problem of DOS prompt of Win9x and tty layer of Cygwin. Use
    124     C-f, C-b, C-p, and C-n instead.
    125 Screen is not controled correctly in command prompt of WinNT.
    126     Set the each size of screen buffer and window in a same value.
    127 Can't use the mouse with DOS prompt or command prompt.
    128     When "Quick Edit" is ON, mouse events are not handed to w3m. Set it OFF.
    129 Mouse buttons behave funny with DOS prompt or command prompt.
    130     In cygwin-1.3.15 or earlier, the escape sequence of the right and center
    131     button of the mouse are inverted. It is fixed in cygwin-1.3.16-1. Please
    132     make w3m in the environment you use, because w3m can't judge the versions
    133     of Cygwin perfectly,
    135 Others
    137 In Cygwin environment, it should be confortable to use not DOS prompt or
    138 command prompt but telnet clients like TeraTerm, PuTTY, and so on with inetd
    139 in localhost, or other tools as rxvt or cygterm.
    141  o rxvt with japanese enhancement:
    142     rxvt on Cygwin
    143         http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA021953/rxvt/
    144     compiled package
    145         http://matsu-www.is.titech.ac.jp/~sohda/cygwin/dist/
    147  o cygterm:
    148     CygTerm - Yet another Cygwin console
    149         http://www.dd.iij4u.or.jp/~nsym/cygwin/cygterm/