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2011-01-17 11:53correction: 0.5.2 -> 0.5.3inu1+7-3
2011-01-15 07:52w3m 0.5.3 releaseinu10+47-20
2011-01-05 10:09* [w3m-dev 04445] Re: Update documents (README.cookie) * doc-jp/README.cookie: refer to RFC 2109. * doc/README.cookie: diito.htrb3+19-7
2011-01-05 09:52add w3mimg/win/.cvsignore.htrb1+1-0
2011-01-04 11:03[w3m-dev 04441] error when 'make install'htrb7+1973-833
2010-12-28 12:28* [w3m-dev 04440] Update documents (README.cookie)htrb3+55-1
2010-12-24 10:53add documents for options "east_asian_width", "gb18030_as_ucs" and "simple_preserve_space".htrb3+22-0
2010-12-24 09:52* w3mimg/win/win_w3mimg.cpp: remove unused ifdefs. support "-anim" option. support "image_scale".htrb2+31-108
2010-12-21 10:13w3mimgdisplay supports Windows console (http://www.j10n.org/files/w3m-cvs-1.1040-misc.patch).htrb15+3085-931
2010-12-20 10:22add documents about some options for w3mimgdisplay.htrb3+18-0
2010-12-15 10:50[w3m-dev 04424] http://www.j10n.org/files/w3m-cvs-1.1040-misc.patchhtrb9+67-23
2010-12-15 10:30[w3m-dev 04419] AC_W3M_EXTLIBS does not check /lib64htrb3+1976-2994
2010-12-11 13:00[w3m-dev 04421] Patch to prevent sending Referer: ' header from HTTPS to HTTPhtrb2+11-0
2010-10-11 12:55* [w3m-dev 04414] Re: "normal" bugs from bugs.debian.orghtrb3+74-5
2010-08-24 10:11[w3m-dev 04393] [patch] locale-related character managementhtrb12+4345-54
2010-08-20 09:47Introduce option mailto_optionshtrb6+336-287
2010-08-20 09:34exit code is 1 when an error is occuredhtrb2+30-10
2010-08-14 01:29All elements have the id attribute.htrb4+187-87
2010-08-12 08:56Support id attr on span etchtrb4+31-18
2010-08-11 10:07[w3m-dev 04381] Re: check socklen_thtrb1+5-0
2010-08-11 09:31* fix typohtrb1+1-1
2010-08-10 10:16[w3m-dev 04379] check socklen_thtrb5+4630-7290
2010-08-09 12:00*** empty log message ***htrb1+1-1
2010-08-09 11:59* [w3m-dev 04375] Re: "important" bugs from bugs.debian.org * table.c (feed_table_tag): don't show message when rowspan is greater than ATTR_ROWSPAN_MAX * [w3m-dev 04376] Re: "important" bugs from bugs.debian.org * table.c (feed_table_tag): fix indenthtrb2+10-5
2010-08-08 10:14https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/w3m/+bug/131993htrb2+14-0
2010-08-08 09:53[w3m-dev 04360] Re: "important" bugs from bugs.debian.orghtrb4+16-2
2010-08-04 14:06fix conditions for UseGraphicCharhtrb11+86-41
2010-08-03 10:25[w3m-dev 04363] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org remove codes for Debian revert manpageshtrb4+18-20
2010-08-03 10:02* register user name and password for proxy authentication. * remove option -pauthhtrb11+64-29
2010-08-02 10:33Revert the change of using ATTR_TITLE if ATTR_ALT is empty.htrb2+7-7
2010-07-30 08:57* [w3m-dev 04348] Re: "important" bugs from bugs.debian.org * file.c (TEXTAREA_ATTR_COL_MAX, TEXTAREA_ATTR_ROWS_MAX): added. (process_textarea): check cur_textarea_size > TEXTAREA_ATTR_COL_MAX and cur_textarea_rows > TEXTAREA_ATTR_ROWS_MAXhtrb2+19-5
2010-07-30 08:50* [w3m-dev 04345] Re: "important" bugs from bugs.debian.org * file.c (HR_ATTR_WIDTH_MAX): added. * file.c (process_hr): check w > HR_ATTR_WIDTH_MAXhtrb2+13-2
2010-07-26 11:38* [w3m-dev 04237] [patch] cookie avoid [wrong number of dots]htrb6+191-139
2010-07-26 11:24* define AC_W3M_SSL_DIGEST_AUTHhtrb2+22-17
2010-07-25 09:55* merge ambiguous width patch * http://www.j10n.org/files/w3m-cvs-1.914-ambwidth.patchhtrb17+22230-168
2010-07-24 04:42[w3m-dev 04326] suppress compile warnings.htrb1+7-0
2010-07-24 04:30suppress compile warnings.htrb1+4-3
2010-07-21 10:40* update messages. * use UTF-8.htrb2+584-536
2010-07-20 12:34fix url.htrb1+1-1
2010-07-20 00:09* url.c (openSSLHandle): add support for TLS SNI (Server NameIndication)htrb2+25-18
2010-07-19 23:33* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=329862#20 * table.c (feed_table_tag): check displayLinkNumber. * proto.h: add getLinkNumberStr(). * main.c (do_dump): check displayLinkNumber. * fm.h: add global variable displayLinkNumber. * file.c (getLinkNumberStr): added. (process_input, process_select, HTMLtagproc1): check displayLinkNumber.htrb7+60-3
2010-07-19 12:53* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=329863#8 * rc.c: Introduce option pseudo_inlines. * fm.h: add global variable pseudoInlines. * file.c (process_img): check q.htrb4+19-0
2010-07-19 12:25* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=537706#10 * rc.c (interpret_rc): check line->length before call Strchop().htrb2+10-2
2010-07-19 12:19* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=366284#5 * rc.c (init_rc): check config_file is NULL or not. (panel_set_option): check config_file instead of no_rc_dir.htrb2+12-3
2010-07-19 12:08* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=261174#10 * terms.c (graph_ok): check UseGraphicChar is GRAPHIC_CHAR_ALL or not. * symbol.c (get_symbol): check UseGraphicChar. * rc.c (graphic_char_str): added. * main.c (sig_chld): use GRAPHIC_CHAR_ASCII and GRAPHIC_CHAR_ALL. * fm.h (GRAPHIC_CHAR_ASCII, GRAPHIC_CHAR_CHARSET, GRAPHIC_CHAR_ALL): added. * fm.h: UseGraphicChar is initialized as GRAPHIC_CHAR_ASCII.htrb6+48-22
2010-07-19 11:45* [w3m-dev 04321] Re: w3m's bugs from bugs.debian.org * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=185006#22 * main.c (sig_chld): save exit code to d->err. (addDownloadList): initialize d->running and d->err. (DownloadListBuffer): check d->err. * fm.h (_DownloadList): add running and err. * file.c (save2tmp): check returned value of Strfputs(). (doFileSave): exit code is depend on the returned value of save2tmp().htrb4+63-24
2010-07-19 09:00* [w3m-dev 04238] [patch] simple preserve space * rc.c: Introduce option simple_preserve_space. * fm.h: add global variable SimplePreserveSpace. * file.c (HTMLlineproc0): check SimplePreserveSpace.htrb4+15-1
2010-07-18 14:10http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=242599#21 * file.c (is_html_type): added. (examineFile, loadGeneralFile, _saveBuffer) (openGeneralPagerBuffer, reloadBuffer): use is_html_type() instead of strcasecmp(). (loadGeneralFile): set f.guess_tupe * display.c (displayBuffer): use is_html_type() instead of strcasecmp(). * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): use is_html_type() instead of strcasecmp(). * backend.c (internal_get): use is_html_type() instead of strcasecmp().htrb8+44-17
2010-07-18 13:48set line->sizehtrb2+7-0
2010-07-18 13:43replace \0 to make full string visible to user (CVE-2010-2074).htrb2+26-7
2010-07-18 13:38"MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING=1" http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=325699htrb2+8-2
2010-07-18 13:31fix version check logic for FreeBSD http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=493486htrb2+4-2
2010-07-18 13:24update.htrb2+5-15
2010-07-18 13:20fix typo. [w3m-dev 04319]htrb2+6-2
2007-06-07 10:59fix charset handling. [w3m-dev 04279]inu3+67-60
2007-06-07 10:54add handling xterm-incompatible terminals without gpm. [w3m-dev 04278]inu2+7-1
2007-06-04 13:21make number prefixes working, when vi_prec_num=0.inu3+11-13
2007-05-31 12:17w3m 0.5.2 releaseinu10+91-68
2007-05-31 01:19fix type, add GC_INIT().inu6+11-2
2007-05-30 04:47fix for tab browsing. [w3m-dev 04266]inu3+24-3
2007-05-30 04:43add #ifdef __CYGWIN__. [w3m-dev 04265]inu2+7-0
2007-05-30 03:15add datarootdir. [w3m-dev 04264]inu5+9-1
2007-05-29 12:17unbreak sysmouse support. [w3m-dev 04262]inu3+48-3
2007-05-29 12:07delete unused macros, change void to static void. [w3m-dev 04260]inu3+7-8
2007-05-29 12:01move 'gc' from $LIBS to $LIBGC. [w3m-dev 04259]inu4+23-11
2007-05-29 11:50add datarootdir for Autoconf 2.60 and later.inu3+10-0
2007-05-28 11:06pot-update.inu2+8-4
2007-05-27 10:43add datarootdir for Autoconf 2.60 and later.inu2+5-0
2007-05-23 15:06[w3m-dev 04155] fix for minpw.inu14+232-9
2007-05-23 13:15fix comments.inu1+2-1
2007-05-23 13:14[w3m-dev 04246] delete nsl and dl for cross building.inu3+7-2
2007-05-23 13:07[w3m-dev 04236] expand display_ins_del to select a type of fontify.inu7+425-180
2007-05-23 12:49add checking ssl before digest_auth.inu4+4386-3965
2007-05-23 12:34[w3m-dev 04240] nl_langinfo() requires setlocale()inu6+19-8
2007-05-23 12:26[w3m-dev 03923] avoid extra blanks in pre in table.inu3+17-41
2007-05-23 12:14decoding URLs in correct condition.inu2+7-2
2007-05-23 12:01change char to unsigned char for HTML_DL_COMPACT(133).inu2+6-1
2007-05-23 11:34[w3m-dev 04213] update Unicode charcters' widthinu4+15-6
2007-04-19 12:07quote URLs with non-ASCII local directory names. [w3m-dev 04212]inu2+7-1
2007-04-19 12:00avoid conflicts between input_alt and img_alt, and fix calculation of labeled line numbers when fold_line=1. [w3m-dev 04211]inu4+17-7
2007-04-19 11:42display <em> and <i> elements with underline. [w3m-dev 04197]inu2+6-1
2006-12-27 02:15* [SECURITY] fix format string vulnerability * file.c (inputAnswer) fix format string bugukai2+6-1
2006-12-10 11:06[w3m-dev 04185] display <em> and <i> elements with bold letters.inu6+147-74
2006-12-10 11:01[w3m-dev 04184] automatic uncompression in downloadinginu6+216-191
2006-12-10 10:53accept invalid "set-cookies" headers when "domainName == .hostName".inu2+13-0
2006-12-10 10:49add LiveHTTPHeaders-like option: -reqlog.inu5+19-14
2006-08-07 03:10mailcap.c (acceptableMimeTypes): change default accept: line w3m should prefer text/html to other text/*. reported as Debian Bug#374296ukai2+10-5
2006-06-12 11:51avoid decoding when dump_extra option is specified.inu2+7-0
2006-06-10 11:09avoid decoding when dump_extra option is specified.inu2+7-2
2006-06-10 10:01Show progress status when dump_extra option is specified. [w3m-dev 03992]inu2+7-0
2006-06-07 03:52don't delete newlines in hidden values. [w3m-dev 04129]inu2+33-11
2006-05-29 12:54[w3m-dev-en 01067] decode content-encoding in all situations.inu4+24-2
2006-05-29 12:42[w3m-dev-en 01057] delete calls to GC from wrap_GC_warn_proc to avoid deadlocks.inu2+8-4
2006-05-29 12:28[w3m-dev-en 01067] fix unsafe usage of SIGWINCH handler.inu2+22-17
2006-05-29 12:17Add SHIFT-TAB as a default binding for PREV_LINK.inu5+9-2
2006-04-08 11:51close textarea when table related tags are found.inu2+13-3
2006-04-08 11:33check A tag in HTMLlineproc2body().inu4+26-2
2006-04-08 11:26add explanations for .w3m/config and -o option.inu4+13-0
2006-04-08 11:21[w3m-dev 04150] fix vi_prec_num switching.inu2+18-5
2006-04-08 11:15[w3m-dev 04146] disable HAVE_LANGINFO_CODESET on cygwininu2+12-1
2006-04-07 15:48Introduce option show_cookie and set it TRUE by default.inu4+20-6
2006-04-07 15:38Replace '\n' (newline) with ' ' (space) in attributes of html tags.inu2+10-0
2006-04-07 15:33Add w3mman -l <file> command line argument for viewing of local man files.inu3+46-17
2006-04-07 15:31rewind to 10 Feb 2006.inu3+17-46
2006-04-07 15:22rewind to 10 Feb 2006.inu4+2-6
2006-04-07 15:05rewind to 10 Feb 2006.inu3+2-6
2006-04-07 14:59Add w3mman -l <file> command line argument for viewing of local man files.inu1+6-0
2006-04-07 13:56Use the hint instead of US_ASCII in wc_auto_detect.inu1+6-0
2006-04-07 13:35Use Strnew_charp(" ") instead of the wrong Strnew(" ").inu3+8-2
2006-04-07 13:21rewind to 10 Feb 2006.inu22+47-924
2006-04-05 14:18apply multiple patches on w3m-dev(-en) ML since Jun 2005 to Jan 2006.inu33+983-69
2006-02-10 12:52replace pclose passed to localcgi_post/get() with fclose in openURL()inu2+7-2
2006-02-09 12:49file.c: replace pclose with fclose in the end of uncompress_stream() by Dai Sato CVS ----------------------------------------------------------------------inu2+6-1
2005-02-26 17:13configure.ac: rename from configure.in. this is for autoconf2.50ukai3+8813-3389
2005-02-26 17:06[w3m-dev 04143] Patch for OS/2 * config.h.in: ifdef HAVE_SETPGRP * configure.in: define USE_BINMODE_STREAM for *os2-emx* * islang.c: ULONG -> unsigned long * main.c: ULONG -> unsigned longukai4+7-4
2005-02-14 16:36[w3m-dev-en 01045] From newbie: problem with w3m-0.5.1 installation * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_SSL): define USE_SSL after ssl library found From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+3372-8779
2005-01-18 16:37[w3m-dev 04133] mouse_end() should preced reset_tty()? * terms.c (reset_exit): mouse_end() should precede reset_tty() From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2005-01-04 15:51[w3m-dev 04130] [w3m-dev 04131] [w3m-dev 04132] Multiple challeges in *-Authenticate header * file.c (skip_auth_token): added (extract_auth_val): ',' is end of token (extract_auth_param): use skip_auth_token (AuthDigestCred): parse qop and calc cnonce correctly (findAuthentication): use skip_auth_token From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+200-57
2004-11-08 17:14* w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (fb_image_load): fix unused variable `i' * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): dittoukai3+11-2
2004-11-08 17:08[w3m-dev 04128] Re: w3mimgdisplay * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): check not yes * aclocal.m4, configure: regen * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (fb_image_load): fb_image_fill in case GDK_PIXBUF_FRAME_DISPOSE * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (get_animation_size): return n (x11_load_image): fill in case GDK_PIXBUF_FRAME_DISPOSEukai6+20-3
2004-11-04 17:25[w3m-dev 04117] Re: start attribute and value attribute on ordered lists * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): allow negative value for start attr From: Hiroyuki Ito <ZXB01226@nifty.com>ukai2+9-2
2004-10-13 16:52Bug#276246: w3m's locale parsing should at least see '@euro' modifier * config.h (HAVE_LANGINFO_CODESET): added * configure.in (AM_LANGINFO_CODESET): added * libwc/charset.c: #include <langinfo.h> (wc_charset_to_ces): use nl_langinfo(CODESET) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+83-0
2004-09-29 15:44* [w3m-dev 04108] PIPE_BUF * main.c (pipeBuf): set buf->currentURL.file to prevent segfault by "PIPE_BUF cat;VIEW SOURCE;" From: Hiroyuki Ito <ZXB01226@nifty.com>ukai2+7-0
2004-08-30 16:32[w3m-dev 04104] w3mmail.cgi * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: strip ^M From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai2+6-0
2004-08-16 16:56[w3m-dev 04099] Re: w3m-img gtk2 * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (fb_image_load): fix resize bug From: Hiroyuki Ito <ZXB01226@nifty.com>ukai2+7-2
2004-08-05 18:22[w3m-dev 04097] Re: w3m-img gtk2 * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (draw): no need bg (get_animation_size): use GTimeVal (fb_image_load): use GTimeVal fix for animation * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (get_animation_size): use GTimeVal (x11_load_image): use GTimeVal fix for animation From: Hiroyuki Ito <ZXB01226@nifty.com>ukai3+59-71
2004-08-04 17:32[w3m-dev 04096] w3m-img gtk2 * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): add USE_GTK2 add --with-imagelib=gtk2 * aclocal.m4 config.guess config.sub configure: regen * config.h.in: add USE_GTK2 * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c: support USE_GTK2 * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h: add fb_image_init() * w3mimg/fb/fb_imlib2.h: fb_image_init() stub * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c: call fb_image_init() * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c: support USE_GTK2 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai12+647-139
2004-08-02 15:40[w3m-dev 04095] build fix when configure with --enable-messagel10n * main.c (main): locale and textdomain initialization if ENABLE_NLS * menu.c (initMenu): use _() instead of gettext() * rc.c (show_params): use _() instead of gettext() From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai4+12-3
2004-07-17 15:28[w3m-dev 04094] Re: option panel: gettextize select list * rc.c (load_option_panel): don't gettext&wc_conv colorstr several times From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai2+11-1
2004-07-15 16:44[w3m-dev 04093] bookmark charset * add global variable: BookmarkCharset. * main.c:adBmark(): remove condition LANG = JA. * main.c: buffername encode by BookmarkCharset when add bookmark. * main.c: BookmarkCharset pass to w3mbookmark. * w3mbookmark.c: ditto. From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai4+28-20
2004-07-15 16:32[w3m-dev 04092] remove __CYGWIN__ && LANG == JA * remove condition LANG == JA && __CYGWIN__ * cygwin_mouse_btn_swapped enabled when before 1.5.x From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai8+34-25
2004-07-15 16:26[w3m-dev 04091] option panel: gettextize select list * rc.c: gettextize option select list. * rc.c: add gettextize message. * po/w3m.pot: ditto. * po/ja.po: ditto. From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai4+122-18
2004-07-13 17:17Debian Bug#259053 * doc/FAQ.html, doc-jp/FAQ.html: ~/.mailcap -> ~/.w3m/mailcap From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+7-2
2004-05-10 17:45based on [w3m-dev 04079] SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp> * Makefile.in: (libwc/libwc.a): always make in libwc subdir (w3mimg/w3mimg.a): always make in w3mimg subdirukai2+11-2
2004-05-02 16:44[w3m-dev-en 01007] * libwc/Makefile.in (CFLAGS): need @CPPFLAGS@ukai2+6-1
2004-05-02 16:40cvs versionukai2+5-1
2004-04-28 18:19w3m 0.5.1 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.5, release date, maintainer * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update * configure.in: version 0.5.1 * po/w3m.pot, ja.po: update-poukai9+90-68
2004-04-26 17:04[w3m-dev 04068] install-sh problem [w3m-dev 04069] install-sh problem 2 * Makefile.in (MAKE_ARGS): delete INSTALL * install-sh: replace with X Consortium install-sh (from automake) From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai3+269-55
2004-04-26 17:00[w3m-dev 04073] Re: run configure in another directory * Makefile.in (CFLAGS): include dir here (DEFS): delete include dirs (libwc/libwc.a): pass OPTS only (w3mimg/w3mimg.a): pass OPTS only * libwc/Makefile.in (CFLAGS): fixed * w3mimg/Makefile.in (CFLAGS): added (fb x11): pass OPTS only * w3mimg/fb/Makefile.in (CFLAGS): added * w3mimg/x11/Makefile.in (CFLAGS): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+27-11
2004-04-22 16:34[w3m-dev 04066] --disable-color * rc.c (load_option_panel): #ifdef USE_COLOR From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai2+7-0
2004-04-21 16:42build error for --enable-m17n --disable-unicode * libwc/detect.c (wc_create_detect_map): #ifdef USE_UNICODE From: Masao Uebayashi <uebayasi@pultek.co.jp>ukai2+7-0
2004-04-16 18:47[w3m-dev 04064] authentication closes: Bug#:244029: w3m: HTTP basic authentication annoyance * fm.h (auth_cookie): deleted * proto.h (find_auth_cookie): deleted (add_auth_cookie): deleted (add_auth_user_passwd): added (invalidate_auth_user_passwd): added * etc.c (auth_pass): add bad flag delete file (dir_under): deleted (add_auth_pass_entry): add override flag no need to check file (find_auth_pass_entry): delete file check bad flag check uname (find_auth_user_passwd): find by pu->user (add_auth_user_passwd): added (invalidate_auth_user_passwd): added (parsePasswd): add no override ignore file (find_auth): deleted (find_auth_cookie): deleted (dump_auth_cookie): deleted (add_auth_cookie): deleted * file.c (getAuthCookie): add *uname, *pwd rewrite (loadGeneralFile): delete ss, add uname, pwd use add_auth_user_passwd instead of add_auth_cookie * url.c (HTTPrequest): don't authorization here it should be done in getAuthCookie in loadGeneralFile through extra_header * ftp.c (openFTPStream): add uname use find_auth_user_passwd instead of find_auth_cookie use add_auth_user_passwd instead of add_auth_cookieukai7+186-212
2004-04-09 17:18[w3m-dev 04063] about Makefile * Makefile.in (DEFS): use CGIBIN_DIR instead of LIB_DIR (MAKE_ARGS): ditto (distclean): rm -f * config.h.dist: use CGIBIN_DIR instead of LIB_DIR * indep.c (w3m_lib_dir): ditto * scripts/Makefile.in: ditto * scripts/multipart/Makefile.in: ditto * w3mimg/Makefile.in (clearn): remove w3mimg.a From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai7+30-17
2004-04-05 01:19regenerateukai1+306-43
2004-04-04 16:47[w3m-dev 04049] w3m-cvs-1.914-misc.patch * Makefile.in (funcname.tab): dont modify when target is unchanged. (CFLAGS): need $(CPPFLAGS)? * config.h.in: add HAVE_STDINT_H, HAVE_INTTYPES_H * configure.in: s/AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM/AC_CANONICAL_HOST/ don't use AC_CYGWIN don't use $CYGWIN, use $host_os *cygwin* AC_DEFINE in AC_CHECK_HEADER (float.h, sys/select.h) add stdint.h, inttypes.h * etc.c (find_auth_pass_entry): host is case insensitive * libwc/wc_types.h: use stdint.h or inttypes.h * main.c (MAIN); need GC_init() From: AIDA Shinra <shinra@j10n.org>ukai8+130-10
2004-03-31 16:45Debian Bug#241192 w3m ipv6 FQDN resolution failure * etc.c (FQDN): need to set ai_flags AI_CANONNAME, since we need ai_canonname here.ukai2+7-0
2004-03-30 18:06[w3m-dev 04050] SSL verify * url.c (openSSLHandle): don't load verify locations if both ssl_ca_file and ssl_ca_path is NULL. From: AIDA Shinra <shinra@j10n.org>ukai2+8-1
2004-03-23 16:44fix search problem on different charset page than display charset * proto.h (conv_search_string): added * search.c (migemostr): use conv_search_string (conv_search_string): added * main.c (srchcore): use conv_search_string (reMark): ditto * menu.c (menu_search_forward): ditto (menu_search_backward): ditto (menu_search_next_previous): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+36-30
2004-03-23 16:31rc.c: cleanup LANG==JAukai1+4-0
2004-03-22 17:20cleanup LANG==JAukai1+0-57
2004-03-22 17:12* main.c (main): DisplayCharset also follow locale From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-1
2004-03-22 17:03* scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: use charset parramter * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.en.pl.in: add charset * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.ja.pl.in: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+13-2
2004-03-22 03:33rerun aclocal, autoconfukai1+170-170
2004-03-22 03:32* main.c (main): don't use SystemCharset for default of DisplayChaset, DocumentCharset From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-2
2004-03-21 18:45revert the changeukai2+1-5
2004-03-21 18:40cvs versionukai1+1-1
2004-03-21 18:36Makefile.in (po): need update-po From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2004-03-21 16:50w3m 0.5 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.5, release date, maintainer * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+33-9
2004-03-21 16:40* Makefile.in (distclean): distclean libwcukai2+2-4
2004-03-21 16:37* main.c (main): DisplayCharset and DocumentCharset also follow locale configuration From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2004-03-21 16:07scripts/multipart/Makefile.in: add distclean scripts/w3mman/Makefile.in: add distclean scripts/Makefile.in: add distclean From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+7-0
2004-03-21 16:04libwc/Makefile.in: add distclean From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2004-03-21 16:01w3mimg/Makefile.in (distclean): rm -f w3mimg.a From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+7-3
2004-03-21 15:12[w3m-dev 04046] * configure.in (AC_W3M_IPv6): should check it after ext libs From: Akihiro Sagawa <sagawa@sohgoh.net>ukai2+6-1
2004-03-21 15:09[w3m-dev 04045] * Makefile.in (DEFUNS): need $(top_srcdir) From: Akihiro Sagawa <sagawa@sohgoh.net>ukai2+6-1
2004-03-21 14:03* Makefile.in (install-po): fix for broken sh. From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2004-03-12 17:52[w3m-dev 04041] spell-miss in configure * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_M17N): fix help-string suggested by sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp (Yoshinobu Sakane) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+1886-688
2004-02-05 17:23[w3m-dev 04038] --disable-m17n problem in form.c * form.c (form_update_line): fix for disable-m17n From: MANTANI Nobutaka <nobutaka@nobutaka.com>ukai2+8-0
2004-01-09 15:46[w3m-dev 04030] PUSH_TAG macro * table.c (PUSH_TAG): fixed problem in --disable-m17n From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-12-08 16:18[w3m-dev 04025] mismatch message in ja.po * po/ja.po: fix wrong messages From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai2+11-6
2003-12-08 16:17[w3m-dev 04024] fix: drive letter * url.c (parseURL2): fix for SUPPORT_DOS_DRIVE_PREFIX From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai2+18-2
2003-12-08 16:15[w3m-dev 04022] $^ * Makefile.in (DEFUNS): added funcname.tab: don't use $^ * w3mimg/Makefile.in (w3mimg.a): don't use $^ From: YONETANI Tomokazu <qhwt@myrealbox.com>ukai3+11-3
2003-12-08 16:08[w3m-dev 04021] Deeply nested table * file.c (completeHTMLstream): check obuf->table_level From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+8-0
2003-12-08 16:06Bug#217509: segfaults if TERM is not set * terms.c (check_cygwin_console): check TERM==NULL (set_tty): check TERM==NULL From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+17-7
2003-10-22 18:48[w3m-dev 04011] accessing to an `https' URI with a fragment via a proxy * url.c (HTTPrequestURI): drop fragment (openURL): don't clear pu->label From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+9-4
2003-10-22 18:44[w3m-dev 04010] support for deprecated __ss_family * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IPv6): check __ss_family * config.h.in: add HAVE_OLD_SS_FAMILY * ftp.c (ftp_pasv): ifdef HAVE_OLD_SS_FAMILY From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai6+188-13
2003-10-22 18:41[w3m-dev 04009] ./configure --disable-image problem * file.c (loadHTMLstream): if defined(USE_M17N) From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai1+1-1
2003-10-21 17:12OpenLDAP¤ČActive Directory¤¬µŐ?ukai5+40-36
2003-10-20 16:49[w3m-dev 03996] HELP_DIR and funcname.tab * configure.in (HELP_DIR): don't eval * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi: subst @prefix@ for $helpdir From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai4+9-2
2003-10-20 16:41#include <openssl/...> suggested by ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp> [w3m-dev 03998] problem about pkg-config check for OpenSSL * html.h: #include <openssl/...> * istream.c: ditto * istream.h: ditto * url.c: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+20-10
2003-10-19 16:17[w3m-dev 04002] Re: function and w3m-control * url.c (getURLScheme): accept numeric in scheme From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-10-17 16:46[w3m-dev 03996] HELP_DIR and funcname.tab reported by SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp> * configure.in: don't use posix shell syntax $(..) * funcname.tab: deletedukai4+9-152
2003-10-10 16:33* scripts/Makefile.in (w3mhelp-funcname.pl): depends ../funcname.tab * Makefile.in (IMGOBJS): deleted (indep.o): depends on fm.h funcname1.h (IMGDISPLAY): depends on w3mimg/w3mimg.a (w3mimg/w3mimg.a): renamed from w3mimg * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): modify IMBOBJS * w3mimg/Makefile.in (AR): added (RANLIB): added (IMGOBJS): added (w3mimg.a): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai8+74-40
2003-10-08 14:51[w3m-dev 03985] Re: support for 307 Temporary Redirect * file.c (loadGeneralFile): support 307 Temporary Redirect From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-1
2003-10-05 18:52fix build error --disbable-m17n * config.h.in: undef USE_M17N, USE_UNICODE * etc.c (url_unquote_conv): USE_M17N * file.c (convertLine): USE_M17N (loadHTMLStream): fix ifdef USE_IMAGE->USE_M17N (loadBuffer): fix USE_M17N (getNextPage): fix USE_M17N * fm.h (USE_M17N): don't define USE_M17N in case LANG == JA (this should be done by configure) (wc_ces): dummy typedef (wc_Str_conv): fix non-m17n macro args (wc_Str_conv_strict): ditto * ftp.c (loadFTPDir): fix undefined USE_M17N * mimehead.c (decodeWord): ditto (decodeMIME): ditto * news.c (loadNewsgroup): ditto * proto.h (convertLine): ditto (loadGopherDir): ditto (loadFTPDir): ditto (loadNewsgroup): ditto (decodeWord): ditto (decodeMIME): ditto (url_unquote_conv): ditto * terms.c (SETCH): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai10+96-41
2003-10-05 16:59* --with-imagelib request on [w3m-dev 03981] from Mamoru KOMACHI <usata@sodan.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): add --with-imagelib From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+144-76
2003-10-05 16:24* scripts/w3mman/w3mman.1.in: change @LIB_DIR@ to @libexecdir@/@PACKAGE@/cgi-bin/ukai2+3-1
2003-10-05 16:16fix variable usageukai2+2-2
2003-10-05 16:14fix problem reported on [w3m-dev 03981] from Mamoru KOMACHI <usata@sodan.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * configure.in: add AC_SUBST(HELP_DIR) * Makefile.in (HELP_DIR): use AC_SUBT(HELP_DIR) * scripts/Makefile.in: add PACKAGE, VERSION, DOMAIN use PACKAGE instead of package: CGIBIN_DIR,AUXBIN_DIR,CONF_DIR add HELP_DIR add SUBDIRS (install unstall): do $(SUBDIRS) * scripts/multipart/Makefile.in: add PACKAGE,VERSION,DOMAIN use PACKAGE instead of package: CGIBIN_DIR,AUXBIN_DIR,CONF_DIR add HELP_DIR * scripts/w3mman/Makefile.in: add PACKAGE,VERSION,DOMAIN use PACKAGE instead of package: CGIBIN_DIR,AUXBIN_DIR,CONF_DIR add HELP_DIR add BIN_DIR, MAN1_DIR LIB_TARGETS->CGIBIN_TARGETS fix INSTALL_MANukai7+99-32
2003-09-30 15:42* acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_SSL): use PKG_CHECK_MODULES From: Akira TAGOH <at@gclab.org>ukai4+218-52
2003-09-29 16:37distcleanukai4+13-1
2003-09-29 16:37distcleanukai2+7-0
2003-09-29 16:34Makefile.in (distclean): remove posubstukai2+2-0
2003-09-28 16:13fix functable.c actionukai2+5-1
2003-09-26 20:58fix indentukai3+179-168
2003-09-26 20:48fix indentukai2+2-2
2003-09-26 20:45* funcname.tab: generated from DEFUN * main.c menu.c: use DEFUNukai6+157-281
2003-09-26 17:59add commentsukai15+130-3
2003-09-26 16:57conv.c ucs_eucjp.h ucs_latin1.h: deletedukai5+5-853
2003-09-25 18:35ignore remove-potcdate.sedukai1+1-0
2003-09-25 18:35update-poukai2+389-381
2003-09-25 18:15ignore posubstukai1+1-0
2003-09-25 18:15add posubst.inukai1+53-0
2003-09-25 18:08add posubst, compile-time message l10n * Makefile.in: @POSUBST@ * acinclude.m4(AC_W3M_M17N): add POSUBST, POLANG --enable-messagel10n * configure.in (W3M_LANG): subst (AM_GET_GNUTEXT): if messagel10n enabled, don't use NLS (AC_OUTOUT): add posubst, chmod +x * menu.c: remove if LANG == JA messages * rc.c: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai8+97-239
2003-09-25 16:56check header locale.h check func setlocale no need to output intl/Makefileukai5+171-16
2003-09-25 16:39* remove ./intl * configure.in: external fo AM_GNU_GETTEXT * Makefile.in: remove intl, INTLTARGET From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai46+863-14088
2003-09-25 04:38gettextizeukai1+1-0
2003-09-25 04:36add NLSTARGETukai4+14-5
2003-09-25 03:38update commentukai1+2-4
2003-09-25 03:35fix [w3m-dev 03975] Re: gettextize * Makefile.in: add INTLTARGET, cleanup * configure.in: INTLTARGET=intl if USE_NLS From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+26-8
2003-09-24 18:48fix indentukai16+210-191
2003-09-24 18:35gettextize * Makefile.in: updated * menu.c: gettextize * rc.c: gettextize * intl/.cvsignore: added * po/.cvsignore: added * po/Makevars: added * po/Makevars.template: removed * po/POTFILES.in: updated * po/w3m.pot: created * po/ja.po: created From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai12+1842-259
2003-09-24 14:05based on [w3m-dev 03970] SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp> * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): add IMGTARGETS * w3mimg/Makefile.in (all): use @IMGTARGETS@ From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+39-4
2003-09-23 18:42gettextize initial modificationsukai67+18852-583
2003-09-23 17:42cd in subdirukai1+2-2
2003-09-22 23:16fix srcdir, top_srcdirukai1+8-8
2003-09-22 23:12fix top_srcdirukai5+12-12
2003-09-22 23:02clean libwc.aukai1+2-1
2003-09-22 23:01use srcdirukai3+9-9
2003-09-22 22:53more autoconfiscateukai24+715-429
2003-09-22 21:37m17n patch merge doneukai1+3-1
2003-09-22 21:29m17n patch mergedukai1+4-0
2003-09-22 21:27fix build problemukai4+18-16
2003-09-22 21:02merge m17n patch add libwcukai218+227518-2417
2003-09-22 19:07* version.c.in: cvs versionukai2+5-1
2003-09-22 18:11* w3m 0.4.2 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.4.2, release date * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+15-7
2003-09-22 17:37[w3m-dev 03967] Re: IPv4/IPv6 only option patch * NEWS: options: -4, -6 * fm.h (DNS_ORDER_INET_ONLY): added (DNS_ORDER_INET6_ONLY): added (ai_family_order_table): [3]->[7] * main.c (fusage): add -4/-6 (main): -4/-6 mapped to dns_order=4/dns_order=6 * rc.c (dnsorders): add DNS_ORDER_INET_ONLY, DNS_ORDER_INET6_ONLY * url.c (dnsorders): add 3-6 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+32-3
2003-09-16 14:23rerun aclocal & autoconfukai2+7586-2578
2003-09-16 14:23[w3m-dev 03960] * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_CHECK_VER): fix version check logic From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-08-29 15:06[w3m-dev 03958] w3mimgdisplay on jfbterm * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mimg_fbopen): check TERM=jfbterm From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-08-29 14:49[w3m-dev 03957] Location: from local-CGI * file.c (loadGeneralFile): don't parse header for local file redirected by Location: from local-CGI From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2003-08-11 17:33[w3m-dev 03950] rel attribute of anchor tag * html.c (ALST_A): add ATTR_REL (MAXA_A): +1 From: TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp>ukai2+8-2
2003-07-26 17:20* configuration file in $(sysconfdir)/$(package)/ukai1+1-0
2003-07-26 17:17fix indentukai2+4-5
2003-07-26 17:16[w3m-dev 03945] Re: application/xhtml+xml support * Makefile.in (ETC_DIR): added (CONF_DIR): added (DEFS): add CONF_DIR (MAKE_ARGS): add CONF_DIR * config.h.in (SYS_MAILCAP): use CONF_DIR (SYS_URIMETHODMAP): use CONF_DIR * func.c (sys_current_keymap_file): added (interpret_keymap): added (initKeymap): use interpret_keymap (interpret_mouse_action): added (initMouseAction): use interpret_mouse_action * indep.c (w3m_conf_dir): added * indep.h (w3m_conf_dir): added * menu.c (interpret_menu): added (initMenu): use interpret_menu * proto.h (confFile): added * rc.c (init_rc): read config file by interpret_rc (confFile): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+133-57
2003-07-22 17:33fix indentukai5+54-54
2003-07-22 17:29[w3m-dev 03942] Save history * history.c (saveHistory): check tmpfile write error From: Takahashi Youichirou <nikuq@hk.airnet.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2003-07-22 17:27[w3m-dev 03941] fix character encoding for 'v' * main.c (vwSrc): use document_code as DisplayCode From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-0
2003-07-22 17:24[w3m-dev 03939] next/prev visited link * funcname.tab (NEXT_VISITED): added (PREV_VISITED): added * main.c (_nextA): added (_prevA): added (nextVA): added (prevVA): added * proto.h (nextVA): added (prevVA): added * doc/README.func (NEXT_VISITED): added (PREV_VISITED): added * doc-jp/README.func (NEXT_VISITED): added (PREV_VISITED): added * NEWS: func: NEXT_VISITED, PREV_VISITED From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai7+111-6
2003-07-13 16:20fix indentukai1+1-2
2003-07-13 16:19[w3m-dev 03938] clear region margin * w3mimgdisplay.c (clearMargin): added (GetOption): add -margin (ClearImage): clear margin * w3mi,g/w3mimg.h (w3mimg_op): clear_margin * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_clear): x,y must be >= 0 * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_clear): x,y must be >= 0 From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai5+38-2
2003-07-13 16:14[w3m-dev 03937] <center> in <table> * table.c (feed_table_tag): fix <center>,</center>,<div>,</div>, <p>,<br>,<nobr>,</nobr>,<wbr> check_rowcol() for <img> From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai1+0-1
2003-07-13 16:13[w3m-dev 03937] <center> in <table> * table.c (feed_table_tag): fix <center>,</center>,<div>,</div>, <p>,<br>,<nobr>,</nobr>,<wbr> check_rowcol() for <img> From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+19-4
2003-07-09 15:07* w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h (get_image_size): add missing prototypes * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_clear): unused variable `j' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+7-1
2003-07-09 15:02[w3m-dev 03935] Re: clear image * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_get_packed_color): added (fb_image_pset): use fb_get_packed_color (fb_image_fill): use fb_get_packed_color (fb_clear): use tmp to store pixels From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+46-28
2003-07-08 17:32[w3m-dev 03934] Re: clear image * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_clear): s/FALSE/False/ From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-07-08 17:30fix indentukai1+2-2
2003-07-08 17:29[w3m-dev 03931] Re: clear image * w3mimgdisplay.c (ClearImage): offset * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_clear): memcpy by pixel_size From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+14-7
2003-07-07 15:49fix indentukai3+24-22
2003-07-07 15:48[w3m-dev 03929] clear image * image.c (syncImage): added (drawImage): rewrite using syncImage() (clearImage): use clear image command (6) * w3mimgdisplay.c: change protocol 2 => terminate drawing 6 => clear image (main): '2' calls TermImage() '6' calls ClearImage() TermImage() when exit (TermImage): renamed from ClearImage (ClearImage): rewritten to call w_op->clear() * w3mimg.h/w3mimg.h (w3mimg_op): add clear() * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_clear): added * w3mimg/fb/fb.h (fb_clear): added * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.c (fb_image_clear): added * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_clear): added (w3mimg_fbopen): initialize wop->clear * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_clear): added (w3mimg_x11open): initialize wop->clear From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+156-40
2003-07-07 15:39[w3m-dev 03927] deflate * file.c (compression_decoder): .deflate for application/x-deflate's extension From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2003-06-18 16:18[w3m-dev 03916] Re: charset attribute of anchor tag requested by TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp> for emacs-w3m * html.c (ALST_A): add ATTR_CHARSET (MAXA_A): +1 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-2
2003-06-17 18:03fix indentukai1+58-59
2003-06-17 18:02[w3m-dev 03914] a fragment in the Referer URI * url.c (otherinfo): strip URI fragment From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+13-1
2003-06-13 15:03fix indentukai2+4-4
2003-06-13 15:03[w3m-dev 03913] fix gif animation support * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (fb_image_load): fix gif animation * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): ditto From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai3+70-47
2003-05-14 16:02fix indentukai1+3-3
2003-05-14 16:01[w3m-dev 03902] Re: table rendering * table.c (check_relative_width): check n_leftcell check w <= r From: Akinori Ito <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>ukai2+16-2
2003-05-13 17:38[w3m-dev 03901] body with status-code 401 * file.c (loadGeneralFile): show page when 401, 407 From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+7-4
2003-05-13 17:20[w3m-dev 03900] Re: table rendering * table.c (check_relative_width): j loop starts from 0 From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-3
2003-05-13 17:17[w3m-dev 03899] minor fixes * acinclude.m4: fix s/SSLCFLAGS/SSL_CFLAGS/ * doc/README: update, fix typo * doc-jp/FAQ.html: update, fix URL * doc-jp/README: update * doc-jp/README.SSL: update * doc-jp/README.cookie: update * doc-jp/README.img: update URL * doc-jp/README.migemo: update * doc-jp/STORY.html: fix URL From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai12+38-35
2003-05-13 17:09fix indentukai1+17-17
2003-05-13 17:08[w3m-dev 03898] Re: table rendering * table.c (check_relative_width): added (set_table_matrix): use check_relative_width From: Akinori Ito <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>ukai2+83-0
2003-05-12 16:34fix indentukai2+5-5
2003-05-12 16:33[w3m-dev 03896] html_quote in textarea in frame * frame.c (createFrameFile): fix html_quote in textarea in frame From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+9-1
2003-05-12 16:24[w3m-dev 03895] type=image support of pre_form * form.c (loadPreFOrm): add image (preFormUpdateBuffer): add FORM_INPUT_IMAGE * doc/README.pre_form: update * doc-jp/README.pre_form: ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai4+24-9
2003-05-10 18:20[w3m-dev 03891] Re: urimethodmap and relative URL * url.c (parseURL2): copy scheme part into pu->file when SCM_UNKNOWN From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+15-0
2003-05-06 16:35[w3m-dev 03889] Progress bar in Download List Panel * main.c (DownloadListBuffer): calculation in double From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-05-06 16:24[w3m-dev 03888] autodetect ssl * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_SSL): use SSL_* * configure.in: move AC_W3M_SSL after AC_W3M_EXTLIBSukai5+228-220
2003-05-02 15:49[w3m-dev 03887] Re: I-search problem * main.c (dispincsrch): don't move cursor if not found. From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+10-1
2003-04-26 17:01[w3m-dev 03886] Re: POSTing patch (Re: User-Agent for Bonus/2ch.cgi) * Bonus/2ch.cgi: posting From: qhwt@myrealbox.comukai2+75-1
2003-04-20 13:30[w3m-dev 03883] User-Agent for Bonus/2ch.cgi * Bonus/2ch.cgi: User-Agent From: qhwt@myrealbox.comukai2+7-1
2003-04-18 16:47[w3m-dev 03882] Re: Bug#189460: w3m: <q> tag is not recognized * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): add HTML_Q, HTML_N_Q * html.c (TagMAP): add "q", "/q" * html.h (HTML_Q): added (HTML_N_Q): added * tagtable.tab: add q, /q From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+74-53
2003-04-15 14:46[w3m-dev 03880] Re: convert \ -> / in URL * Bonus/backslash_to_slash.cgi: added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-0
2003-04-14 16:19[w3m-dev 03878] I-search problem * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): don't call incrfunc twice * main.c (dispincsrch): fix search loop problem From: Masanori Kobayasi <zap03216@nifty.ne.jp>ukai3+7-9
2003-04-14 03:29[w3m-dev 03875] Re: SSL & compressed stream * file.c (loadGeneralFile): check t_buf != NULL * url.c (openURL): don't initialize URLFile here (init_stream): 0 clear URLFile From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+10-2
2003-04-13 18:36[w3m-dev 03873] SSL & compressed stream * file.c (loadGeneralFile): always update ssl_certificate * url.c (openURL): initialize URLFile From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+8-2
2003-04-12 14:28[w3m-dev 03872] goodict.cgi * Bonus/goodict.cgi: adapt new goo dict web page From: NAKAJIMA Mikio <minakaji@osaka.email.ne.jp>ukai2+12-7
2003-04-10 17:10* configure.in (AUXBIN_TARGETS): don't reset, move to head From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+152-146
2003-04-09 17:46[w3m-dev 03870] Re: configure --help * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): fix help message (AC_W3M_SSL): fix typo From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+202-187
2003-04-08 16:27[w3m-dev 03865] Re: configure --help * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_ANSI_COLOR): depends USE_COLOR (AC_W3M_BG_COLOR): depends USE_COLOR (AC_W3M_W3MMAILER): depends external_uri_loader * fm.h: undef USE_BG_COLOR ifndef USE_COLOR From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+24-15
2003-04-08 16:19[w3m-dev 03864] doc/README * doc/README doc-jp/README: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+48-21
2003-04-08 16:01[w3m] local cookie string is too easy to guess. * fm.h (Local_cookie): deleted * local.c (Local_cookie): static (writeLocalCookie): localCookie() (setLocalCookie): deleted (localCookie): added * main.c (main): delete srand48(), setLocalCookie() (adBmark): s/Local_cookie/localCookie()/ * proto.h (setLocalCookie): deleted (localCookie): added * rc.c (load_option_panel): s/Local_cookie/localCookie()/ From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+27-11
2003-04-07 16:39[w3m-dev 03858] configure cleanup * acinclude.m4 configure.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+902-899
2003-04-07 16:27[w3m-dev 03856] <gc.h> * backend.c entity.c fm.h hash.c indep.c indep.h matrix.c textlist.c: s/"gc.h"/<gc.h>/ From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai9+14-8
2003-04-07 15:26[w3m-dev 03849] fix no INET6 * ftp.c: no need ifdef INET6 From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+5-2
2003-04-07 15:23[w3m-dev 03846] fix use_history * main.c (main): move loadHistory From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-4
2003-04-07 15:19[w3m-dev 03844] w3mhelp.cgi update * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.en.pl.in: add %menu_funcdesc * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.ja.pl.in: add %menu_funcdesc update %title * scripts/w3mhelp-funcname.pl.in: add %menu_funcname add %menu_keyfunc * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: modified for menu link to keymap From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+178-7
2003-04-06 16:27[w3m-dev 03843] cleanup macros * config.h.dist config.h.in etc.c file.c fm.h ftp.c linein.c main.c rc.c: delete EMACS_LIKE_LINEEDIT, VI_PREC_NUM, LABEL_TOPLINE, NEXTPAGE_TOPLINE, FTPPASS_HOSTNAMEGEN use_mark default FALSE emacs_like_lineedit default FALSE vi_prec_num default FALSE add UseHistory, use_history * NEWS: rc: use_history From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai11+25-90
2003-04-04 16:00[w3m-dev 03838] W3M_LIBS splitted from LIBS * Makefile.in (W3M_LIBS): added * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_TERMLIB): use W3M_LIB (AC_W3M_SSL): ditto * configure.in (W3M_LIBS): added From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai6+174-162
2003-04-03 16:36fix indentukai2+25-21
2003-04-03 16:35[w3m-dev 03837] Re: gif animation with no delay_time * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (get_animation_size): add delay check delay_time (get_image_size): no need delay time (fb_image_load): check delay (draw): no bg * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_show_image): delete delay skip loop * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (get_animation_size): add delay check delay_time (x11_load_image): check delay (x11_get_image_size): no need delay time From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai4+82-37
2003-03-28 10:24';' is quoted in keymap.defaultinu3+6-2
2003-03-28 10:17'make distclean' removes coreinu2+5-1
2003-03-28 10:17'make distclean' removes coreinu1+1-0
2003-03-27 17:18[w3m-dev 03836] CFLAGS for SSL in configure * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_SSL): add -I$dir/include to CFLAGS From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+91-77
2003-03-27 17:12[w3m-dev 03834] Re: gif animation with no delay_time * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): fix delay check From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-03-26 15:34fix indentukai2+8-7
2003-03-26 15:34[w3m-dev 03833] gif animation with no delay_time * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_show_image): skip delay<=0 * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_image): add delay (x11_img_new): initialize delay (x11_load_image): initialize delay (x11_show_image): jump to last image if delay<=0 From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai3+23-2
2003-03-26 15:19[w3m-dev 03831] fix typo * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_LANG): SYSTEM_CODE * configure.in: fix typo CYGIN From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai5+11-5
2003-03-26 15:14[w3m-dev 03830] Image size of gif animation * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (get_animation_size): added (get_image_size): use get_animation_size() (fb_image_load): ditto * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (get_animation_size): added (x11_load_image): use get_animation_size() (x11_get_image_size): ditto From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai3+73-13
2003-03-24 15:47fix indentukai2+8-8
2003-03-24 15:45[w3m-dev 03829] w3mimgdisplay -anim * w3mimgdisplay.c (maxAnim): added, default 100 (main): add --anim option, w_op->max_anim * w3mimg/w3mimg.h (w3mimg_op): add max_anim * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (fb_image_load): add max_anim * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h (fb_image_load): add max_anim args * w3mimg/fb/fb_imlib2.c (fb_image_load): add max_anim args * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_load_image): pass max_anim * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): max_anim From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai8+31-5
2003-03-23 15:21[w3m-dev 03828] possible typo in nextA * main.c (nextA): fix typo? From: Daiki Ueno <ueno@unixuser.org>ukai2+6-1
2003-03-22 14:58[w3m-dev 03827] Re: checking for GC_version... no * configure.in: add dl for extlibs From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+7-2
2003-03-19 16:20[w3m-dev 03825] re-anchor for fold line * anchor.c (reAnchorPos): fix for fold line From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-1
2003-03-19 16:18[w3m-dev-en 00910] Re: autoconf: env MAKE not respected * Makefile.in (SET_MAKE): added (SHELL): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-0
2003-03-18 15:25[w3m-dev-en 00908] Re: autoconf: --without-migemo is a nop * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_MIGEMO): dont define USE_MIGEMO when with_migemo=no From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+9-3
2003-03-14 02:07fix typoukai1+1-1
2003-03-13 17:47[w3m-dev 03823] Re: etc.c: treatment for "%7E" is added to expandName() * url.c (parseURL2): file unquote * etc.c (expandName): revert previous changes From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-4
2003-03-13 15:40[w3m-dev 03822] Re: etc.c: treatment for "%7E" is added to expandName() * etc.c (expandName): rewrite with strncasecmp From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-3
2003-03-13 15:33fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-03-13 15:29[w3m-dev 03821] fix for pmake * Makefile.in: use $(srcdir)/... instead of $< From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+12-7
2003-03-13 15:15treatment for "%7E" is added to expandName()inu2+7-1
2003-03-12 18:27[w3m-dev 03819] support cd build && ../configure * Makefile.in: add VPATH add MV use $(top_srcdir), $<, $@ * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_VERSION): use $srcdir * configure.in (AC_W3M_VERSION): move * mktable.c (main): basename From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+210-173
2003-03-12 17:29* Makefile.in (distclean): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+10-262
2003-03-12 17:21fix indentukai3+187-184
2003-03-12 17:20[w3m-dev 03818] fix autoconf * Makefile.in (CGIBIN_DIR): added (AUXBIN_DIR): added (HELP_DIR): added (RC_DIR): added (MAKE_ARGS): added (TARGET): use $(package) (MAN1_TARGET): ditto (install): use $(*_DIR) * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_TERMLIB): added (AC_W3M_GC): default search prefix /usr /usr/local $HOME fix searches (AC_W3M_SSL): fix bugs * config.h (RC_DIR): remove tailing / (SYS_MAILCAP): use ETC_DIR (SYS_MIMETYPES): ditto (USER_MIMETYPES): homedir * configure.in: quote (AC_W3M_TERMLIB): use * Bonus/oldconfigure.sh: rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+733-844
2003-03-11 17:11[w3m-dev 03816] --enable-lynx => --enable-keymap=lynx * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_KEYMAP): --enable-lynx => --enable-keymap=lynx * Bonus/oldconfigure.sh: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+56-50
2003-03-11 16:52[w3m-dev 03814] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4: quote variables * Bonus/oldconfigure.sh: configure using old config.param From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai6+374-208
2003-03-11 16:35[w3m-dev 03812] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_IMAGE): default is autodetect x11,fb From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+9-4
2003-03-11 16:29[w3m-dev 03810] autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_EXTLIBS): use $dir (AC_W3M_GC): PREFIX is optional (AC_W3M_SSL): PREFIX is optional with_ssl=yes, check usual dirs use $dir (AC_W3M_IPv6): use $dir From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+159-158
2003-03-11 16:18[w3m-dev 03808] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_GC): --with-gc takes PREFIX check include first (AC_W3M_CHECK_VER): show checking message (AC_W3M_IMAGE): if gdkpixbuf found, don't check imlib* From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+410-339
2003-03-10 18:30* Makefile.in (MODEL): delete @W3M_TARGET@ * configure.in: AC_SUBST(W3M_TARGET) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+170-157
2003-03-10 18:10fix typoukai1+1-1
2003-03-10 18:07* which: deleted * makeallmomdel: deleted From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+8-32
2003-03-10 17:55fix indentukai4+7-7
2003-03-10 17:50[w3m-dev 03804] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_MENU): default enabled (AC_W3M_MOUSE): default enabled (AC_W3M_COOKIE): default enabled (AC_W3M_LANG): can't detect locale here. autoconf set LANG=C (AC_W3M_DIGEST_AUTH): default enabled (AC_W3M_SSL): default enabled * configure.in (AC_W3M_DIGEST_AUTH): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+246-225
2003-03-10 17:33[w3m-dev 03804] fix autoconf * config.h.in (EAMCS_LIKE_LINEEDIT): define (VI_PREC_NUM): define (USE_MARK): define (LABEL_TOPLINE): define (NEXTPAGE_TOPLINE): define (FTPPASS_HOSTNAMEGEN): define (SHOW_PARAMS): define (VIEW_UNSEENOBJECTS): define (ID_EXT): define From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+23-10
2003-03-10 17:28[w3m-dev 03804] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_MODEL): deleted (AC_W3M_COLOR): default enable (AC_W3M_ANSI_COLOR): default enable (AC_W3M_BG_COLOR): default enable (AC_W3M_SHOW_PARAMS): deleted (AC_W3M_DICT): default enable (AC_W3M_HISTORY): default enable (AC_W3M_VIEW_UNSEENOBJECTS): deleted (AC_W3M_FORMAT_NICE): deleted (AC_W3M_ID_EXT): deleted (AC_W3M_FTPPASS_HOSTNAMEGEN): deleted (AC_W3M_NNTP): default enabled (AC_W3M_LANG): autodetect whether japanese is enabled (AC_W3M_KANJI_SYMBOLS): default enabled (AC_W3M_EMACS_LIKE_LINEEDIT): deleted (AC_W3M_VI_PREC_NUM): deleted (AC_W3M_MARK): deleted (AC_W3M_LABEL_TOPLINE): deleted (AC_W3M_NEXTPAGE_TOPLINE): deleted (AC_W3M_SSL): fix without ssl (AC_W3M_IMAGE): default enabled (AC_W3M_XFACE): check uncompface (AC_W3M_IPv6): enable_ipv6 if inet6 lib found * configure.in (AC_PROG_CPP): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+488-980
2003-03-10 16:10[w3m-dev 03803] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_MIGEMO): add missing test needs quote (AC_W3M_SSL): delete x From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai4+13-6
2003-03-10 16:07[w3m-dev 03802] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_CHECK_VER): warn only From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+105-90
2003-03-10 16:04[w3m-dev 03801] fix autoconf * acinclude.m4 (AC_W3M_BG_COLOR): fix typo (AC_W3M_KANJI_SYMBOLS): check enable_japanese != 'no' (AC_W3M_KEYMAP): needs {} (AC_W3M_EXTLIBS): don't modify libdir, use extlibdir (AC_W3M_SSL): missing x (AC_W3M_IMAGE): add AC_DEFINE(USE_IMAGE) * config.h.in: s/USE_KANJI_SYMBOLS/KANJI_SYMBOLS/ add SIZEOF_LONG_LONG don't use //, use /* */ * configure.in: add AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(long long, 0) From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai6+169-103
2003-03-09 19:43remove gcukai163+0-76281
2003-03-09 19:40autoconficate * Makefile.in: added * acinclude.m4: added * aclocal.m4: added (generated from acinclude.m4 by aclocal) * configure.in: added * config.h.in: added * config.guess: added * config.sub: added * .cvsignore: add Makefile config.cache config.log config.status * configure: generated by autoconf * gc/: deleted * XMakefile: deleted * XXMakefile: deleted * NEWS: autoconficate From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai13+9482-2565
2003-03-09 19:33cvs versionukai1+1-1
2003-03-06 17:36w3m 0.4.1 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.4.1, release date * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+26-5
2003-03-06 14:31fix indentukai1+2-2
2003-03-06 14:30[w3m-dev 03794] displayBuffer() when CurrentTab == NULL. * display.c (displayBuffer): check buf * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): check CurrentTab (next_dcompl): check CurrentTab (_editor): check CurrentTab * main.c (resize_screen): check CurrentTab From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+20-5
2003-03-06 14:26fix indentukai1+9-7
2003-03-05 18:56[w3m-dev 03793] incremental search fix main.c (dispincsrch): revert sbuf.pos fix start from next position in next forward search (srch): start from next position in forward saerch if not found, restore original position (srch_nxtprv): start from next position in next forward search * search.c (forwardSearch): search from current position (dispincsrch): start from current position in case of From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+23-2
2003-03-05 18:19[w3m-dev 03792] URL match string incremental search fix * main.c (chkURLBuffer): allow - at end of URL string (dispincsrch): start from current position in case of incremental search * search.c (forwardSearch): found if same position (backwardSearch): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+14-11
2003-03-02 15:09[w3m-dev 03788] UFhalfclose * file.c (UFhalfclose): closeNews() for SCM_NEWS,NNTP From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-27 15:14[w3m-dev 03783] pipe to "command1 | command2" * Bonus/utf8.cgi: added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+26-0
2003-02-26 17:37[w3m-dev 03784] ftp directory support * ftp.c (AbortLoading): added (KeyAbort): added (openFTPStream): remove '~' in realpathname? (loadFTPDir): remove '~' in realpathname? keyabort new ex_ftpdir_name_size_date() add symlink information to flist (XD_CTOD): deleted (EX_COUNT_DIGIT): added (ex_ftpdir_name_size_date): add **link accept device file loose date check for localized server From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+138-113
2003-02-26 17:22[w3m-dev 03783] pipe to "command1 | command2" * etc.c (myExtCommand): redirect to subshell * main.c (pipeBuf): conv_to_system(cmd) shell_quote() set buf->filename, buf->buffernameukai3+24-7
2003-02-25 16:06fix indentukai1+1-2
2003-02-25 16:05[w3m-dev 03782] real linenumber for EDIT and EDIT_SCREEN * main.c (cur_real_linenumber): added (editBf): use cur_real_linenumber instead of CUR_LINENUMBER (editScr): ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+28-2
2003-02-25 16:01[w3m-dev 03781] Debian Bug report logs - #181897: w3m submits query urls with "extra" * main.c (_followForm): remove tailling '?' From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2003-02-24 16:27[w3m-dev-en 00891] Re: w3m 0.4 has been released! * image.c (getCharSize): set W3M_TTY here, before Imgdisplay invoke (openImgdisplay): no need setting W3M_TTY here From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+7-1
2003-02-24 16:24version.c.in: cvs versionukai2+5-1
2003-02-23 16:37w3m 0.4 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.4, release date * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+14-6
2003-02-23 16:00[w3m-dev 03772] Compilation error on Cygwin B20.1 * terms.c (term_title): use Sprintf() instead of snprintf() * doc-jp/README.cygwin doc/README.cygwin: add note about B20.1 From: patakuti@t3.rim.or.jpukai4+15-3
2003-02-21 14:24[w3m-dev 03765] Re: README.cygwin * doc/README.cygwin: translated From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai3+13-10
2003-02-20 15:49* doc/README: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-2
2003-02-20 15:49[w3m-dev 03762] Re: README.cygwin * doc/README.cygwin: translated From: Dai Sato <satodai@dog.intcul.tohoku.ac.jp>ukai2+157-0
2003-02-20 15:39[w3m-dev 03761] eliminate compiler warnings * ftp.c (ftp_login): Str tmp * table.c (feed_table_tag): p is used ifdef ID_EXT From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-2
2003-02-20 15:38[w3m-dev 03760] Re: README.cygwin * doc-jp/README: update WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai2+8-5
2003-02-20 15:34cvs versionukai1+1-1
2003-02-19 14:500.4 release candidate 3 * version.c.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-18 15:44fix indentukai1+7-7
2003-02-18 15:43[w3m-dev 03758] Re: SVR4 signal behavior * etc.c (reset_signals): use mySignal() (setup_child): ditto (myExec): ditto (mySignal): added, use sigaction if available * fm.h (TRAP_ON): use mySignal (TRAP_OFF): ditto * istream.c (ISclose): ditto * main.c (sig_chld): ditto (main): ditto (do_dump): ditto (resize_hook): ditto (resize_handler): ditto (srchcore): ditto (readsh): ditto (SigAlarm): ditto * proto.h (mySignal): added * terms.c (error_dump): use mySignal() (set_int): ditto (mouse_init): ditto From: Atsushi YOKOYAMA <yoko-a@cmh.fuchu.toshiba.co.jp>ukai7+94-47
2003-02-18 15:26[w3m-dev 03753] Fixed multipart.cgi * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: remove w3m-control use input hidden add form_encode From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+27-3
2003-02-18 15:23cvs versionukai1+1-1
2003-02-17 16:02[w3m-dev 03749] README.cygwin * doc-jp/README.cygwin: added * doc/README: updated From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai3+190-1
2003-02-17 15:58update TODOukai1+2-0
2003-02-16 15:420.4 release candidate 2 * version.c.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-13 12:54[w3m-dev 03742] Re: Bug##180814: w3m: Missing w3mimgdisplay message at startup * image.c (getCharSize): stderr redirect to omit /bin/sh error message From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-12 17:22XMakefile (install-core): fix for broken non-POSIX /bin/sh From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-2
2003-02-11 15:28clean fixedukai1+3-21
2003-02-11 10:38release note for w3m 0.4ukai1+2-0
2003-02-11 10:36fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-02-11 10:35[w3m-dev-en 00868] fix mark_all_pages * anchor.c (reAnchorAny): next_line process for MarkAllPages From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-2
2003-02-11 10:33[w3m-dev-en 00867] Re: w3m 0.4 release candidate 1 * XMakefile (install-core): test AUXBIN_TARGETS From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2003-02-11 10:31version.c.in: cvs versionukai2+5-1
2003-02-10 18:030.4 release candidate 1 * version.c.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-08 18:23[w3m-dev 03737] local-CGI POST * local.c (localcgi_post): use tmp file From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+20-10
2003-02-07 15:06[w3m-dev 03736] dirlist sort * scripts/dirlist.cgi.in (right_dir): use cmp for filename comparison From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+7-2
2003-02-06 17:23fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-02-06 17:21[w3m-dev 03735] Re: make error of checkType arg * etc.c (checkType): delete USE_ANSI_COLOR * file.c (addnewline): macro for USE_ANSI_COLOR (readHeader): rewrite of USE_ANSI_COLOR (HTMLlineproc2body): ditto (addnewline2): ditto (addnewline): ditto (loadBuffer): ditto (getNextPage): ditto * proto.h (checkType): macro for USE_ANSI_COLOR From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+39-70
2003-02-06 17:16[w3m-dev 03733] Re: display decoded URL * display.c (make_lastline_link): buf->document_code From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-02-06 17:15[w3m-dev 03732] Re: scroll() is slow ? * configure (use_raw_scroll): added (config.h) use_raw_scroll * config.h.dist (USE_RAW_SCROLL): added * display.c (displayBuffer): ifdef USE_RAW_SCROLL * proto.h (scroll): ifdef USE_RAW_SCROLL (rscroll): ditto (need_clrtoeol): if 0 (terms.c): if 0 need_clrtoeol (scroll_raw): ifdef USE_RAW_SCROLL From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+38-2
2003-02-05 16:48fix typoukai1+1-1
2003-02-05 16:45NEWS: rc: decode_url From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2003-02-05 16:45fix indentukai4+29-30
2003-02-05 16:43[w3m-dev 03730] display decoded URL * anchor.c (link_list_panel): support DecodeURL * display.c (make_lastline_link): support DecodeURL * etc.c (url_unquote_conv): added * fm.h (DecodeURL): added * history.c (historyBuffer): support DecodeURL * indep.c (QUOTE_MAP): added (HTML_QUOTE_MAP): added (html_quote_char): deleted (url_quote): use is_url_quote (file_quote): use is_file_quote (is_url_safe): deleted (Str_form_quote): use is_url_unsafe (Str_url_unquote): add safe args (is_shell_safe): delete (shell_quote): use is_shell_unsafe * indep.h (QUOTE_MAP): added (HTML_QUOTE_MAP): added (HTML_QUOTE_MASK): added (SHELL_UNSAFE_MASK): added (URL_QUOTE_MASK): added (FILE_QUOTE_MASK): added (URL_UNSAFE_MASK): added (GET_QUOTE_TYPE): added (is_html_quote): added (is_shell_unsafe): added (is_url_quote): added (is_file_quote): added (is_url_unsafe): added (html_quote_char): added (html_quote_char): deleted (Str_url_unquote): added safe (form_unquote): Str_url_unquote changes * linein.c (_prev): support DecodeURL (_next): ditto * main.c (goURL0): support DecodeURL (_peekURL): ditto (curURL): ditto * map.c (follow_map_panel): support DecodeURL (append_map_info): ditto (append_link_info): ditto (append_frame_info): ditto (page_info_panel): ditto * menu.c (initSelectMenu): delete SCM_LOCAL_CGI support DecodeURL (initSelTabMenu): delete SCM_LOCAL_CGI support DecodeURL (link_menu): support DecodeURL * parsetagx.c (parse_tag): is_html_quote * proto.h (url_unquote_conv): added * rc.c (CMT_DECODE_URL): added (params1): add decode_url * url.c (openURL): Str_url_unquote non safe From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai16+342-128
2003-02-05 16:23[w3m-dev 03729] buf fix of reAnchorNewsheader() * anchor.c (reAnchorAny): check l->bpos (reAnchorNewsheader): check l->bpos strlen(*q) lineBuf[l->size] From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-3
2003-02-05 16:18[w3m-dev 03728] IPv6 hostname * url.c (parseURL): rewrite IPv6 address parser From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+13-18
2003-02-05 16:17update TODOukai1+3-0
2003-02-03 15:50update TODOukai1+4-0
2003-02-03 15:49[w3m-dev 03724] Re: view source, edit source * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): initialize buf->width first * display.c (displayBuffer): no need to check buf>sourcefile From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+10-5
2003-01-31 16:26fix indentukai1+2-4
2003-01-31 16:25[w3m-dev 03721] PATH_INFO support of local CGI * local.c (CGIFN_DROOT): deleted (CGIFN_LIBDIR): added (CGIFN_MODE): deleted (CGIFN_CONTAIN_SLASH): deleted (check_local_cgi): rewrite (cgi_filename): rewrite (localcgi_post): support PATH_INFO * url.c (openURL): rewrite * Bonus/smb.cgi: use PATH_INFO From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+105-118
2003-01-31 16:14[w3m-dev 03720] mark remains * main.c (srchcore): PREC_NUM From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-2
2003-01-30 16:48[w3m-dev 03719] Re: Too slow when loading big file with fold_line=1 * file.c (addnewline): check i <l->len From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-01-30 16:39[w3m-dev 03718] Too slow when loading big file with fold_line=1 * etc.c (nextColumn): added (calcPosition): use New_N rewrite with nextColumn (columnLen): added * file.c (addnewline): rewrite with columnLen * proto.h (columnLen): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+50-30
2003-01-30 16:35[w3m-dev 03717] print newline before exec shell command. * main.c (execsh): print newline From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2003-01-30 16:31[w3m-dev 03715] initial currentLine when pager mode. * file.c (getNextPage): fix cur From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-01-30 16:29[w3m-dev 03714] -cols 1 -dump -o fold_line=1 * file.c (addnewline): check i == 0, i == l->len * fm.h (_INIT_BUFFER_WIDTH): added (INIT_BUFFER_WIDTH): use _INIT_BUFFER_WIDTH From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+18-1
2003-01-30 16:26[w3m-dev 03713] search with "$" * search.c (forwardSearch): check l->next && l->next->bpos (backwardSearch): check l->size, l->next && l->next->bpos From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-4
2003-01-30 16:21fix indentukai1+1-2
2003-01-30 16:18[w3m-dev 03712] buf fix of LINE_INFO * main.c (curlno): rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-11
2003-01-29 17:38[w3m-dev 03709] Re: view source, edit source * display.c (displayBuffer): INIT_BUFFER_WIDTH * file.c (_saveBuffer): added (saveBuffer): use _saveBuffer (saveBufferBody): added * main.c (vmSrc): saveBufferBody * proto.h (saveBufferBody): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+35-9
2003-01-29 17:33[w3m-dev-en 00852] Re: Enhancement: content type detection of files * url.c (DefaultGuess): remove upppercases (guessContentTypeFromTable): rewrite, strcasecmp From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-14
2003-01-29 17:31wait_st is not usedukai1+2-1
2003-01-29 17:26fix indentukai2+20-20
2003-01-29 17:10[w3m-dev 03708] Re: Don't stop loading image when moving to next page. * config.h.dist (lstat): define ifndef HAVE_LSTAT * configure (config.h) ditto * display.c (fmTerm): new loadImage (save_current_buf): only ifdef USE_BUFINFO (displayBuffer): new loadImage * etc.c (setup_child): TrapSignal * file.c (loadGeneralFile): TRAP_OFF, TRAP_ON (loadHTMLstream): ditto (loadGopherDir): ditto (loadBuffer): ditto (loadImageBuffer): ditto (getNextPage): ditto (save2tmp): ditto * fm.h (TrapSignal): added (TRAP_ON): added (TRAP_OFF): added * form.c (HAVE_LSTAT): deleted * frame.c (createFrameFile): TRAP_OFF, TRAP_ON * image.c (image_buffer): added (deleteImage): new loadImage (getAllImage): initialize image_buffer (loadImage): rewrite * main.c (main): new loadImage (checkDownloadList): remove ifdef HAVE_LSTAT * news.c (loadNwesgroup): TRAP_ON, TRAP_OFF * proto.h (loadImage): add buf arg * url.c (openSocket): TRAP_ON, TRAP_OFF (check_no_proxy): TRAP_ON, TRAP_OFF From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai14+169-223
2003-01-28 16:45[w3m-dev 03707] Don't stop loading image when moving to next page. * display.c (save_current_buf): required when defined USE_IMAGE (displayBuffer): stop only buffer changed * image.c (loadImage): IMG_FLAG_START load from maxLoadImage From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+16-4
2003-01-28 16:42fix indentukai2+7-3
2003-01-28 16:40[w3m-dev 03706] X-Image-URL: support, bug fix of reshapeBuffer() * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): rewrite * file.c (readHeader): rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+54-29
2003-01-28 16:36[w3m-dev 03705] goodict.cgi (was: Re: google.cgi (was: Re: keymap key SEARCH string)) * Bonus/goodict.cgi: added From: NAKAJIMA Mikio <minakaji@osaka.email.ne.jp>ukai2+43-0
2003-01-28 16:34[w3m-dev 03700] Re: google.cgi (was: Re: keymap key SEARCH string) * main.c (goURL0): check relative or *url == '#' From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-01-27 16:18[w3m-dev 03689] Re: fold patch * fm.h (BufferPos): add bpos * main.c (save_buffer_position): bpos initialize (resetPos): reset bpos From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+10-0
2003-01-25 18:06fix indentukai1+2-4
2003-01-25 17:42[w3m-dev 03686] Re: fold patch * buffer.c (writeBufferCache): rewrite (readBufferCache): rewrite * etc.c (calcPosition): short -> int realColumn * fm.h (Line): short -> int len,width,size,bpos,bwidth (BufferPoint): short->int pos (Buffer): short->int currentColumn,pos,visualpos (BufferPos): short->int currentColumn,pos * frame.h (frameset_queue): short->int pos,currentColumn * main.c (clear_mark): short->int pos (dispincsrch): short->int pos (backBf): short->int pos (set_buffer_environ): short->int prev_pos From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+75-33
2003-01-24 17:57fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-24 17:57[w3m-dev 03684] Re: fold patch * file.c (PSIZE): added (HTMLlineproc2body): outc,outp is created by NewAtom_N use PSIZE From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+17-7
2003-01-24 17:54file.c (getNextPage): no need volatile for code From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2003-01-24 17:37fix indentukai1+2-2
2003-01-24 17:36[w3m-dev 03683] interrupt in getNextPage() * file.c (getNextPage): trap SIGINT From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+24-7
2003-01-24 17:34[w3m-dev 03682] open null file on tab * display.c (displayBuffer): if empty, clear() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+5-1
2003-01-24 17:30[w3m-dev 03681] Re: fold patch * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): buf->pos, sbuf.currentLine fix FoldLine * display.c (arrangeCursor): buf->pos fix (restorePosition): buf->pos fix From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+32-4
2003-01-23 18:44NEWS: func: RESHAPE rc: fold_line From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+8-2
2003-01-23 18:42fix compiler warnings * display.c (displayBuffer): fix suggest parentheses around && within || From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-2
2003-01-23 18:38fix indentukai5+20-16
2003-01-23 18:37[w3m-dev 03667] fold patch * anchor.c (reAnchorPos): rewrite (reAnchorWord): delete reseq_anchor() (reAnchorAny): use l->size delete reseq_anchor() * backend.c (internal_get): pass TRUE to saveBuffer * buffer.c (newBuffer): delete n->linelen (reshapeBuffer): rewrite * display.c (displayBuffer): FoldLine (redrawLine): l->bpos (cursorUp0): added (cursorUp): rewrite (cursorDown0): added (cursowDown): rewrite (cursorRight): check l->next l->bwidth (cursorLeft): l->prev && l->bpos l->bwidth (arrangeCursor): buf->currentLine->bwidth buf->cursorX * etc.c (checkType): **oporp rewrite (calcPosition): realColumn allocated by New_reuse * file.c (addnewline): add nlines arg (propBuffer): deleted (colorBuffer): deleted (readHeader): propBuffer FOLD_BUFFER_WIDTH (HTMLlineproc2body): rewrite (addnewline2): added (addnewline): rewrite (loadBuffer): propBuffer, colorBuffer (saveBuffer): cont arg (getNextPage): rewrite * fm.h (LINELEN): 256 (FNLEN): deleted (Line): add size, bpos, bwidth (Buffer): delete linelen (INIT_BUFFER_WIDTH): check showLineNum (FOLD_BUFFER_WIDTH): added (FoldLine): added * funcname.tab (RESHAPE): added * main.c (do_dump): pass FALSE to saveBuffer (nscroll): rewrite (clear_mark): l->size (shiftvisualpos): rewrite (pipeBuf): pass TRUE to saveBuffer (linebeg): check line->prev && line->bpos (linend): check line->next, line->next->bpos (editScr): pass TRUE to saveBuffer (svBuf): pass TRUE to saveBuffer (vmSrc): pass TRUE to saveBuffer (reshape): added (curlno): rewrite * mimehead.c (LINELEN): deleted * proto.h (reshape): added (saveBuffer): add cont arg (cursorUp0): added (cursorDown0): added (checkType): change type oprop, ocolor, delete check_color, len * rc.c (CMT_FOLD_LINE): added (params1): add fold_line (sync_with_option): check PagerMax * search.c (set_mark): l->size (forwardSearch): rewrite (backwardSearch): rewrite * doc/README.func (RESHAPE): added * doc-jp/README.func (RESHAPE): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Buffer operation): add reshape From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai17+528-220
2003-01-23 18:01* etc.c (next_status): after = is R_ST_VALUE R_ST_VALUE > => R_ST_NORMAL R_ST_VALUE SP => R_ST_TAG (read_token): R_ST_VALUE (correct_irrtag): R_ST_VALUE * rm.h (R_ST_VALUE): added (ST_IS_REAL_TAG): rewrite (ST_IS_COMMENT): deleted (ST_IS_TAG): deleted * parsetagx.c (parse_tag): skip too long tagname skip too long attrname if attrvalue has quote char, need reconstruct if unknown attr, need reconstruct * table.c (visible_length): R_ST_VALUE From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+44-11
2003-01-23 16:05[w3m-dev 03680] showProgress() on fast system * file.c (showProgress): check line len, time From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-7
2003-01-23 16:02fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-23 15:59[w3m-dev 03679] Re: cleanup for pipe * etc.c (open_pipe_rw): check stdin, stdout * file.c (uncompress_stream): rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+29-11
2003-01-22 16:36[w3m-dev 03678] Re: config.param is clear when configure -help * configure: don't override config.param From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+13-7
2003-01-22 16:16[w3m-dev 03677] view source, edit source * buffer.c (discardBuffer): unlink header source * file.c (loadFile): delete skip header * fm.h (BP_SOURCE): deleted (SkipHeader): deleted * main (editBf): cleanup (vmSrc): cleanup From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+29-91
2003-01-22 16:11fix indentukai2+7-7
2003-01-22 16:10[w3m-dev 03676] cleanup for pipe * etc.c (open_pipe_rw): added * file.c (uncompress_stream): rewrite using open_pipe_rw * image.c (openImgdisplay): rewrite using open_pipe_rw * local.c (localcgi_popen_rw): deleted (localcgi_post): rewrite using open_pipe_rw * proto.h (open_pipe_rw): added * search.c (migemor): initialized to NULL (migemow): initialized to NULL (migemo_pid): initialized to 0 (open_migemo): rewrite using open_pipe_rw From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+124-177
2003-01-22 16:01[w3m-dev 03675] x-face * file.c (xface2xpm): use getImage() (readHeader): check same file (loadImageBuffer): rewrite (lessopen_stream): shell_quote() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+51-34
2003-01-22 15:56[w3m-dev 03674] -dump problem * file.c (loadGeneralFile): return NULL when dump * main.c (dump_source): deleted (dump_head): deleted (dupm_extra): deleted (do_dump): added (main): singal when dump From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+41-17
2003-01-22 15:53[w3m-dev 03671] Re: config.param is clear when configure -help * configure: test -f config.param From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+8-1
2003-01-21 15:38[w3m-dev 03665] imlib2 support (on X11) * configure: X11 inline image with Imlib2 fix typo in fb/imlib2 * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c: USE_IMLIB2 (x11_load_image): USE_IMLIB2 (x11_show_image): USE_IMLIB2 (x11_free_image): USE_IMLIB2 (x11_get_image_size): USE_IMLIB2 From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+59-4
2003-01-21 15:33[w3m-dev 03664] config.param is clear when configure -help * configure: config.param created after arg parsing From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2003-01-20 15:54* map.c (follow_map_menu): if USE_IMAGE or MENU_MAP * proto.h (follow_map_menu): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+9-2
2003-01-20 15:32fix indentukai2+6-5
2003-01-20 15:30[w3m-dev 03660] Re: fputs -> Strfputs * Str.h (Strncmp_charp): paren (Strncasecmp_charp): ditto (Strinsert): ditto (Strshrinkfirst): ditto * display.c (disp_err_message): added * file.c (loadGeneralFile): don't put function in macro arg (saveBuffer): ditto * frame.c (createFrameFile): ditto * proto.h (disp_err_message): macro->function * table.c (pushdata): if data is NULL, use "" (suspend_or_pushdata): if line is NULL, use "" * textlist.h (pushText): don't use (s) twice in a macro From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+36-13
2003-01-20 15:25[w3m-dev 03659] Can't download from SSL. * istream.c (ISfileno): case IST_SSL From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-0
2003-01-20 15:24[w3m-dev 03658] Re: Other user can see local cookie. * fm.h (rc_dir): init(NULL) * rc.c (config_file): deleted (init_rc): use rc_dir From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-4
2003-01-20 15:22[w3m-dev 03657] fputs -> Strfputs * form.c (form_fputs_decode): use Strfputs() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2003-01-19 09:04[w3m-dev 03655] Re: file.c:image_source when undef USE_IMAGE * map.c (follow_map_menu): fix warnings From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+11-1
2003-01-19 08:28[w3m-dev 03654] file.c:image_source when undef USE_IMAGE * file.c (readHeader): image_source ifdef USE_IMAGE (loadGeneralFile): ditto (uncompress_stream): ditto From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <knabe@sannet.ne.jp>ukai2+19-2
2003-01-18 18:40[w3m-dev 03653] SourceForge.net: 576032 w3m https crashes with OpenSSL-0.9.7 * istream.c (ssl_check_cert_ident): use sk_GENERAL_NAME_free() From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-01-17 17:30fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-17 17:29[w3m-dev 03652] Re: Debian bug #176981 * file.c (checkHeader): always remove_space (loadGeneralFile): no need remove_space From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-3
2003-01-17 17:13[w3m-dev 03651] Debian bug #176981 * file.c (checkRedirection): added (loadGeneralFile): check redirection t_buf only is created when it is NULL remove_space From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+76-52
2003-01-17 17:06fix indentukai4+8-8
2003-01-17 17:05[w3m-dev 03647] expandName() and expandPath() * etc.c (openSecretFile): use expandPath (expandName): rewrite (file_to_url): use expandPath * file.c (_doFileCopy): use expandPath (doFileSave): use expandPath * indep.c (expandPath): rewrite * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): use expandPath (next_dcompl): use expandPath (doComplete): use expandPath * local.c (set_cgi_environ): rewrite * mailcap.c (loadMailcap): use expandPath * main.c (svBuf): use expandPath (addDownloadList): use expandPath * rc.c (init_rc): use expandPath (rcFile): rewrite (auxbinFile): use expandPath (libFile): use expandPath (etcFile): use expandPath (helpFile): use expandPath * url.c (loadMimeTypes): use expandPath (loadURIMethods): use expandPath From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai10+105-78
2003-01-17 16:58fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-17 16:57[w3m-dev 03646] setup child process, local CGI * etc.c (reset_signals): static don't ignore SIGUSR1 (close_all_fds_except): static DEV_NULL_PATH (setup_child): added (myExec): rewrite (mySystem): rewrite * file.c (readHeader): check image_source (loadGeneralFile): check image_source (doExternal): use setup_child (_doFileCopy): use setup_child (doFileSave): use setup_child (uncompress_stream): check image_source use setup_child * image.c (getCharSize): no need stderr redirect (openImgdisplay): use setup_child (loadImage): use setup_child (getImageSize): no need stderr redirect * local.c (writeLocalCookie): check Local_cookie_file (localcgi_popen_rw): added (localcgi_popen_r): deleted (localcgi_post): rewrite (localcgi_get): deleted * proto.h (localcgi_get): defined by localcgi_post (reset_signals): deleted (close_all_fds_except): deleted (close_all_fds): deleted (setup_child): added * search.c (open_migemo): use setup_child, myExec * w3mimgdisplay.c (main): use DEV_NULL_PATH From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+144-179
2003-01-15 18:16NEWS updateukai1+1-0
2003-01-15 18:15NEWS updateukai1+1-0
2003-01-15 18:14NEWS updateukai1+1-0
2003-01-15 18:12NEWS updateukai1+1-0
2003-01-15 17:13[w3m-dev 03644] Re: Other user can see local cookie. * cookie.c (save_cookies): return if no_rc_dir * etc.c (tmpf_base): add cookie (tmpfname): use tmp_dir instead of rc_dir * file.c (loadGeneralFile): cookie is not passed via URL * fm.h (TMPF_COOKIE): incl (MAX_TMPF_TYPE): incl (no_rc_dir): added (tmp_dir): added (config_file): added * local.c (Local_cookie_file): added (writeLocalCookie): added (setLocalCookie): dont set environment LOCAL_COOKIE (localcgi_post): writeLocalCookie (localcgi_get): writeLocalCookie * main.c (config_filename): deleted (cmd_loadURL): arg FormList (main): rewrite config_file, rc (ldhelp): no cookie in URL (cmd_loadURL): arg FormList (goURL0): cmd_loadURL change (cmd_loadBuffer): cmd_loadURL change (adBmark): cookie is posted (follow_map): cmd_loadURL change (linkMn): cmd_loadURL change (reinit): init_rc change * proto.h (create_option_search_table): deleted (init_rc): no args * rc.c (create_option_search_table): static (init_rc): no args rewrite (optionpanel_src1): rewrite (load_option_panel): html_quote (panel_set_option): no_rc_dir * w3mbookmark.c: rewrite * w3mhelperpanel.c: rewrite * scripts/dirlist.cgi.in: rewrite * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: rewrite * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: rewrite * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai15+314-224
2003-01-15 16:24* file.c (loadGopherDir): convertLine RAW_MODE * ftp.c (loadFTPDir): ditto * fix indent From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+35-29
2003-01-15 16:17[w3m-dev 03642] Re: cleanup (don't close connection of news server) * local.c (localcgi_post): localcgi_popen_r first From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-5
2003-01-15 16:14[w3m-dev 03641] Re: cleanup (don't close connection of news server) * ftp.c (ftp_command): fix fwrite arg * news.c (news_command): fix fwrite arg From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+8-2
2003-01-15 16:11[w3m-dev 03640] Re: cleanup (don't close connection of news server) * anchor.c (_put_ahchor_news): always conv_str (_put_anchor_all): always conv_str * etc.c (close_all_fds): deleted (close_all_fds_except): added, except fd=f is left open * file.c (guess_filename): added (UFhalfclose): added (convertLine): cleanup_line if not raw mode check uf (readHeader): always convertLine (loadGeneralFile): rewrite (loadGopherDir): return Str, args change to ParsedURL and code rewrite (saveBuffer): always conv_str (_doFileCopy): close_all_fds (doFileSave): close_all_fds_except (uncompress_stream): dup, close_all_fds_except * form.c (form_fputs_decode): always conv_str (input_textarea): convertLine * frame.c (createFrameFile): convertLine * ftp.c (loadFTPDir): arg code rewrite (readFTPDir): convertLine * html.h (UFfileno): added * image.c (loadImage): close_all_fds * indep.h (RAW_MODE): added * local.c (loadLocalDir): return Str (dirBuffer): rewrite (localcgi_popen_r): close_all_fds * main.c (main): check SCM_LOCAL print err_msg * news.c (news_command): args cmd and arg (news_quit): news_command (openNewsStream): news_command (readNewsgroup): deleted (loadNewsgroup): added (closeNews): added * proto.h (loadGopherDir): update (conv_str): define for no JP_CHARSET (readFTPDir): deleted (loadFTPDir): added (readNewsgroup): deleted (loadNewsgroup): added (dirBuffer): deleted (loadLocalDir): added (close_all_fds): defined by close_all_fds_except (close_all_fds_except): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai14+301-260
2003-01-15 15:51[w3m-dev 03639] Re: smb.cgi * Bonus/2ch.cgi: change password handling * Bonus/README: update * Bonus/README.eng: dittoukai4+85-21
2003-01-11 16:17[w3m-dev 03636] segfault in main.c * main.c (main): check newbuf->currentURL.file From: qhwt@myrealbox.comukai2+7-1
2003-01-11 16:14Bonus/README.eng: sync with Bonus/README From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+15-0
2003-01-11 16:12[w3m-dev 03635] 2ch.cgi * Bonus/2ch.cgi: added * Bonus/README: update From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+151-0
2003-01-11 16:10Bonus/README.eng: sync with Bonus/README From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+18-0
2003-01-11 16:05[w3m-dev 03634] smb.cgi * Bonus/smb.cgi: added * Bonus/README: update From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+419-0
2003-01-11 16:00* ftp.c (ftp_pasv): ftp_command response (readFTPDir): masked declaration of realpathname From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-2
2003-01-11 15:55fix indentukai1+28-31
2003-01-11 15:54[w3m-dev 03633] Re: cleanup (don't close connection of news server) * file.c (FTPhalfclose): deleted (loadGeneralFile): closeFTP when doFileSave is done (_doFileCopy): return int (doFileMove): return int (doFileSave): return int * ftp.c: rewrite * main.c (w3m_exit): disconnectFTP * proto.h (_doFileCopy): return int (doFileMove): return int (doFileSave): return int (openFTP): deleted (openFTPStream): return InputStream (closeFTP): no arg (Ftpfclose): disconnectFTP * url.c (openFTPstream): deleted From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+304-472
2003-01-10 17:15fix compiler warnings * html.h (UFclose): value computed but not used From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2003-01-10 17:06[w3m-dev 03632] cleanup (don't close connection of news server) * file.c (loadSomething): remove UFclose nntp:,news: (loadFile): UFclose (loadGeneralFile): always UFclose * html.h (UFclose): only reset when ISclose ==0 * istream.c (ISclose): return int (ISfileno): flag IST_UNCLOSE * istream.h (ISclose): return int (IST_UNCLOSE): added * news.c (news_close): reset IST_UNCLOSE (news_open): set IST_UNCLOSE From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+32-15
2003-01-10 16:59fix indentukai1+14-11
2003-01-10 16:58[w3m-dev 03631] display current form item * form.c (form2str): rewrite * istream.c (ssl_get_certificate): fix typo * map.c (follow_map_panel): valign=top (append_map_info): valign=top (append_link_info): valign=top (append_frame_info): <pre_int> html_quote ssl_certificate (page_info_panel): rewrite, html_quote From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+82-79
2003-01-10 16:51* doc/README.pre_form: update * doc-jp/README.pre_form: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+9-2
2003-01-10 16:48[w3m-dev 03630] improved pre_form * form.c (pre_form): add re_url, name (add_pre_form): add name rewrite (loadPreForm): add "form" (preFormUpdateBuffer): handle re_url From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+70-10
2003-01-10 16:42[w3m-dev 03629] delete tmp file * etc.c (tempfname): always file to delete * file.c (xface2xpm): no need fileToDelete (readHeader): ditto (loadGeneralFile): ditto (loadHTMLBuffer): ditto (loadHTMLString): ditto (loadGopherDir): ditto (loadImageBuffer): ditto (doExternal): rewrite (doFileSave): no need fileToDelete (uncompress_stream): ditto * fm.h (CurrentPid): added * image.c (getImage): cache->touch to delete * local.c (setLocalCookie): use CurrentPid (localcgi_post): fileToDelete * main.c (main): CurrentPid (pipeBuf): no need fileToDelete (query_from_followform): CurrentPid (vmSrc): no need fileToDelete From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+35-38
2003-01-10 16:33[w3m-dev 03628] Re: Error occured while reset * file.c (doExternal): bufp = NULL, return 1 (uncompress_stream): tempfname fileToDelete From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-4
2003-01-10 16:29[w3m-dev 03626] Re: relative URL * url.c (parseURL2): copy if scheme is local or local-cgi From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-1
2003-01-10 16:23[w3m-dev 03625] keymap key SEARCH string * main.c (srch): accept command argument (reMark): accept command argument * Bonus/google.cgi: added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+51-10
2003-01-10 16:16[w3m-dev 03622] Re: Error occured while reset * file.c (uncompress_stream): child process initialized * terms.c (close_tty): close unless stdin,out,err (reset_tty): flush_tty, close_tty (write1): flush_tty (refresh): flush_tty (flush_tty): check ttyf From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+25-17
2003-01-10 16:11fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-10 16:08[w3m-dev 03620] -m option and header * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): fix reading from stdin fix -m option * display.c (redrawNLine): rewrite (redrawLine): return l instead of l->next (redrawLineImage): ditto * file.c (loadFile): read header even if skip header (loadGeneralFile): read header even if skip header * fm.h (SkipHeader): added * main.c (main): check whether reading from stdin SkipHeader From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+47-29
2003-01-09 15:30[w3m-dev 03619] Re: Error occured while reset * file.c (process_img): check image.ext (HTMLlineproc2body): check image.ext (loadImageBuffer): url, ext is in URLFile * frame.c (unloadFrame): no need to push to fileToDelete (copyFrame): no need to reset FB_TODELETE (resetFrameElement): f_body->source, buf->sourcefile (frame_download_source): buf->source buf->sourcefile reset * frame.h (FB_NOCACHE): deleted (FB_TODELETE): deleted * main.c (vmSrc): Currentbuf->sourcefile need_reshape if images exist From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+33-37
2003-01-08 17:32[w3m-dev 03617] sourcefile when Content-Encoding: is specified. * file.c (uncompress_stream): add src arg (examineFile): change uncompress_stream (loadGeneralFile): change uncompress_stream (doExternal): src (uncompress_stream): ext tmpfile with same ext From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+34-11
2003-01-08 17:28update TODOukai1+0-1
2003-01-08 17:24[w3m-dev 03616] Re: data: URL scheme * file.c (loadGeneralFile): check SCM_DATA (loadImageBuffer): newBuffer() * html.h (SCM_DATA): added * indep.c (url_unquote): deleted (Str_url_unquote): renamed from Str_form_unquote + is decoded is_form only * indep.h (url_unquote): deleted (Str_url_unquote): added (Str_form_unquote): define by Str_url_unquote * main.c (followA): file_unquote (cmd_loadURL): file_unquote * url.c (DefaultPort): add for data: (schemetable): add "data" (DefaultFile): SCM_FTPDIR (parseURL): scheme copied from current (parseURL2): SCM_DATA check SCM_FTP, SCM_FTPDIR (_parsedURL2Str): add data in scheme_str handle SCM_DATA SCM_FTPDIR (openURL): file_unquote handle SCM_DATA From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+99-44
2003-01-07 15:57update TODOukai1+1-0
2003-01-07 15:56fix indentukai1+1-1
2003-01-07 15:53[w3m-dev 03611] relative URL * news.c (openNewsStream): don't skip '/' for nntp: (readNewsgroup): cleanup * url.c (parseURL): don't copy user & password (parseURL2): fix for group, don't copy user & password From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+42-43
2003-01-06 15:49fix build warnings * url.c (parseURL2): fix comparison between pointer and integer * news.c (readNewsgroup): variable `scheme',`group',`list' might be clobbered by `longjmp' or `vfork' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+9-2
2003-01-06 15:37fix indentukai2+6-8
2003-01-06 15:36[w3m-dev 03610] Re: news:<newsgroup> * anchor.c (_put_anchor_news): check '<' (reAnchorNewsheader): added * file.c (loadSomething): Subject: as buffername (checkHeader): check buf->document_header (loadGeneralFile): reAnchorNewsheader * html.h (SCM_NNTP_GROUP): added * main.c (main): delete USE_NNTP in switch (newbuf->real_scheme) (chkNMIDBuffer): lowercase in url_like_pat * news.c (add_news_message): add scheme, group as arg (openNewsStream): check SCM_NNTP_GROUP check current_news.host (readNewsgroup): rewrite to support nntp:,news: extension * proto.h (reAnchorNewsheader): added * url.c (DefaultPort): add 119 for nntp group (parseURL2): rewrite to support nntp:,news: extension (_parsedURL2Str): add for SCM_NNTP_GROUP (openURL): rewrite to support nntp:,news: extension From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+243-90
2002-12-27 16:46fix build errors * display.c (make_lastline_message): fix error for undef JP_CHARSET * news.c (readNewsgroup: `code' always required From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+5-3
2002-12-27 16:31fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-12-27 16:30gcc -Wall -Werror clean * file.c (loadHTMLstream): unused variable `p' * news.c (news_command): unused variable `c' (news_open): unused variable `tmp' (readNewsgroup): volatile page, qgroup, flag, start, end uninitialized variable `page' * url.c (openURL): unused variable `fw', `r', `stream' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+17-11
2002-12-27 16:09fix indentukai3+35-30
2002-12-27 16:08rc: nntpserver, nntpmode, max_news From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+5-1
2002-12-27 16:07[w3m-dev 03608] news:<newsgroup> * XMakefile (LSRCS): add news.c (LOBJS): add news.o * file.c (loadSOmething): don't UFclose() for nntp/news (readHeader): remove . at beginning of line for news img link to file: (loadGeneralFile): add SCM_NEWS_GROUP don't UFclose() for nntp/news (loadHTMLstream): . line check for news (loadBuffer): . line check for news * fm.h (NNTP_server): added (NNTP_mode): added (MaxNewsMessage): added * html.h (SCM_NEWS_GROUP): added * main.c (main): NNTP_server or NNTPSERVER NNTP_mode or NNTPMODE add SCM_NEWS_GROUP (followA): remove news:..@.. check (cmd_loadURL): remove news:...@.. check (w3m_exit): disconnectNews * proto.h (openNewsStream): added (readNewsgroup): added (disconnectNews): added * rc.c (CMT_NNTP_SERVER): added (CMT_NNTP_MODE): added (CMT_MAX_NEWS): added (params9): add nntpserver, nntpmode, max_news * url.c (DefaultPort): add 119 for news group (parseURL2): news:..@... is SCM_NEWS_GROUP (_parsedURL2Str): add news for SCM_NEWS_GROUP (openURL): cleanup SCM_NEWS add SCM_NEWS_GROUP * news.c: added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai10+603-113
2002-12-27 15:53[w3m-dev 03607] mymktime: time zone support * etc.c (get_zone): added (mymktime): parse timezone From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+43-5
2002-12-27 15:50[w3m-dev 03606] Re: clean up displayBuffer() * main.c (followA): B_FORCE_REDRAW (follow_map): ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-12-26 15:25fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-12-26 15:23[w3m-dev 03604] http response code and content-type * file.c (loadGeneralFile): don't guessContentType if http errors From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-2
2002-12-25 16:18fix indentukai1+4-4
2002-12-25 16:14[w3m-dev 03602] Re: w3mimgdisplay core dump * w3mimgdisplay.c (DrawImage): check load_image, imageBuf[n].pixmap * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_show_image): check img->pixmap * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_show_image): check img->pixmap From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai4+18-2
2002-12-25 16:06[w3m-dev 03601] Re: meta refresh * main.c (LastEvent): added (pushEvent): add to LastEvent From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-12-25 16:05[w3m-dev 03600] Re: meta refresh * main.c (main): move add_download_list From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-4
2002-12-24 17:33[w3m-dev 03598] restore cursor when download list panel is updated. * main.c (stopDownload): delete->replace (ldDL): use DownloadListBuffer() From: Hiroaki Shimotsu <shim@d5.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>ukai2+23-16
2002-12-24 17:28[w3m-dev 03597] Re: meta refresh * main.c (Event): next, linked list (N_EVENT_QUEUE): deleted (eventQueue): deleted (n_event_queue): deleted (CurrentEvent): added (main): event processing, add CurrentEvent linked list (pushEvent): add Event to CurrentEvent (SigAlarm): Currentbuf->event * proto.h (pushEvent): rename args From: Hiroaki Shimotsu <shim@d5.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>ukai3+46-20
2002-12-24 17:24fix indentukai1+2-3
2002-12-24 17:24[w3m-dev 03596] LIST * anchor.c (link_list_panel): check internal From: Hiroaki Shimotsu <shim@d5.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>ukai2+11-0
2002-12-24 17:20[w3m-dev 03595] tolower, toupper * Str.c (Strlower): TOLOWER (Strupper): TOUPPER * backend.c: delete ctype.h * etc.c (gethtmlcmd): TOLOWER * file.c (readHeader): TOLOWER (checkOverWrite): TOLOWER (guess_charset): TOLOWER * ftp.c: delete ctype.h * indep.c (strcasecmp): TOLOWER (strncasecmp): TOLOWER (strcasematch): TOLOWER * istream.c: include myctype.h (ssl_get_certificate): TOLOWER * mailcap.c (mailcapMatch): TOLOWER * main.c (_quitfm): TOLOWER * menu.c (accesskey_menu): TOLOWER * mimehead.c: include myctype.h (decodeWord): TOUPPER * mktable.c: delete ctype.h, include myctype.h (main): IS_SPACE * myctype.h: delete ctype.h (TOLOWER): added (TOUPPER): added * parsetagx.c (parse_tag): TOLOWER * rc.c (str_to_bool): TOLOWER (str_to_color): TOLOWER * regex.c: delete ctype.h, include myctype.h (TOLOWER): added (TOUPPER): added (regmatch1): TOLOWER (matchWhich): TOLOWER, TOUPPER From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai17+88-48
2002-12-22 14:26mimehead.c (decodeWord): don't use toupper() (requires ctype.h) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-12-21 16:20[w3m-dev 03594] mime decode with encoding named 'b' & 'q' * mimehead.c (decodeWord): toupeer(method) From: ABE Yuji <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-21 16:19* file.c (discardline): not used From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+4-13
2002-12-21 16:17fix indentukai1+5-4
2002-12-21 16:16[w3m-dev 03593] Re: segmentation fault when <title> exist after <img> * file.c (cur_title): added (save_obuf): deleted (process_title): added (process_n_title): added (feed_title): added (HTMLtagproc1): rewrite HTML_TITLE, HTML_N_TITLE, HTML_TITLE_ALT, HTML_N_HEAD, HTML_HEAD (HTMLlineproc0): check RB_TITLE (completeHTMLstream): add RB_TITLE (loadHTMLstream): initialize cur_title From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+84-21
2002-12-20 20:20[w3m-dev 03590] segmentation fault when <title> exist after <img> * file.c (save_line): deleted (save_prevchar): deleted (save_obuf): added (HTMLtagproc1): bcopy save_obuf From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-7
2002-12-20 20:17update TODOukai1+1-2
2002-12-19 15:29[w3m-dev 03588] include time.h in ftp.c * ftp.c: include <time.h> From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-12-18 16:48[w3m-dev 03584] Re: meta refreshukai1+1-0
2002-12-18 16:48[w3m-dev 03583] w3mman * scripts/w3mman/README: W3MMAN_W3M, W3MMAN_MAN * scripts/w3mman/w3mman.1.in: add ENVIRONMENT * scripts/w3mman/w3mman.in: $ENV{'W3MMAN_W3M'}, $ENV{'W3MMAN_MAN'} * scripts/w3mman/w3mman2html.cgi.in: $ENV{'W3MMAN_MAN'} hyphenation From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+49-5
2002-12-18 16:42[w3m-dev 03582] add config options graphic_char and use_proxy * NEWS: rc: graphic_char, use_proxy * fm.h (Do_no_use_proxy): macro using use_proxy (use_proxy): added (no_graphic_char): deleted (UseGraphicChar): added * main.c (main): UseGraphicChar, use_proxy * rc.c (CMT_GRAPHIC_CHAR): added (CMT_USE_PROXY): added (params1): graphic_char (params4): use_proxy * terms.c (graph_ok): UseGraphicChar From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+33-5
2002-12-18 16:38[w3m-dev 03581] MARK_URL, MARK_WORD * main.c (chkWORD): accept ()[]{}&|;*?$ as anchor From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-18 16:34[w3m-dev 03580] Re: clean up displayBuffer() * main.c (main): force redraw From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-18 16:33[w3m-dev 03579] Re: clean up displayBuffer() * display.c (displayBuffer): re calcTabPos() when force or image redraw * main.c (_mark): force redraw (reinit): redraw image * search.c (backwardSearch): found_last From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+23-8
2002-12-18 16:25* main.c (DefaultAlarm): fix initialize value From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-3
2002-12-18 16:25fix indentukai1+3-5
2002-12-18 16:20[w3m-dev 03578] meta refresh * file.c (getMetaRefreshParam): do nothing if refresh_interval < 0 (HTMLtagproc1): rewrite refresh (HTMLlineproc2body): add HTML_META * fm.h (BP_RELOAD): deleted (Buffer): add event (AL_IMPLICIT_DONE): deleted (AL_ONCE): deleted (AL_RESTORE): deleted (AlarmEvent): added * main.c (AlarmEvent): deleted (PrevAlarm): deleted (DefaultAlarm): added (CurrentAlarm): point to DefaultAlarm (main): CurrentKeyData, CurrentCmdData handle Currentbuf->event (SigAlarm): CurrentAlarm is pointer (copyAlarmEvent): deleted (setAlarm): setAlarmEvent pass &DefaultAlarm (setAlarmEvent): arg event (ldDL): no BP_RELOAD * proto.h (setAlarmEvent): arg event From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+140-117
2002-12-17 16:17[w3m-dev 03577] incorrect table width * table.c (dv2sv): fix move direction (set_integered_width): ditto (check_table_height): ditto (feed_table_tag): ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+16-8
2002-12-16 15:41[w3m-dev 03576] Re: news support * anchor.c (_put_anchor_news): convert to document code and quote (_put_anchor_all): convert to document code * main.c (chkNMIDBuffer): change url_like_pat From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+20-5
2002-12-15 12:37* NEWS: rc: preserve_timestamp From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-12-15 12:12[w3m-dev 03574] Re: preserve timestamp * ftp.c (getFtpModtime): don't call localtime,gettime in same expr From: Takahashi Youichirou <nikuq@hk.airnet.ne.jp>ukai2+9-3
2002-12-14 16:09[w3m-dev 03573] Re: Bug#172851: w3m: In form, takes hostname as baseref for relative URI action * url.c (parseURL): if empty is URL, base URL is used From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+13-0
2002-12-14 15:37[w3m-dev 03571] base=0 -> 10 in toNumber() * parsetagx.c (toNumber): strtol base=10 From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-14 15:28[w3m-dev 03570] meta tag in frame * frame.c (createFrameFile): fix meta equiv parse in frame From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-5
2002-12-14 15:26fix indentukai3+10-10
2002-12-14 15:24[w3m-dev 03569] Re: preserve timestamp * file.c (loadGeneralFile): PresetveTimestamp (_doFileCopy): is_pipe, PreserveTimestamp (doFileSave): PreserveTImestamp * fm.h (PreserveTimestamp): added * rc.c (CMT_PRESERVE_TIMESTAMP): added (params3): add preserve_timestamp From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+32-12
2002-12-14 15:18[w3m-dev 03568] Re: preserve timestamp * etc.c (USE_COOKIE): moved * file.c (utime.h): include (setModtime): added (loadGeneralFile): set f.modtime (_doFileCopy): setModtime() (doFileSave): setModtime() * ftp.c (getFtpModtime): added (openFTP): pass URLFile, set modtime * html.h (URLFile): add modtime * proto.h (openFTP): arg URLFile *uf (mymktime): always * url.c (init_stream): initialize modtime (openFTPStream): pass URLFile (openURL): openFTPStream From: Takahashi Youichirou <nikuq@hk.airnet.ne.jp>ukai7+85-11
2002-12-13 03:02[w3m-dev 03567] default keybinding * doc-jp/keymap.default (C-q,C-t,(,),+,-,D,L,T,m,r,{,|,}, M-c,M-k,M-l,M-m,M-o,M-t): assign * doc/keymap.default: ditto * keybind.c: ditto * doc-jp/keymap.lynx (C-q,C-t,C-u,(,),,,.,;,D,L,T,W,[,], m,r,w,{,|,},M-<,M->,M-W,M-c,M-g, M-k,M-l,M-m,M-n,M-o,M-p,M-t,M-w): assign * doc/keymap.lynx: ditto * keybind_lynx.c: ditto * doc-jp/menu.default (Main): Select,SelectTab,TAB_LINK * doc/menu.default: ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+160-37
2002-12-13 02:27[w3m-dev 03566] configure prefix * configure: add X prefix for expr args From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+18-13
2002-12-13 02:19[w3m-dev 03564] clean up displayBuffer() * display.c (delayed_msg): static (drawAnchorCursor): static (redrawBuffer): define (redrawNLine): static (redrawLine): static (redrawLineRegion): static (do_effects): static (do_color): static (make_lastline_link): added (make_lastline_message): added (displayBuffer): rewrite with make_lastline_message() (drawAnchorCursor0): added (drawAnchorCursor): added * main.c (main): remove onA() (keyPressEventProc): remove onA() (disp_srchresult): static disp_message TRUE (isrch): remove onA() (srch): displayBuffer remove onA() (srch_nxtprv): remove onA() (pipeBuf): disp_message TRUE (pipesh): disp_message TRUE (readsh): disp_message TRUE (_mark): dispBuffer (_followForm): break, always dispBuffer (drawAnchorCursor0): deleted (drawAnchorCursor): deleted (onA): deleted (anchorMn): delete onA() (svBuf): displayBuffer B_NORMAL (reload): disp_err_message TRUE displayBuffer (rFrame): displayBuffer (invoke_browser): displayBuffer (extbrz): disp_err_message TRUE (process_mouse): onA -> displayBuffer (movMs): delete onA() (menuMs): onA -> displayBuffer (closeTMs): disp_message TRUE (wrapToggle): disp_message TRUE (execdict): disp_message TRUE (SigAlarm): displayBuffer, delete onA (reinit): displayBuffer * map.c (getCurrentMapLabel): deleted (retrieveCurrentMapArea): added * proto.h (redrawBuffer): deleted (redrawNLine): deleted (redrawLine): deleted (redrawLineRegion): deleted (do_effects): deleted (do_color): deleted (message_list): deleted (getCurrentMapLabel): deleted (retrieveCurrentMapArea): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+322-247
2002-12-13 00:09[w3m-dev 03563] Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities in FTP Clients * file.c (guess_save_name): pass guess_filename From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-9
2002-12-12 23:55[w3m-dev 03562] #undef BUFINFO * config.h.dist (BUFINFO): undef * configure (use_bufinfo): n * main.c (saveBufferInfo): ifdef USE_BUFINFO * proto.h (reloadBuffer): if 0 (saveBufferInfo): ifdef USE_BUFINFO From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+17-4
2002-12-12 23:41update TODOukai1+3-0
2002-12-11 15:08fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-12-11 15:07[w3m-dev 03559] Re: use select instead of signal for loading images * fm.h (Buffer): add image_loaded * image.c (W3M_SIGIMG): deleted (image_lock): deleted (need_load_image): deleted (load_image_handler): deleted (load_image_next): deleted (getAllImage): check image_loaded (loadImage): delete image_lock delete IMG_FLAG_NEXT * main.c (main): check image_loaded * proto.h (sleep_till_anykey): return int * terms.c (sleep_till_anykey): return int From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+45-71
2002-12-11 15:03[w3m-dev 03558] long title is displayed over tab region * display.c (redrawNLine): check l < 0 use addnstr From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-12-11 02:57[w3m-dev 03554] Re: Undo/Redo * doc/README.func (REDO): added (UNDO): added * doc-jp/README.func (REDO): added (UNDO): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: (Page/Cursor motion): add undoPos, redoPos From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+15-1
2002-12-10 15:53NEWS: func: REDO, UNDO From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-12-10 15:53fix indentukai1+3-4
2002-12-10 15:51[w3m-dev 03553] Undo/Redo * fm.h (Buffer): add undo (BufferPos): added * funcname.tab (REDO): added (UNDO): added * main.c (save_buffer_position): added (main): save_buffer_position (resetPos): added (undoPos): added (redoPos): added * proto.h (undoPos): added (redoPos): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+100-0
2002-12-10 15:41[w3m-dev 03552] Re: link list * menu.c (accesskey_menu): check hseq (list_menu): check hseq From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-12-10 15:36fix indentukai3+7-7
2002-12-10 15:36[w3m-dev 03551] Re: External URI loader * file.c (loadGeneralFile): fix SCM_UNKNONWN From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-3
2002-12-10 15:36NEWS: func: LIST, LIST_MENU, MOVE_LIST_MENUukai1+1-0
2002-12-09 15:51[w3m-dev 03549] link list * anchor.c (addMultirowsImg): add a->slave (getAnchorText): arg AnchorList *al (link_list_panel): added * funcname.tab (LIST): added (LIST_MENU): added (MOVE_LIST_MENU): added * main.c (anchorMn): added (accessKey): use anchorMn() (listMn): added (movlistMn): added (linkLst): added * map.c (searchMapList): not static * menu.c (accesskey_menu): pass AnchorList to getAnchorText() (lmKeys): added (lmKeys2): added (nlmKeys): added (nlmKeys2): added (lmGoto): added (lmSelect): added (list_menu): added * proto.h (linkLst): added (listMn): added (movlistMn): added (list_menu): added (searchMapList): added (getAnchorText): arg AnchorList *al (link_list_panel): added * doc/README.func (LIST): added (LIST_MENU): added (MOVE_LIST_MENU): added * doc-jp/README.func (LINK_MENU): fix message (LIST): added (LIST_MENU): added (MOVE_LIST_MENU): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Page/Cursor motion): add movlistMn (Hyperlink operation): add linkLst linkMn From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai10+330-17
2002-12-09 15:40[w3m-dev 03548] close anchor before <img align=...> * file.c (process_img): use div_int (process_hr): use div_int (process_idattr): don't close_anchor (CLOSE_A): added (HTMLtagproc1): </p> close anchor <dl>,<ul>,<ol>,<blockquote>,<li>,<dt>,<dd> close anchor <noframes> close anchor <pre> close anchor <center> close anchor <div> close anchor add DIV_INT <form> close anchor * html.c (TagMAP): add div_int * html.h (HTML_DIV_INT): added (HTML_N_DIV_INT): added * tagtable.tab (div_int): added (/div_int): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+70-33
2002-12-09 15:33[w3m-dev 03544] Can't display "1&2" in table * file.c (HTMLlineproc0): continue -> R_ST_NORMAL From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-09 15:32* file.c (loadGeneralFile): missing `{', fix indent for SCM_UNKNOWN * main.c (set_buffer_environ): unused variables `prev_col' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+11-5
2002-12-09 15:27[w3m-dev 03543] External URI loader (Debian closes: Bug#169962) * file.c (loadGeneralFile): rewrite SCM_UNKNOWN From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-8
2002-12-09 15:24[w3m-dev 03542] news support * file.c (loadGeneralFile): NNTP as well as NEWS * indep.c (url_unquote_char): check % hex hex (url_unquote): unquote except \0, \n, \r From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+11-7
2002-12-09 15:21[w3m-dev 03541] Re: W3M_LINE_NO / W3M_CURRENT_COLUMN * main.c (goLine): check searchKeyData() (set_buffer_environ): W3M_CURRENT_* From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+59-35
2002-12-08 14:23fix indentukai2+9-5
2002-12-06 16:49[w3m-dev 03536] <del>, <s> * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): <s>..</s> is [S:...:S] (HTMLtagproc0): <del> will delete <table> * fm.h (RB_S): added * html.c (TagMAP): <s>,</s> move <internal>, </internal> * html.h (HTML_S): added (HTML_N_S): added (HTML_INTERNAL): renumed (HTML_N_INTERNAL): ditto (MAX_HTMLTAG): add 2 * rc.c (CMT_DISP_INS_DEL): update * table.c (feed_table_tag): add HTML_S, HTML_N_S * table.h (TBLM_S): added (TBLM_ANCHOR): renum * tagtable.tab: (strike, s): HTML_S (/strike, /s): HTML_N_S From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+71-19
2002-12-06 16:37[w3m-dev 03535] close anchor, quote < * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): close_anchor * frame.c (createFrameFile): quote < From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+24-2
2002-12-06 16:33[w3m-dev 03534] cleanup file.c * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): cleanup From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-11
2002-12-06 03:40* version.c.in: w3m/ * NEWS: From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+19-3
2002-12-05 16:34[w3m-dev 03530] save history * history.c (saveHistory): save tmpfile and rename From: Takahashi Youichirou <nikuq@hk.airnet.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-12-05 16:33fix indentukai3+4-4
2002-12-05 16:32NEWS: func: ACCESSKEY, LINK_MENU From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-12-05 16:29[w3m-dev 03529] Support of title, accesskey of anchor * anchor.c (putAnchor): arg title, key initialize slave (registerHref): arg title, key (registerName): title = NULL, key = '\0' (registerForm): title = NULL, key = '\0' (_put_anchor_news): title = NULL, key = '\0' (_put_anchor_all): title = NULL, key = '\0' (addMultirowsImg): register title, accesskey (addMultirowsForm): title = NULL, key = '\0' (getAnchorText): added * display.c (displayBuffer): show title if any * file.c (set_breakpoint): use bcopy (back_to_breakpoint): use bcopy (flushline): s/anchor/anchor.url/ s/anchor_hseq/anchor.hseq/ s/anchor_target/anchor.target/ add anchor.* (close_effect0): s/anchor/anchor.url/ s/anchor_hseq/anchor.hseq/ (close_anchor): use bzero (process_img): ATTR_TITLE, (HTMLtagproc1): s/anchor/anchor.url/ target, referer, title, accesskey, hseq (HTMLlineproc2body): ATTR_TITLE, ATTR_ACCESSKEY (init_henv): use bzero * fm.h (Anchor): add title, accesskey, slave (Breakpoint): use Anchor (struct readbuffer): use Anchor * funcname.tab (ACCESSKEY): added (LINK_MENU): added * html.c (ALST_A): add ATTR_TITLE, ATTR_ACCESSKEY (ALST_IMG): add ATTR_TITLE (ALST_IMG_ALT): add ATTR_TITLE (AttrMAP): add accesskey, renum * html.h (ATTR_ACCESSKEY): added (ATTR_*): renum 50->60 * main.c (linkMn): added (accessKey): added * menu.c (LinkMenu): deleted (LinkV): deleted (initLinkMenu): deleted (lmGoURL): deleted (popupMenu): delete initLinkMenu() (initMenu): delete Link (link_menu): added (accesskey_menu): added * proto.h (linkMn): added (link_menu): added (accessKey): added (accesskey_menu): added (putAnchor): arg title, key (registerHref): arg title, key (registerImg): arg title (getAnchorText): added * doc/README.func (ACCESSKEY): added (LINK_MENU): added * doc-jp/README.func (ACCESSKEY): added (LINK_MENU): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Hyperlink operation): add linkMn accessKey From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai14+449-182
2002-12-05 16:08[w3m-dev 03528] area without alt * map.c (getCurrentMapLabel): when a->alt is empty From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+18-8
2002-12-05 16:04[w3m-dev 03527] fix frame.c * frame.c (createFrameFile): move need_reconstruct From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-05 16:01[w3m-dev 03526] Re: fix doc*/README.func, w3mhelp.cgi.in * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: (load_keymap): always upcase ESC,SPC,TAB,DEL,UP,DOWN,RIGHT,LEFT From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-12-04 17:15[w3m-dev 03525] Re: sync option * func.c (initKeymap): delete check force, keymap_initialized From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+5-3
2002-12-04 17:08[w3m-dev 03524] fix doc*/README.func, w3mhelp.cgi.in * doc/README.func (REINIT): added * doc-jp/README.func (REINIT): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Page/Cursor motion): add moveR1 movL1 movD1 movU1 ldown1 lup1 (File/Stream operation): add pipeBuf (Miscellany): add dispVer execCmd reinit (load_keymap): rewrite (norm_key): rewrite From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+36-19
2002-12-04 17:02NEWS: rc: display_ins_del From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-12-04 17:00[w3m-dev 03523] Re: del/ins * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): check displayInsDel, RB_DEL * fm.h (RB_DEL): added (displayInsDel): added * rc.c (CMT_DISP_INS_DEL): added (display_ins_del): added * table.c (feed_table_tag): check displayInsDel, TBLM_DEL * table.h (TBLM_DEL): added (TBLM_ANCHOR): renum (struct table_mode): unsigned int pre_mode From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+63-11
2002-12-04 16:55[w3m-dev 03522] newline around <pre>..</pre> * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): break before <pre>/after </pre> if necessary From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+17-2
2002-12-04 16:45[w3m-dev 03521] sync option * display.c (redrawNLine): calcTabPos() * func.c (initKeymap): return if keymap_initialized * main.c (calcTabPos): no more static (main): move sync_with_option, initCookie, setLocalCookie move backend move initKeymap, initMouseAction, initMenu remove calcTabPos add displayBuffer (numTab): static (deleteTab): delete calcTabPos (moveTab): delete calcTabPos * proto.h (calcTabPos): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+34-32
2002-12-04 16:38[w3m-dev-en 00841] Re: w3m segfaults if the terminal is not writable * terms.c (reset_tty): don't close stderr From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-12-03 16:09fix indentukai2+5-5
2002-12-03 16:07[w3m-dev 03516] Re: 2 stroke keybinding * func.c (keymap_initialized): initialized to FALSE (setKeymap): push KeyData From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-12-03 16:03NEWS: 2 stroke keybinding func: MULTIMAP From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-12-03 16:01[w3m-dev 03515] 2 stroke keybinding * func.c (setKeymap): add map K_MULTI support (getKey2): added (getKey): rewrite to use getKey2() * func.h (K_MULTI): added (MULTI_KEY): added * funcname.tab (MULTIMAP): added * main.c (escKeyProc): added (escmap): rewrite to use escKeyProc() (escbmap): rewrite to use escKeyProc() (escdmap): rewrite to use escKeyProc() (multimap): added * proto.h (multimap): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+167-31
2002-12-03 15:52[w3m-dev 03514] Effect of tab title * display.c (redrawNLine): rewrite, do without clrtoeolx() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-5
2002-12-03 15:49[w3m-dev 03512] Re: HTML parser * table.c (feed_table_tag): HTML_N_SELECT, HTML_N_CAPTION From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-0
2002-12-03 15:47[w3m-dev 03510] waiting time when cookie was rejected. * file.c (readHeader): display cookie warnings for only 1 sec From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-12-03 15:45fix indentukai3+114-114
2002-12-03 15:35[w3m-dev 03509] HTML parser * file.c (close_textarea): delete (HTMLtagproc1): rewrite delete HTML_EOL move HTML_LISTING, HTML_N_LISTING add HTML_PRE_PLAIN, HTML_N_PRE_PLAIN add HTML_PLAINTEXT end_tag (HTMLlineproc0): s/str/line/ rewrite (completeHTMLstream): </textarea> if necessary * fm.h (struct readbuffer): delete ignore_tag add end_tag (RB_XMPMODE): deleted (RB_LSTMODE): deleted (RB_SCRIPT): added (RB_STYLE): added (RB_*): renumber (R_ST_EOL): added (R_ST_*): renumber (ST_IS_TAG): check R_ST_EOL * form.c (form_fputs_decode): remove <eol> handling * frame.c (newFrame): remove_space() (CASE_TABLE_TAG): added (createFrameFile): rewrite * html.c (TagMAP): delete eol add pre_plain, /pre_plain * html.h (HTML_EOL): deleted (HTML_PRE_PLAIN): added (HTML_N_PRE_PLAIN): added * table.c (visible_length): rewrite (visible_length_plain): added (maximum_visible_length_plain): added (do_refill): R_ST_EOL (table_close_select): end_tag (table_close_textarea): end_tag (TAG_ACTION_PLAIN): added (feed_table_tag): rewrite (feed_table): rewrite * table.h (TBLM_*) reassign (struct table_mode): delete ignore_tag add end_tag * tagtable.tab (eol): deleted (pre_plain): added (/pre_plain): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai10+544-358
2002-12-03 15:15updateukai1+2-0
2002-12-03 15:00[w3m-dev 03505] Re: coredump when ssl error * file.c (loadGeneralFile): term_raw(), SIGINT before retry From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-4
2002-12-02 17:55fix indentukai3+6-5
2002-12-02 17:48[w3m-dev 03504] coredump when ssl error * file.c (loadGeneralFile): term_raw, SIGINT From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai2+9-0
2002-12-02 17:38remove ununsed variables * file.c (addLink): unused variable `t' * menu.c (lmGoURL): unused variable `pu' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+6-2
2002-12-02 17:27[w3m-dev 03501] link tag support * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): initialize formlist, linklist, maplist, hmarklist, imarklist * file.c (addLink): added (HTMLlineproc2body): add HTML_LINK (loadHTMLstream): use HTMLlineproc0 not in R_ST_NORMAL (reloadBuffer): initialize linklist, maplist, hmarklist, imarklist * fm.h (LINK_TYPE_NONE): added (LINK_TYPE_REL): added (LINK_TYPE_REV): added (LinkList): added (Buffer): add linklist * html.c (ALST_LINK): added (TagMAP): add link (AtrMAP): add rel, rev, title * html.h (HTML_LINK): added (ATTR_REL): added (ATTR_REV): added (ATTR_TITLE): added * map.c (append_map_info): anchor (append_link_info): added (page_info_panel): append_link_info * menu.c (LinkMenu): added (linkV): added (initLinkMenu): added (lmGoURL): added (popupMenu): initLinkMenu() (initMenu): w3mMenuList new 4 add "Link" * tagtable.tab (link): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+271-40
2002-11-28 16:00[w3m-dev 03498] Re: parse <!-- ... --> in <script> * file.c (HTMLlineproc0): tag in textarea * frame.c (createFrameFile): fix comment processing in frame From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-3
2002-11-27 16:46[w3m-dev 03497] incorrect image size * image.c (getImageSize): invoke w3mimgdiplay -size instead of "5;..." * w3mimgdisplay.c (defined_size): added (main): if defined_size get_image_size() (GetOption): -size From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+36-14
2002-11-27 16:40fix indentukai2+5-6
2002-11-27 16:39[w3m-dev 03496] parse <!-- ... --> in <script> * etc.c (read_token): check <pre> * file.c (HTMLlineproc0): remove comment processing check pre mode comment processing move From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+42-4
2002-11-27 16:35[w3m-dev 03495] local CGI can't work * local.c: #include "hash.h" (set_environ): env string put in hash From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-0
2002-11-27 16:32[w3m-dev 03494] Number of line is few when pager mode. * display.c (redrawLine): buf->rootY From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-27 16:29fix indentukai1+3-3
2002-11-27 16:28[w3m-dev 03493] scroll menu * menu.c (mLineU): added (mLineD): added (MenuKeymap): C-r, C-s, J, K (mouse_scroll_line): added (process_mMouse): drag BTN4, BTN5 * doc-jp/README.menu: update From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+107-7
2002-11-27 03:01version.c.in: "w3m/
2002-11-26 18:51[w3m-dev 03491] Re: case insensitive regexp search * regex.c (matchWhich): tolower From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-11-26 18:03use local_cookie for support local-cgi commands * file.c (loadGeneralFile): pass Local_cookie to DirBufferCommand * fm.h (Local_cookie): Str * local.c (setLocalCookie): Str, set_environ() (set_cgi_environ): remove LOCAL_COOKIE * main.c (ldhelp): pass Local_cookie (adBmark): ditto * rc.c (optionpanel_src1): cookie (load_option_panel): pass Local_cookie * w3mbookmark.c (main): check Local_cookie * w3mhelperpanel (main): ditto * scripts/dirlist.cgi.in: ditto * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: ditto * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai11+114-56
2002-11-26 17:12fix indentukai1+3-3
2002-11-26 17:12q already html_quote()ed fix indentukai1+6-5
2002-11-26 17:08frame.c (createFrameFile): html_quote() From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-11-26 17:05[w3m-dev 03488] meta refresh in frame * file.c (getMetaRefreshParam): added (HTMLtagproc1): use getMetaRefreshParam() * frame.c (createFrameFile): check meta refresh * proto.h (getMetaRefreshProgram): added From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai4+70-28
2002-11-26 16:58w3m security fix * frame.c (createFrameFile): html_quote() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-7
2002-11-26 16:57[w3m-dev 03486] fix of displayLineInfo * display.c (displayBuffer): don't divide by 0 From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-26 16:56w3m releasedukai1+9-0
2002-11-26 03:42[w3m-dev 03485] fix mouse menu position * main.c (do_mouse_action): use anchor_map is no active_map check top left corner (FRAME_WIDTH): added (menuMs): adjust cursorX using FRAME_WIDTH From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+29-4
2002-11-26 02:21* NEWS: func: CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE, MENU_MOUSE, MOVE_MOUSE, TAB_MOUSE From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-11-25 17:23* doc/README.mouse_menu: deleted * doc/README.mouse: added * doc-jp/README.mouse_menu: deleted * doc-jp/README.mouse: added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+134-77
2002-11-25 17:10* map.c (follow_map_menu): MapArea *a is used ifdef MENU_MAP From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+2-1
2002-11-25 17:03* func.c (initMouseAction): remove unsed variables: x, width, map From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-2
2002-11-25 16:59fix indentukai3+36-36
2002-11-25 16:57[w3m-dev 03478] mouse action configuration * display.c (displayBuffer): mouse_menu -> mouse_action.menu_str mouse_action.lastline_str (redrawNLine): mouse_menu -> mouse_action.menu_str * fm.h (MouseMenuMap): deleted (MouseActionMap): added (MouseAction): added (mouse_action): added * func.c (default_mouse_action): added (setMouseAction0): added (setMouseAction1): added (setMouseAction2): added (initMouseMenu): deleted (initMouseAction): added * funcname.tab (CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE): added (MENU_MOUSE): added (MOVE_MOUSE): added (TAB_MOUSE): added * main.c (main): initMouseMenu() -> initMouseAction() mouse_menu -> mouse_action (posTab): mouse_menu -> mouse_action check y > LastTab->y (mouse_menu_action): deleted (do_mouse_action): added (process_mouse): mouse_menu -> mouse_action do_mouse_action() (movMs): added (menuMs): added (tabMs): added (closeTMs): added (reinit): initMouseMenu() -> initMouseAction() resource: MOUSE_MENU -> MOUSE (calcTabPos): mouse_menu -> mouse_action * menu.c (mainMn): mouse_menu -> mouse_action (selMn): mouse_menu -> mouse_action (tabMn): mouse_menu -> mouse_action (initMenu): add SelectTag to w3mMenuList * proto.h (movMs): added (menuMs): added (tabMs): added (closeTMs): added (initMouseMenu): deleted (initMouseAction): added * rc.c (sync_with_option): initMouseMenu() -> initMouseAction() * doc/README.func (CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE): added (MENU_MOUSE): added (MOVE_MOUSE): added (TAB_MOUSE): added * doc-jp/README.func (CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE): added (MENU_MOUSE): added (MOVE_MOUSE): added (TAB_MOUSE): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai11+406-182
2002-11-25 16:39[w3m-dev 03476] Re: Bug#170506: w3m: Unable to use mozilla bugzilla * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): initialize ignore_tag in table_mode (HTMLtagproc0): check table_level * table.c (feed_table_tag): set mode->ignore_tag * table.h (struct table_mode): add ignore_tag From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+21-4
2002-11-24 16:03update TODOukai1+5-0
2002-11-24 16:02[w3m-dev 03471] Re: SETPGRP() * configure: SETPGRP() always defined * proto.h (close_all_fds): added (myExec): #ifdef HAVE_SETPGRP * etc.c (close_all_fds): added (myExec): #ifdef HAVE_SETPGRP (mySystem): #ifndef -> #ifdef * file.c (_doFileCopy): delete #ifdef HAVE_SETPGRP (doFileSave): ditto * image.c (openImgdisplay): delete #ifdef HAVE_SETPGRP use close_all_fds() * search.c (open_migemo): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+51-40
2002-11-22 19:24[w3m-dev 03466] Re: background download when external viewer * file.c (doExternal): UFclose(&uf); From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-11-22 15:57fix indentukai4+8-8
2002-11-22 15:56[w3m-dev 03464] Re: case insensitive regexp search (rewrite [w3m-dev 03462] by Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>) * regex.c (matchWhich): add int (newRegex0): igncase (regmatch1): matchWhich with re->mode & RE_IGNCASE (matchWhich): add igncase From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+26-4
2002-11-22 15:49[w3m-dev 03459] background download when external viewer * etc.c (myExec): added (mySystem): rewrite to use myExec() * file.c (doExternal): run background if BackgroundExtViewer * proto.h (myExec): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+58-21
2002-11-22 15:45* doc/README.mouse_menu: delete column 10 limit * doc-jp/README.mouse_menu: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+6-4
2002-11-22 15:43[w3m-dev 03458] Re: mouse menu * display.c (displayBuffer): nTab2 -> nTab, mouse_menu * fm.h (nTab2): deleted (MouseMenuMap): added (MouseMenu): added (LIMIT_MOUSE_MENU): added * func.c (initMouseMenu): delete mouse_menu_map initialization conv_from_system mouse_menu->width * main.c (main): mouse_menu->in_action = FALSE (posTab): check mouse_menu (mouse_menu_action): add y arg mouse_menu_width check (process_mouse): nTab2 -> nTab, mouse_menu (nTabLine): deleted (calcTabPos): check mouse_menu * menu.c (mainMn): x, y (selMn): mouse_menu check (tabMn): mosue_menu check * proto.h (nTabLine): deleted From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+129-60
2002-11-21 17:13NEWS: options: -N From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-11-21 17:12fix indentukai1+2-1
2002-11-21 17:11[w3m-dev 03457] open URL of command line on each new tabs * main.c (delBuffer): static (fusage): -N (main): add open_new_tab for -N From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+20-0
2002-11-21 17:05fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-11-21 17:05[w3m-dev 03456] tiling of tab * display.c (displayBuffer): use LastTab->y (redrawNLine): fix column calculation * fm.h (TabBuffer): add x1, x2, y * main.c (calcTabPos): added (main): calcTabPos() (mouse_scroll_line): rewrite (process_mouse): use LastTab->y (_newT): calcTabPos() (calcTabPos): added (deleteTab): calcTabPos() (moveTab): calcTabPos() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+92-28
2002-11-21 16:46* doc/README.mouse_menu: added * doc-jp/README.mouse_menu: added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+85-0
2002-11-21 16:32fix indentukai2+2-2
2002-11-21 16:31[w3m-dev 03455] mouse menu * configure (config.h): MOUSE_FILE * display.c (displayBuffer): nTab -> nTab2, N_TAB -> nTabLine() (redrawNLine): nTab -> nTab2, N_TAB -> nTabLine() mouse_menu support * fm.h (nTab2): added (N_TAB): deleted (NO_TABBUFFER): added (struct _MouseMenu): added (mouse_menu_map): added (mouse_menu): added * func.c (initMouseMenu): added * main.c (main): initMouseMenu() (posTab): mouse_menu support (mouse_menu_action): added (process_mouse): mouse_menu support (reinit): initMouseMenu() (nTabLine): added (moveTab): check NO_TABBUFFER * proto.h (nTabLine): added (initMouseMenu): added * rc.c (sync_with_option): initMouseMenu() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+208-18
2002-11-21 16:17* NEWS: func: NEXT, PREV From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-11-21 16:15[w3m-dev 03454] next / previous buffer * funcname.tab (NEXT): added (PREV): added * main.c (nextBf): added (prevBf): added * proto.h (nextBf): added (prevBf): added * doc/README.func (NEXT): added (PREV): added * doc-jp/README.func (NEXT): added (PREV): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Buffer operation): nextBf prevBf From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+62-1
2002-11-19 17:47fix indentukai2+6-9
2002-11-19 17:47rc: image_map_listukai2+5-0
2002-11-19 17:40[w3m-dev 03452] image map * display.c (displayBuffer): use getCurrentMapLabel() * fm.h (MapArea): delete ifdef MENU_MAP (image_map_list): added * main.c (followA): don't call retrieveCurrentImg() ifdef USE_IMAGE use retrieveCurrentMap() ifndef USE_IMAGE (_followForm): indent (drawAnchorCursor0): add AnchorList (drawAnchorCuror): pass AnchorList to drawAnchorCursor0 (follow_map): follow_map_panel * map.c (searchMapList): added (nearestMapArea): n, min default value to -1 (searchMapArea): added (getCurrentMapLabel): added (getMapXY): moved (retrieveCurrentMap): added (follow_map_menu): parsed_tagarg -> name rewrite to search map list/area (follow_map_panel): parsed_tagarg -> name rewrite to search map list/area (newMapArea): delete ifdef MENU_MAP (append_map_info): added (page_info_panel): append_map_info * proto.h (follow_map_menu): parsed_tagarg -> name (follow_map_panel): parsed_tagarg -> name (getCurrentMapLabel): added (retrieveCurrentMap): added * rc.c (CMT_IMAGE_MAP_LIST): added (image_map_list): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+291-124
2002-11-19 17:18[w3m-dev 03450] Re: cygwin console on Win9X * terms.c (mouse_init): ifdef __CYGWIN__ (mouse_end): ditto From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+10-0
2002-11-18 18:26ftp.c (ftp_fclose): void return From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-18 18:10[w3m-dev 03444] download from ftp. * file.c (FTPhalfclose: static (loadGeneralFile): UFclose FTPhalfclose for SCM_FTP UFclose before signal back (loadImageBuffer): UFclose before signal back (openGeneralPagerBuffer): UFclose * ftp.c (ftp_fclose): added (Ftpfclose): dont read response(), but ftp_fclose() (FtpBye): ftp_fclose() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+51-22
2002-11-18 17:43[w3m-dev 03449] Add DOWNLOAD_LIST to doc*/README.func and scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in * doc-jp/README.func (DOWNLOAD_LIST): added * doc/README.func (DOWNLOAD_LIST): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in (Miscellany): add ldDL From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+10-1
2002-11-18 17:32[w3m-dev 03448] Some fixes * url.c (KeyAbort): SIGNAL_RETURN * .cvsginore: delete w3mimgsize * scripts/.cvsignore: delete xface2xbm * scripts/xface2xbm.in: deleted From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+10-65
2002-11-18 17:29[w3m-dev 03447] Re: Open download list panel on new tab * main.c (download_action): buffer management deleted (ldDL): buffer management moved here From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+21-14
2002-11-18 17:27NEWS: rc: open_tab_dl_list From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-11-18 17:26[w3m-dev 03446] Open download list panel on new tab * fm.h (open_tab_dl_list): added * main.c (download_action): buffer delete when download done (ldDL): open buf in new tab if open_tab_dl_list * rc.c (CMT_OPEN_TAB_DL_LIST): added (open_tab_dl_list): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+38-5
2002-11-18 16:46[w3m-dev 03445] download list for "w3m foo.tar.gz" * main.c (main): display download list From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+20-0
2002-11-18 16:42[w3m-dev 03443] Can't display "echo only_one_line | w3m" * display.c (redrawNLine): check 1st line From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-11-15 16:48[w3m-dev 03442] Re: setting form on loading * form.c (preFormUpdateBuffer): ifdef MENU_SELECT From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-11-15 16:47fix indentukai1+1-2
2002-11-15 16:46[w3m-dev 03441] charset of save file * file.c (_doFileCopy): use conv_from_system() (doFileSave): conv_from_system() * main.c (DownloadListBuffer): conv_from_system() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+17-7
2002-11-15 16:17fix indentukai1+4-3
2002-11-15 16:14[w3m-dev 03440] Re: restore alarm event * fm.h (BP_RELOAD): added (DOWNLOAD_LIST_TITLE): added * main.c (main): if BP_RELOAD, do reload (reload): if buffer is DOWNLOAD_LIST, ldDL() (DownloadListBuffer): rewrite with DOWNLOAD_LIST_TITLE (download_action): delete "update" don't delete prev buffer (ldDL): rewrite to do reload From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+45-11
2002-11-15 16:05fix indentukai1+3-3
2002-11-15 16:05[w3m-dev 03439] restore alarm event * fm.h (AL_RESTORE): added * main.c (alarm_sec): deleted (alarm_status): deleted (alarm_buffer): deleted (alarm_event): deleted (AlarmEvent): added (CurrentAlarm): added (PrevAlarm): added (main): rewrite with CurrentAlarm (SigAlarm): rewrite with CurrentAlarm (copyAlarmEvent): added (setAlarm): if AL_RESTORE, copy back from PrevAlarm rewrite with CurrentAlarm From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+79-29
2002-11-15 16:00[w3m-dev 03438] Re: segmentation fault by large complex table. * table.c (check_table_height): check MAXROWCELL * table.h (MAXROWCELL): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-0
2002-11-15 15:58[w3m-dev 03437] Re: Check image size * fm.h (MAX_IMAGE_SIZE): changed to 2048 From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-15 15:57fix indentukai2+10-8
2002-11-15 15:56[w3m-dev 03436] Check image size * file.c (process_img): check w > MAX_IMAGE_SIZE (HTMLlineproc2body): check w,h > MAX_IMAGE_SIZE * fm.h (MAX_IMAGE_SIZE): added * image.c (getImageSize): check w,h,width,height > MAX_IMAGE_SIZE From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai4+21-6
2002-11-15 15:51[w3m-dev 03435] save image with SAVE * buffer.c (discardBuffer): check image * file.c (loadImageBuffer): add st IMG_FLAG_DONE_REMOVE s/sourcefile/mailcap_source/ * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_DONT_REMOVE): added * image.c (drawImage): & IMG_FLAG_LOADED (deleteImage): & IMG_FLAG_DONT_REMOVE (showImageProgress): & IMG_FLAG_LOADED (getImage): & IMG_FLAG_LOADED (getImageSize): & IMG_FLAG_LOADED * main.c (vmSrc): delete ifdef USE_IMAGE From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+32-20
2002-11-15 15:45fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-11-15 15:44[w3m-dev 03434] Re: cygwin console on Win9X * terms.c (cygwin_mouse_btn_swapped): ifdef USE_MOUSE (lastConMouse): deleted (check_win9x): static (read_win32_console): static (GetConsoleHwnd): static (cygwin_version): ifdef USE_MOUSE, static (check_cygwin_console): static (NEED_XTERM_ON): added (NEED_XTERM_OFF): added (NEED_CYGWIN_ON): added (NEED_CYGWIN_OFF): added (XTERM_TITLE): static char[] (SCREEN_TITLE): static char[] (CYGWIN_TITLE): static char[] (term_title): check title_str * terms.h (LASTLINE): added (is_xterm): deleted (enable_win9x_console_input): extern (disable_win9x_console_input): extern (NEED_XTERM_ON): deleted (NEED_XTERM_OFF): deleted From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+60-23
2002-11-15 15:37fix indentukai1+12-12
2002-11-15 15:36[w3m-dev 03433] cygwin console on Win9X * configure (config.h): SUPPORT_WIN9X_CONSOLE_MBCS * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): enable_win9x_console_input() disable_win9x_console_input() * main.c (mouse): cygin_mouse_btn_swapped * terms.c (is_xterm): static (isLocalConsole): added (cygwin_mouse_btn_swapped): added (check_win32_console): deleted (check_win9x): added (init_win32_console_handle): check ttyslot() (enable_win9x_console_input): added (disable_win9x_console_input): added (read_win32_console_input): delete ifdef MOUSE (cmp_tv): deleted (subtract_tv): deleted (GetConsoleHwnd): added (cygwin_version): added (select_or_poll_win32_console): deleted (check_cygwin_console): added (select_win32_console): deleted (set_tty): check_cygin_console() (term_title): SetConsoleTitle() (CYGWIN_ON): added (CYGIN_OFF): added (mouse_init): NEED_CYGWIN_ON (mouse_end): NEED_CYGWIN_OFF * terms.h (cygwin_mouse_btn_swapped): added (enable_win9x_console_input): added (disable_win9x_console_input): added (NEED_CYGWIN_ON): added (NEED_CYGWIN_OFF): added From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <katsuyuki_1.watanabe@toppan.co.jp>ukai7+170-163
2002-11-15 15:23[w3m-dev 03432] Re: tab browser * display.c (displayBuffer): s/buf->LINES/LASTLINES/ in cygwin From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-15 15:21NEWS: func: DOWNLOAD_LISTukai2+5-0
2002-11-15 15:21fix indentukai2+15-14
2002-11-15 15:19[w3m-dev 03431] save file by background process * file.c (loadGeneralFile): use _doFileCopy() (_doFileCopy): renamed from doFileCopy() lock fork & save (doFileSave): lock fork & save * fm.h (DownloadList): added (FirstDL): added (LastDL): added * form.c (struct internal_action): add download * funcname.tab (DOWNLOAD_LIST): added * html.h (URLFile): add url * main.c (dump_extra): add add_download_list (main): add_download_list, ldDL() (_quitfm): added (quitfm): rewrite with _quitfm() (qquitfm): ditto (w3m_exit): stopDownload() (addDownloadList): added (checkDownloadList): added (convert_size3): added (DownloadListBuffer): added (download_action): added (stopDownload): added (ldDL): added * proto.h (ldDL): added (convert_size): added (convert_size2): added (doFileCopy): deleted (_doFileCopy): added (addDownloadList): added (stopDownload): added (checkDownloadList): added (download_action): added * url.c (openURL): save url in uf From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+383-22
2002-11-14 17:01[w3m-dev 03430] disable display of alarm command * main.c (SigAlarm): remove display_message_nsec() (setAlarm): show sec From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-8
2002-11-14 16:58NEWS: env,rc: https_proxy From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-11-14 16:56[w3m-dev 03429] https proxy * fm.h (HTTPS_proxy): added (HTTPS_proxy_parsed): added * main.c (main): check https_proxy * rc.c (CMT_HTTPS_PROXY): added (https_proxy): added (parse_proxy): HTTPS_proxy * url.c (openURL): for HTTPS, use HTTPS_proxy (schemeToProxy): HTTPS_proxy_parsed From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+58-9
2002-11-13 15:53[w3m-dev 03428] install manual as w3m.exe.1 on Cygwin * XMakefile (MAN1_TARGET): added (HELP_TARGET): added (install): use MAN1_TARGET, HELP_TARGET (uninstall): use MAN1_TARGET, uninstall HELP_TARGET From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+16-5
2002-11-13 15:51[w3m-dev 03427] Re: Select the nearest map area as default. * map.c (newMapArea): accept sign chars if points is not enough, return as SHAPE_UNKNOWN From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-3
2002-11-13 15:49[w3m-dev 03425] charset of title * display.c (displayBuffer): buffername converted to system coding for term title From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-11-13 15:47[w3m-dev 03424] Content length * file.c (loadGeneralFile): current_content_length before do_download (save2tmp): current_content_length move before return From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-5
2002-11-12 13:06[w3m-dev 03422] Re: setting form on loading * form.c (loadPreForm): initialize name check textarea, name for /textarea From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-2
2002-11-12 12:46[w3m-dev 03418] Re: tab browser * display.c (redrawNLine): s/clrtoeol/clrtoeolx/ move rootY From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-3
2002-11-12 12:44[w3m-dev 03417] install_w3mimgdisplay * configure: define install_w3mimgdisplay after use_w3mimg_fb determined From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-4
2002-11-12 12:42fix indentukai2+9-9
2002-11-12 12:41[w3m-dev 03415] fix a build issue for 64bit arch * gcmain.c: deleted * main.c: no need gcmain.c s/MAIN/main/ * mktable.c: ditto * w3mbookmark.c: ditto * w3mhelperpanel.c: ditto From: Akira TAGOH <at@gclab.org>ukai6+14-40
2002-11-12 12:36* doc/w3m.1: update * doc-jp/w3m.1: update * NEWS: update: -show-option From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+41-9
2002-11-12 12:24[w3m-dev 03414] Re: show parameter * main.c (fusage): add -show-option (MAIN): check -show-option From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+13-4
2002-11-12 12:22[w3m-dev 03413] Re: setting form on loading * form.c (loadPreForm): add textarea (preFormUpdateBuffer): submit if value is matched as well case FORM_TEXTAREA case FORM_SELECT ifdef MENU_SELECT From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+57-6
2002-11-12 12:18[w3m-dev 03411] do AUXBIN_TARGETS * scripts/Makefile (all): add AUXBIN_TARGETS (clean): add AUXBIN_TARGETS From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-11-11 15:50[w3m-dev 03408] edit From in w3mail.cgi * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: edit from as well From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai2+11-13
2002-11-11 15:33[w3m-dev 03408] fix Bug#87472: MOUSE_SCROLL_LINE should be a run-time option * fm.h (relative_wheel_scroll): added (fixed_wheel_scroll_count): added (relative_wheel_scroll_ratio): added * main.c (mouse_scroll_line): added (process_mouse): s/MOUSE_SCROLL_LINE/mouse_scroll_line()/ * menu.c (MOUSE_SCROLL_LINE): deleted * terms.h (MOUSE_SCROLL_LINE): deleted * rc.c (CMT_RELATIVE_WHEEL_SCROLL): added (CMT_RELATIVE_WHEEL_SCROLL_RATIO): added (CMT_FIXED_WHEEL_SCROLL_COUNT): added (wheelmode): added (params3): add relative_wheel_scroll, relative_wheel_scroll_ratio, fixed_wheel_scroll_count From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai7+66-6
2002-11-11 15:22[w3m-dev 03407] char GlobalKeymap -> unsigned char GlobalKeymap * fm.h (GlobalKeymap): char->unsigned char (EscKeymap): ditto (EscBKeymap): ditto (EscDKeymap): ditto (PcKeymap): ditto * keybind.c: ditto * keybind_lynx.c: ditto From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+25-14
2002-11-11 15:19[w3m-dev 03406] * scripts/Makefile: add AUXBIN_DIR update LIB_DIR, HELP_DIR xface2xpm installed in AUXBIN_DIR * scripts/multipart/Makefile: update LIB_DIR * scripts/w3mman/Makefile: update LIB_DIR From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+31-12
2002-11-11 15:16[w3m-dev 03405] Re: tab browser * main.c (moveTab): B_FORCE_REDRAW From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-11 15:14close Bug#96349ukai1+0-3
2002-11-10 11:59[w3m-dev 03401] w3mhelp.cgi * proto.h (tabMn): nulcmd ifndef USE_MENU * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.en.pl.in: add LINEEDIT:EDITOR * scripts/w3mhelp-funcdesc.ja.pl.in: add LINEEDIT:EDITOR Tab operation * scripts/w3mhelp-funcname.pl.in: add LINEEDIT:EDITOR C-o * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: add tabA in Hyperlink operation add tabURL, tabrURL in File/Stream operation add Tab operation add lineedit_editor in Line edit mode From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+27-7
2002-11-10 11:42[w3m-dev 03399] * XMakefile: ;; -> ; From: NOMIYA Masaru <nomiya@ttmy.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-11-09 21:55[w3m-dev 03398] auxbindir * XMakefile: EXT_TARGETS -> LIB_TARGETS, AUXBIN_TARGETS * config.h.dist: add AUXBIN_DIR LIB_DIR is cgi-bin * configure: add -auxbindir add AUXBIN_DIR LIB_DIR is cgi-bin EXT_TARGETS -> LIB_TARGETS, AUXBIN_TARGETS * file.c (compression_decoder): libfile_p -> auxbin_p (check_command): libfile_p -> auxbin_p use w3m_auxbin_dir() instead of w3m_lib_dir() (acceptableEncoding): libfile_p -> auxbin_p (xface2xpm): use auxbinFile() instead of libFile() (uncompress_stream): libfile_p -> auxbin_p use auxbinFile() instead of libFile() * image.c (getCharSize): use w3m_auxbin_dir() instead of w3m_lib_dir() (openImgdisplay): use w3m_auxbin_dir() instead of w3m_lib_dir() * indep.c (w3m_auxbin_dir): added * indep.h (w3m_auxbin_dir): added * proto.h (auxbinFile): added * rc.c (auxbinFile): added (libFile): #if 0, no longer used (helpFile): used only #ifndef USE_HELP_CGI * NEWS: separate auxbindir and libdir (local-CGI, file:///$LIB/) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai11+113-25
2002-11-08 17:32[w3m-dev 03396] Re: meta refresh problem * main.c (MAIN): AL_IMPLICIT -> alarm_status (SigAlarm): AL_IMPLICIT -> alarm_status From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-11-08 16:11fix indentukai1+1-2
2002-11-08 16:09[w3m-dev 03391] use editor when input at last line * linein.c (_editor): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+32-2
2002-11-08 16:08update TODOukai1+2-0
2002-11-08 16:07[w3m-dev 03390] some fixes related with form * form.c (input_textarea): goto input_end unlink(tmpf); * main.c (_followForm): s/TEXT/Password/ From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+12-3
2002-11-08 16:06update TODOukai1+2-1
2002-11-08 16:01[w3m-dev 03388] meta refresh problem * fm.h (AL_IMPLICIT_DONE): 3->4 (AL_ONCE): 8 (AL_IMPLICIT_ONCE): (AL_IMPLICIT|AL_ONCE) * main.c (MAIN): & AL_IMPLICIT, & AL_IMPLICIT_DONE (SigAlarm): & AL_IMPLICIT, & AL_IMPLICIT_DONE, & AL_ONCE (setAlaramEvent): & AL_IMPLICIT From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+21-12
2002-11-08 15:54[w3m-dev 03387] Re: tab browser * buffer.c (newBuffer): buf->LINES initialize (gotoLine): use buf->LINES (gotoRealLine): use buf->LINES * display.c (displayBuffer): check by buf->LINES (redrawNLine): buf->LINES (redrawLine): buf->LINES (redrawLineImage): no need buf->rootY (cursorDown): buf->LINES (arrangeCursor): buf->LINES * etc.c (columnSkip): buf->LINES (lineSkip): buf->LINES (currentLineSkip): buf->LINES * fm.h (Buffer): add LINES * main.c (nscroll): Currentbuf->LINES (pgFore): Currentbuf->LINES (pgBack): Currentbuf->LINES (ctrCsrV): Currentbuf->LINES (movD): Currentbuf->LINES (movU): Currentbuf->LINES (_goLine): Currentbuf->LINES (drawAnchorCursor): Currentbuf->LINES (setOpt): B_REDRAW_IMAGE (newT): B_REDRAW_IMAGE (closeT): B_REDRAW_IMAGE (nextT): B_REDRAW_IMAGE (prevT): B_REDRAW_IMAGE (moveTab): B_NORMAL From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+81-54
2002-11-08 15:46[w3m-dev 03386] Re: Interrupt in no_proxy_check() * file.c (getAuthCookie): term_cbreak() (loadGeneralFile): term_cbreak() term_raw() preFormUpdateBuffer() before term_raw() (loadHTMLstream): term_raw() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+21-7
2002-11-06 15:13update TODOukai1+30-13
2002-11-06 15:09[w3m-dev 03385] install-sh typo * install-sh: s/'/"/ From: Katsumi@yamaoka.ccukai2+6-1
2002-11-06 15:07[w3m-dev 03383] Select the nearest map area as default. * fm.h (MapArea): add center_x, center_y * map.c (nearestMapArea): added (follow_map_menu): initial by nearestMapArea() (newMapArea): set center_x, center_y From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+12-2
2002-11-06 15:05fix indentukai4+47-5
2002-11-06 15:03[w3m-dev 03382] Interrupt in no_proxy_check() * url.c (check_no_proxy): SIGINT trap by KeyAbort From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+29-6
2002-11-06 14:58[w3m-dev 03380] fix configure * configure: s/INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY/install_w3mimgdisplay/ already define * config.h.dist (INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY): added From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+11-4
2002-11-06 05:13w3mimgdisplay setuid doneukai1+0-3
2002-11-06 03:50[w3m-dev 03379] setuid w3mimgdisplay and check console tty * XMakefile: w3mimgdisplay install by INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY * configure: ask setuid w3mimgdisplay (w3mimgdisplay_setuid): added (INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY): added * etc.c (mySystem): close until FOPEN_MAX * image.c (openImgdisplay): setenv W3M_TTY stderr to /dev/null close until FOPEN_MAX * install-sh: -o, -g for owner, group * proto.h (ttyname_tty): added * search.c (open_migemo): stderr to /dev/null close until FOPEN_MAX * terms.c (ttyname_tty): added * w3mimgdisplay.c: include <sys/types.h>, <unistd.h> W3MIMGDISPLAY_SETUID stderr to /dev/null * w3mimg/w3mimg.c: include <sys/types.h>, <unistd.h> W3MIMGDISPLAY_SETUID * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (check_tty_console): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai12+140-7
2002-11-06 03:26[w3m-dev 03377] sync_with_option * etc.c (loadPassword): reset passwords * form.c (loadPreForm): reset PreForm * main.c (option_assigned): deleted (parse_proxy): deleted (MAIN): move initCookie(), setLocalCookie() after sync_with_option() delete parseURL for *_proxy s/WrapSearch/WrapDefault/ move initKeymap(), initMenu() after setupscreen() sync_with_option() after init_rc() * rc.c (pre_form_file): move in params9 (network settting) (sync_with_option): initKeymap(), initMenu() is done if fmInitialized (init_rc): delete sync_with_option() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+51-41
2002-11-06 03:19[w3m-dev 03375] NULL check of CurrentTab * display.c (disp_message_nsec): check CurrentTab * file.c (doExternal): check CurrentTab * image.c (loadImage): check CurrentTab From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+13-6
2002-11-05 17:55add TODOukai1+43-0
2002-11-05 17:54[w3m-dev 03374] disable_secret_security_check * etc.c (openSecurityFile): disable_secret_security_check * fm.h (disable_secret_security_check): added * rc.c (CMT_DISABLE_SECRET_SECURITY_CHECK): added (disable_secret_security_check): added * NEWS: rc: disable_secret_security_check From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+26-2
2002-11-05 17:35* NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+15-0
2002-11-05 17:34* rc.c (CMT_PRE_FORM_FILE): added (pre_form_file): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-0
2002-11-05 17:24* doc-jp/README.tab: added [w3m-dev 03372] * doc/README.tab: brief translation From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+93-0
2002-11-05 17:12fix indentukai4+36-36
2002-11-05 17:10[w3m-dev 03372] tab browser * display.c (displayBuffer): add ny rootY offset by tab tab line (cursorDown): offset rootY (arrangeCursor): offset rootY * etc.c (columnSkip): offset rootY (lineSkip): offset rootY (currentLineSkip): offset rootY * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): ATTR_TARGET * fm.h (MapArea): add target (Buffer): add rootY (TabBuffer): added (Currentbuf): comment out (Firstbuf): comment out (CurrentTab): added (FirstTab): added (LastTab): added (open_tab_blank): added (close_tab_back): added (nTab): added (TabCols): added (N_TAB): added (Currentbuf): CurrentTab->currentBuffer (Firstbuf): CurrentTab->firstBuffer * funcname.tab (CLOSE_TAB): added (NEW_TAB): added (NEXT_TAB): added (PREV_TAB): added (TAB_GOTO): added (TAB_GOTO_RELATIVE): added (TAB_LEFT): added (TAB_LINK): added (TAB_MENU): added (TAB_RIGHT): added * html.c (ALST_AREA): add ATTR_TARGET * image.c (showImageProgress): offset rootY * main.c (_newT): added (followTab): added (moveTab): added (check_target): added (MAIN): init tab related values buf => tab (nscroll): offset rootY (pgFore): offset rootY (pgBack): offset rootY (ctrCsrV): offset rootY (_movD): offset rootY (_movU): offset rootY (_goLine): offset rootY (_mark): offset rootY (followA): check target (_followForm): offset rootY (drawAnchorCursor0): offset rootY (drawAnchorCursor): offset rootY (backBf): check close_tab_back (follow_map): rewrite for tab, check target (posTab): added (process_mouse): tab operation offset rootY (deleteFiles): for all buffers in all tabs (newTab): added (newT): added (numTab): added (deleteTab): added (closeT): added (nextT): added (prevT): added (followTab): added (tabA): added (tabURL0): added (tabURL): added (tabrURL): added (moveTab): added (tabR): added (tabL): added * map.c (follow_map_menu): return MapArea (newMapArea): add target args * menu.c (SelTabMenu): added (SelTabV): added (initSelTabMenu): added (smChTab): added (smDelTab): added (MainMenuItem): add Select Tab on New Tab (popupMenu): add initSelTabMenu() offset rootY (mainMn): offset rootY (selMn): offset rootY (initSelectMenu): offset rootY (tabMn): added * proto.h (newT): added (closeT): added (nextT): added (prevT): added (tabA): added (tabURL): added (tabrURL): added (tabR): added (tabL): added (newTab): added (deleteTab): added (follow_map_menu): return MapArea (newMapArea): add target arg (tabMn): added * rc.c (CMT_OPEN_TAB_BLANK): added (CMT_CLOSE_TAB_BACK): added (open_tab_blank): added (close_tab_back): added * doc/README.func (CLOSE_TAB): added (NEW_TAB): added (NEXT_TAB): added (PREV_TAB): added (TAB_GOTO): added (TAB_GOTO_RELATIVE): added (TAB_LEFT): added (TAB_LINK): added (TAB_MENU): added (TAB_RIGHT): added * doc-jp/README.func: ditto doc/README.func From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai15+898-68
2002-11-05 16:43fix indentukai2+20-18
2002-11-05 16:37* doc-jp/README.pre_form: added [w3m-dev 03373] * doc/README.pre_form: brief translation From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+80-0
2002-11-05 16:03* etc.c (PASS_IS_READABLE_MSG): deleted (FILE_IS_READABLE_MSG): added (openPasswdFile): deleted (openSecretFile): delete error_msg arg (loadPasswd): use openSecretFile() * form.c (next_token): delete unused static decl (FILE_IS_READABLE_MSG): deleted (loadPreForm): no need pass error_msg * proto.h (openSecretFile): delete error_msg arg From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+20-13
2002-11-05 15:56[w3m-dev 03373] setting form on loading * config.h.dist (PRE_FORM_FILE): added * configure (PRE_FORM_FILE): added * etc.c (openPasswdFile): define by openSecretFile() (openSecretFile): renamed, not static * file.c (loadGeneralFile): preFOrmUpdateBuffer() * fm.h (Buffer): add submit (pre_form_file): added * form.c (struct pre_form_item): added (struct pre_form): added (next_token): added (PreForm): added (add_pre_form): added (add_pre_form_item): added (loadPreForm): added (preFormUpdateBuffer): added * frame.c (renderFrame): add preFormUpdateBuffer() * main.c (MAIN): buf->submit check * proto.h (preFormUpdateBuffer): added (openSecretFile): added (loadPreForm): added * rc.c (sync_with_option): add loadPreForm() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai11+237-4
2002-11-05 15:45[w3m-dev 03371] segmentation fault by large complex table. * table.c (bsearch_2short): indexarry char to short (bsearch_double): ditto (dv2sv): ditto (table_rule_width): ditto (set_integrated_width): ditto (check_table_height): ditto (feed_table_tag): ditto * table.h (struct table_cell): index, eindex char to short From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+45-22
2002-11-05 13:25version.c.in: cvs versionukai1+1-1
2002-11-05 13:25scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: add chkWORDukai1+4-0
2002-11-04 17:38scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: add chkWORDukai1+1-1
2002-11-04 17:14w3m 0.3.2ukai5+14-6
2002-11-04 08:47[w3m-dev-en 00827] Re: w3m-cvs segfaults on news://<mid> URLs * url.c (openURL): check pu->file for news: From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-11-02 18:12add comments for news: URLukai1+3-0
2002-10-31 09:37fix typoukai1+1-1
2002-10-31 09:36fix compilation warnings * w3mimgdisplay.c: add #include <string.h> for strlen, strcmp * w3mimg/fb/fb.c: add #include <string.h> for memset * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c: add #include <string.h> for memset From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+10-0
2002-10-31 09:33cvs currentukai1+1-1
2002-10-30 17:260.3.2 release candidate 4ukai2+6-1
2002-10-30 17:21[w3m-dev 03365] ~/.netrc support * etc.c (add_auth_pass_entry): add netrc arg add new entry to tail (find_auth_pass_entry): ent->host == NULL is "default" (loadPasswd): rewrite with next_token, parsePasswd, openPasswdFile load ~/.netrc (next_token): added (parsePasswd): added (openPasswdFile): added * ftp.c (openFTP): use find_auth_user_passwd * NEWS: ~/.netrc From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+173-64
2002-10-30 17:03fix indentukai3+4-5
2002-10-30 15:46[w3m-dev 03363] refresh download * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): alarm is implicit once * fm.h (AL_IMPLICIT_ONCE): added * main.c (searchKeyData): reset CurrentKeyData, CurrentCmdData (SigAlarm): CurrentCmdData is saved to data message displayed on AL_EXPLICIT clear alarm when AL_IMPLICIT_ONCE (setAlarmEvent): AL_IMPLICIT_ONCE From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+28-8
2002-10-30 15:41[w3m-dev 03362] Re: support for http://user:pass@www.url.com * etc.c (loadPasswd): accept host, passwd From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-3
2002-10-30 15:39[w3m-dev 03359] support for http://user:pass@www.url.com * etc.c (find_auth_user_passwd): use ParsedURL for args use user and passwd if these are defined in ParsedURL * file.c (getAuthCookie): change find_auth_user_passwd() * proto.h (find_auth_user_passwd): change prototype From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+18-5
2002-10-30 03:58[w3m-dev 03357] tab in <pre> in <ul>,<ol>,... * file.c (HTMLlineproc2): check indent for tabstop From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-10-30 03:58cvs versionukai1+1-1
2002-10-29 16:19[w3m-dev 03354] display current line number * display.c (displayBuffer): %3d -> %d From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-10-29 14:28Add some platforms.inu5+31-12
2002-10-28 17:120.3.2 release candidate 3ukai2+6-1
2002-10-28 17:09[w3m-dev 03352] w3mimgsize is not necessary. * XMakefile (IMGSIZE): removed * config.h.dist (IMGSIZE): removed * configure (imgtarget): remove IMGSIZE (config.h): remove IMGSIZE * rc.c (CMT_IMGSIZE): removed * doc/README.img: remove imgsize * w3mimgsize.c: removed From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+12-44
2002-10-28 04:53[w3m-dev 03351] w3m core dump * table.c (feed_table_tag): fix rendering problem (maybe security hole?) From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-4
2002-10-27 17:16[w3m-dev-en 00796] * configure: expand here. ($var in Makefile is $v + ar) * XMakefile: clean w3mimg/**/*.o From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+15-8
2002-10-27 16:59[w3m-dev-en 00795] * configure: IMLIB_CONFIG, IMLIB2_CONFIG, GDKPIXBUF_CONFIG * rc.c (CMT_DISP_IMAGE): need if not defined USE_IMAGE From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+28-20
2002-10-27 14:470.3.2 release candidate 2 * version.c.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-10-26 11:19[w3m-dev-en 00788] * fm.h (displayImage): FALSE ifndef USE_IMAGE * rc.c (displayImage): display_image even if USE_IMAGE undefined (sync_with_options): display_image is forced to be FALSE ifndef USE_IMAGE From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+15-2
2002-10-26 08:10[w3m-dev-en 00783] hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp (Hironori SAKAMOTO) add display_lineinfo option * display.c (displayBuffer): check displayLineInfo * fm.h (displayLineInfo): added * rc.c (CMT_DISPLINEINFO): added (display_lineinfo): added * NEWS (rc: display_lineinfo): add From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+25-8
2002-10-25 20:02* [w3m-dev-en 00781] "Clemens Fischer" <ino-waiting@gmx.net> zope doesn't recognize implied *LWS in accept-language * rc.c (sync_with_option): remove optional LWS From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-10-25 19:59* [w3m-dev-en 00780] "Carlo E. Prelz" <fluido@fluido.as> always print on screen the relative position * display.c (displayBuffer): relative position From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+49-37
2002-10-25 16:11* 0.3.2 release candidate 1 * version.c.in: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-10-25 16:00[w3m-dev-en 00777] patch to fix w3m-0.3.1 word break problem * file.c (is_period_char): 0x203A - SINGLE RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE QUOTATION MARK (is_beginning_char): 0x2018 - LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK 0x2039 - SINGLE LEFT-POINTING ANGLE QUOTATION MARK (is_word_char): add several chars ifndef JP_CHARSET add ':' and '*' From: Gary Johnson <garyjohn@spk.agilent.com>ukai2+66-0
2002-10-16 18:13[w3m-dev 03342] * doc/README.img: updated * doc-jp/README.img: updated From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai3+104-41
2002-10-16 18:11[w3m-dev 03341] white space is needed to close an empty-element tag * parsetagx.c (parse_tag): extract tagname until '/' From: Daiki Ueno <ueno@unixuser.org>ukai3+11-5
2002-10-10 16:59 [w3m-dev 03339] Re: Debian Bug#164098 w3m: <sup> is not properly supported * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): HTML_SUP, HTML_N_SUP, HTML_SUB, HTML_N_SUB * html.c (TagMAP): sup, /sup, sub, /sub * html.c (HTML_SUP): added (HTML_N_SUP): added (HTML_SUB): added (HTML_N_SUB): added * table.c (feed_table_tag): HTML_SUP, HTML_N_SUP, HTML_SUB, HTML_N_SUB * tagtable.tab (sup): added (/sup): added (sub): added (/sub): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+42-5
2002-10-10 16:32[w3m-dev 03337] delete unused functions in fb.c etc. (Re: canna patch) * w3mimg/fb/license.txt: removed, follow w3m licenseukai2+2-26
2002-10-10 16:15* [w3m-dev 03337] delete unused functions in fb.c etc. (Re: canna patch) * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_image_rotate): delete (fb_frame_rotate): delete (fb_pset): delete (fb_get_color): delete (fb_clear): delete (fb_cmap_disp): delete (fb_fscrn_disp): delete (fb_vscrn_disp): delete * w3mimg/fb/fb.h (fb_image_rotate): delete (fb_frame_rotate): delete (fb_pset): delete (fb_get_color): delete (fb_clear): delete (fb_cmap_disp): delete (fb_fscrn_disp): delete (fb_vscrn_disp): delete * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.c (fb_image_draw_simple): delete * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h (fb_image_draw_simple): delete From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai5+36-442
2002-10-08 15:28[w3m-dev 03336] proxy check for https authorization: * url.c (HTTPrequest): check CONNECT request for ssl From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai2+29-4
2002-10-05 16:43* [w3m-dev 03333] x11 image animation * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (struct x11_image): added (x11_img_new): added (resize_image): added (x11_load_image): rewrite GdkPixbuf (x11_show_image): rewrite GdkPixbuf (x11_free_image): rewrite GdkPixbuf From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+211-29
2002-10-01 15:34[w3m-dev 03332] Re: hang up when seeing web page that contains xbm file * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): transparent support From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+13-4
2002-10-01 15:29[w3m-dev 03331] Re: hang up when seeing web page that contains xbm file * configure: check gdk-pixbuf-config existence From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+11-1
2002-09-30 17:44[w3m-dev 03330] Re: hang up when seeing web page that contains xbm file * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (x11_load_image): scaling From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+22-5
2002-09-29 15:29[w3m-dev 03327] gdk-pixbuf support for w3m-img/x11 * configure (use_w3mimg_x11) Imlib1 or GdkPixbuf check gdkpixbuf * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (USE_GDKPIXBUF): added (x11_init): USE_GDKPIXBUF (x11_load_image): USE_GDKPIXBUF (x11_get_image_size): USE_GDKPIXBUF From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai3+72-2
2002-09-29 15:14[w3m-dev 03325] Re: hang up when seeing web page that contains xbm file * w3mimgdisplay.c (main): alreays return response even if size is unknown From: qhwt@myrealbox.comukai2+12-0
2002-09-28 16:32[w3m-dev 03323] EDITOR * main.c (MAIN): use not_null() From: Hiroaki Shimotsu <shim@d5.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-09-28 16:30Re: [w3m-dev 03320] Re: Passwords * etc.c (dir_under): same path is ok * file.c (loadGeneralFile): if missing, return NULL ssl cert already checked * html.h (URLFILE): add ssl_certificate * istream.c (ssl_get_certificate): change args * istream.h (ssl_get_certificate): ditto * url.c (openSSLHandle): add p_cert ssl certificate check here (HTTPrequest): auth_cookie fix From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai7+58-23
2002-09-24 17:35[w3m-dev 03321] Bug#162104: file descriptors 1 and 2 are closed rather than reopened to /dev/null * etc.c (mySystem): fd 0,1,2 redirect /dev/null, close all other fds From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+12-2
2002-09-24 17:06[w3m-dev 03319] mailto * main.c (followA): mailto * main.c (cmd_loadURL): mailto * url.c (_parsedURL2Str): mailto: query From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai3+35-2
2002-09-24 16:35[w3m-dev 03318] Re: Passwords * etc.c (struct auth_path): added (passwords): added (dir_under): added (add_auth_pass_entry): added (find_auth_pass_entry): added (find_auth_user_passwd): added (loadPasswd): added (find_auth): dir_under() (add_auth_cookie): check file * file.c (find_auth_user_passwd): removed (getAuthCookie): use delText() check proxy (get_auth_cookie): removed (loadGeneralFile): auth_pu * proto.h (schemeToProxy): added (get_auth_cookie): removed (loadPasswd): added (find_auth_user_passwd): added * rc.c (sync_with_option): loadPasswd() * textlist.c (delValue): added * textlist.h (delValue): added (delText): added * url.c (HTTPrequest): seen_www_auth (schemeToProxy): added From: AIDA Shinra <aida-s@jcom.home.ne.jp>ukai9+300-126
2002-09-11 15:08[w3m-dev 03311] Re: Passwords * configure (config.h): default PASSWD_FILE * fm.h (passwd_file): default PASSWD_FILE From: Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi@gohome.org>ukai3+9-0
2002-09-11 14:54[w3m-dev 03311] Re: Passwords * configure (config.h): default PASSWD_FILE * fm.h (passwd_file): default PASSWD_FILE From: Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi@gohome.org>ukai3+8-1
2002-09-10 18:21if wrong password, dont read passwd_fileukai1+2-1
2002-09-10 18:11fcloseukai1+2-1
2002-09-10 17:27[w3m-dev 03307] add password_file support * file.c (find_auth_user_passwd): added * fm.h (passwd_file): added * rc.c (CMT_PASSWDFILE): added (passwdfile): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+145-40
2002-09-09 14:03[w3m-dev 03300] framebuffer: 8bit color support * w3mimg/fb/fb.c: support FB_VISUAL_PSEUDOCOLOR 256 colors From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai2+193-37
2002-09-09 13:59fix indentukai5+54-50
2002-09-09 13:51[w3m-dev 03299] remove file before copying (install-sh) * install-sh: remove file before copying From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-09-09 13:50[w3m-dev 03298] [ -f instead of [ -e (configure) * configure: use test -f instead of test -e From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-09-09 13:49[w3m-dev 03297] TERM=mlterm * terms.c (w3m_term_info_list): add mlterm From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-09-09 13:48[w3m-dev 03296] fix configure (strtoq) * configure (strtoq): fix missing semicolon From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-09-05 15:49fix indentukai1+3-2
2002-09-05 15:43[w3m-dev 03292] Re: load file at cursor * anchor.c (reAnchorPos): added (reAnchorWord): added (reAnchorAny): rewrite to use reAnchorPos() * funcname.tab (MARK_WORD): added * keybind.c (;) MARK_WORD * main.c (getCurWord): added (chkWORD): added (is_wordchar): added (getCurWord): added (GetWord): rewrite to use getCurWord() * proto.h (chkWORD): added (reAnchorWord): added * doc/README.func: add MARK_WORD * doc/keymap.default: add MARK_WORD * doc-jp/README.func: add MARK_WORD * doc-jp/keymap.default: add MARK_WORD * NEWS: add MARK_WORD From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai11+108-27
2002-08-27 16:39* [w3m-dev 03291] parsetagx.c:toNumber() * parsetagx.c (toNumber): don't parse non-number value as 0, just ignore From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+17-2
2002-08-27 16:35[w3m-dev 03290] Re: Forward: Bug#157098: wrong file presentation on large files * indep.c (strtoclen): need defined() From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+8-3
2002-08-27 16:25run indentukai1+1-1
2002-08-20 17:49Debian Bug#157098: wrong file presentation on large files from "Eduard Bloch" <blade@debian.org> * configure (clen_t): added (HAVE_STRTOLL): added (HAVE_STRTOQ): added (HAVE_ATOLL): added (HAVE_ATOQ): added * config.h.dist: ditto * file.c (current_content_length): s/int/clen_t/ (loadGeneralFile): s/atoi/strtoclen/ (convert_size): s/int/clen_t/ (convert_size2): s/int/clen_t/ (showProgress): s/int/clen_t/ (loadHTMLstream): s/int/clen_t/ linelen, trbyte (loadBuffer): ditto (getNextPage): s/int/clen_t/ linelen (save2tmp): s/int/clen_t/ linelen, trbye (_MoveFile): s/int/clen_t/ linelen, trbye * fm.h (_Buffer): s/int/clen_t/ linelen, trbye * ftp.c (size_int2str): s/long/clen_t/ (ex_ftpdir_name_size_date): s/long/clen_t/ * indep.c (strtoclen): added * indep.h (strtoclen): added * proto.h (showProgress): s/int/clen_t/ From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai9+153-17
2002-07-30 16:03Debian Bug#154766: w3m-img: support DirectColor framebuffer visuals? from Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_open): accept FB_VISUAL_DIRECTCOLOR From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-1
2002-07-29 15:25[w3m-dev 03282] Re: w3m-img for framebuffer update * w3mimg/fb/fb.c (fb_image_new): ignore no image calloc multiple images (fb_image_fill): added (fb_image_draw): width, height fix (fb_image_rotate): fix typo (fb_image_copy): added (fb_frame_new): added (fb_freme_free): added (fb_frame_rotate): added * w3mimg/fb/fb.h (FB_IMAGE): add num, id, delay (fb_frame_new): added (fb_frame_free): added (fb_frame_rotate): added * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c (get_image_size): animation support (fb_image_load): animation support (draw): add bg, x, y, w, h args * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h (fb_image_load): return FB_IMAGE** * w3mimg/fb/fb_imlib2.c (fb_image_load): return FB_IMAGE** * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c (w3mfb_show_image): animation support From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai8+286-108
2002-07-22 16:27[w3m-dev 03280] w3m-img without w3mimgsize * fm.h (Imagesize): deleted * image.c (getImageSize): rewrite to use w3mimgdisplay instead of w3mimgsize * rc.c (params1): remove imgsize, merged to imgdisplay From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai5+22-13
2002-07-22 16:17[w3m-dev 03279] w3m-img for framebuffer update http://homepage3.nifty.com/slokar/fb/w3mfb.patch.gz * w3mimg/fb/readme.txt: update * w3mimg/fb/fb.c: update * w3mimg/fb/fb.h: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.c: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.c: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_img.h: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_imlib2.c: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c: update * w3mimg/fb/fb_gdkpixbuf.h: deleted * w3mimg/fb/fb_imlib2.h: deleted * w3mimg/w3mimg.h (w3mimg_op): add get_image_size() * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c: update * w3mimgdisplay.c (main): use get_image_size() * w3mimgsize.c (main): use get_image_size() From: Hiroyuki Ito <hito@crl.go.jp>ukai15+394-326
2002-07-19 15:28[w3m-dev 03278] Compile error on mipsel linux (glibc-2.0.6)ukai1+5-1
2002-07-19 14:35w3m-img already mergedukai1+0-1
2002-07-19 03:25[w3m-dev 03277] compile error on Solaris7 * w3mimg/w3mimg.c: include <stdio.h> for NULL From: Hideyuki SHIRAI <shirai@rdmg.mgcs.mei.co.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-07-19 03:24[w3m-dev 03276] compile error on EWS4800 * file.c (extract_auth_val): fix warnings * w3mimg/w3mimg.c: include <stdlib.h> From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai3+8-1
2002-07-18 15:10indentukai7+823-710
2002-07-18 15:02ignore config.hukai1+2-2
2002-07-18 14:59rcsid commentukai10+10-3
2002-07-18 14:36fix indent againukai2+0-0
2002-07-18 14:31run indent for w3mimg/ukai1+3-3
2002-07-18 14:31indentukai8+31-32
2002-07-18 14:28indentukai1+1-0
2002-07-18 13:12[w3m-dev 03275] fix of multipart.cgi * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: check REQUEST_METHOD first need $count for POST From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-4
2002-07-18 06:49add w3mimg protocol in commentukai1+22-0
2002-07-18 06:27* w3mimgdisplay.c (main): '5' for w3mimgsize From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+11-7
2002-07-18 06:23[w3m-dev 03270] Re: w3m-img for framebuffer merged * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c (w3mimg_x11open): unsigned int nchildren From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-07-18 06:07XMakefile (w3mimg/w3mimg): added (w3img/fb) fixed * w3mimg/w3mimg.h (w3mimg_open): deleted to avoid compilation warnings * w3mimg/w3mimg.c: added * configure (imgobjs): add w3mimg/w3mimg.o From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+35-18
2002-07-18 05:59[w3m-dev 03272] Re: w3m-img for framebuffer merged (Re: Re: w3m-img for framebuffer) * XMakefile (w3mimg/x11): chdir (w3mimg/fb): chdir From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-4
2002-07-18 05:55[w3m-dev 03273] Re: w3m-img for framebuffer merged * configure (use_w3mimg_fb): check linux, use test -c From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+12-3
2002-07-17 21:21wrong addressukai1+1-1
2002-07-17 21:08merge w3m-img for framebuffer support * w3mimg/w3mimg.h: created * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c: created * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c: created * w3mimgsize.c w3mimgdisplay.c: modified * configure: modified * XMakefile: modified * config.h.dist: updated From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+5-0
2002-07-17 20:58merge w3m-img for framebuffer support * w3mimg/w3mimg.h: created * w3mimg/x11/x11_w3mimg.c: created * w3mimg/fb/fb_w3mimg.c: created * w3mimgsize.c w3mimgdisplay.c: modified * configure: modified * XMakefile: modified * config.h.dist: updated From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai19+1801-217
2002-07-17 16:07[w3m-dev 03263] fix lastA segfault * main.c (lastA): fix lastA segfault when no anchor found From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-1
2002-07-17 16:05cvs versionukai2+5-1
2002-07-15 17:33w3m 0.3.1ukai5+14-6
2002-07-11 15:36[w3m-dev 03255] update cygwin info * doc-jp/README: update * doc/README: update * doc-jp/README.cygwin: deleted * doc/README.cygwin: deleted From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <katsuyuki_1.watanabe@toppan.co.jp>ukai5+16-47
2002-07-10 14:28[w3m-dev 03240] doc-jp update * doc-jp/MANUAL.html: update * doc-jp/README: update * doc-jp/README.SSL: update * doc-jp/README.img: update From: SAKAI Kiyotaka <ksakai@kso.netwk.ntt-at.co.jp>ukai5+50-17
2002-07-10 14:21import gc6.1alpha5ukai72+18993-8191
2002-07-09 06:14delete old ftp siteinu2+2-1
2002-07-09 05:54delete old mail addressesinu3+7-3
2002-07-01 11:12fix indentukai1+2-2
2002-07-01 10:50add prec_num to topA/lastAinu2+15-4
2002-06-24 13:32[w3m-dev 03233] "obuf->flag |= RB_IGNORE_P" after <body> tag * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): no need RB_IGNORE_P after <body> tag From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+5-1
2002-06-18 05:16[w3m-dev 03215] add "base_lib gc.a" for making GCinu1+5-0
2002-06-18 04:59[w3m-dev 03215] add "base_lib gc.a" to make command for GCinu1+1-1
2002-06-17 17:51[w3m-dev 03212] lstat() in form.c * form.c: define lstat unless HAVE_LSTAT (form_write_from_file): always check lstat() From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+8-4
2002-06-17 15:50[w3m-dev 03214] strtoul() -> strtol() for SunOS4inu2+6-1
2002-06-09 16:11[w3m-dev-en 00752] Re: tab completion weirdness in w3m 0.3 * file.c (doFileCopy): same fix as [w3m-dev-en 00751] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+13-4
2002-06-09 16:09[w3m-dev-en 00751] Re: tab completion weirdness in w3m 0.3 * main.c (svBuf): unescape spaces when input is filename * proto.h (unescape_spaces): added From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai3+18-8
2002-06-07 15:46[w3m-dev 03207] strchr(), strcasecmp(), and strncasecmp() * etc.c (strchr): removed (strcasecmp): removed (strncasecmp): removed * indep.c (strchr): moved, cast (strcasecmp): moved, fix the case that s1 = "" (strncasecmp): moved, fix the case that s1 is shorter than s2 * indep.h (strchr): added (strcasecmp): added (strncasecmp): added From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai4+64-48
2002-06-05 15:42[w3m-dev 03206] Re: dict * main.c (execdict): quote word From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-06-05 15:29[w3m-dev 03204] INET6 * main.c (fversion): s/USE_INET6/INET6/ From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-06-05 15:27[w3m-dev 03203] dict * main.c (execdict): fix loadGeneralFile() From: Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-4
2002-06-01 17:26main.c (reinit): initKeymap(TRUE)ukai1+2-2
2002-06-01 17:10indent fixukai2+3-6
2002-06-01 17:09[w3m-dev-en 00748] PATCH: Reinitialize w3m while running * funcname.tab (INIT_MAILCAP): deleted (REINIT): added * main.c (config_filename): added (reinit): added * proto.h (reinit): added * rc.c (rc_initialized): deleted * w3mhelperpanel.c (editMailcap): use REINIT MAILCAP From: Tushar Samant <scribble@pobox.com>ukai7+82-8
2002-06-01 16:50[w3m-dev 03200] Re: New configuration option ``keymap_file'' and new command ``DEFINE_KEY'' * fm.h: add <sts/stat.h>, unistd.h> * fm.h (keymap_file): added * func.c (keymap_initialized): added (current_keymap_file): added (setKeymap): added (initKeymap): rewrite to use setKeymap() * funcname.tab (DEFINE_KEY): added * main.c (MAIN): initKeymap(TRUE) (defKey): added * proto.h (defKey): added (setKeymap): added (initKeymap): add force param * rc.c (CMT_KEYMAP_FILE): added (params3): add keymap_file (sync_with_option): add initKeymap(FALSE) * doc/README.func (DEFINE_KEY): added * doc-jp/README.func: (DEFINE_KEY): added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: add defKey * NEWS: func: DEFINE_KEY rc: keymap_file From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai11+128-39
2002-06-01 16:31[w3m-dev 03196] C-w * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch) move_word changed * linein.c (setStrType): add space to termchar From: Hiroaki Shimotsu <shim@d5.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>ukai2+9-4
2002-05-14 15:31[w3m-dev 03191] typo in file.c:extract_auth_val()? * file.c (extract_auth_val): s/177/0177/ From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-05-14 15:30[w3m-dev 03190] a tiny patch for configure * configure (ask_choice): reset default value From: Tsutomu OKADA <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-04-26 16:06[w3m-dev 03185] Re: cmd_mark in main.c, rev 1.60 broke unmark? * main.c (cmd_mark): deleted (_mark): xor PE_MARK (reMark): or PE_MARK From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+9-13
2002-04-26 16:00* scripts/.cvsignore: add xface2xpm From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-04-25 16:26[w3m-dev-en 00733] Submission: "English" patch * rc.c: update english From: Tushar Samant <scribble@pobox.com>ukai2+76-71
2002-04-24 18:46fix version infoukai2+2-2
2002-04-24 18:29[w3m-dev-en 00730] Re: Patch for a more flexible dictionary lookup * NEWS: rc: use_dictcommand, dictcommand * main.c (execdict): use url_quote_conv() instead of cURLcode() * proto.h (cURLcode): deleted * doc-jp/README.dict: updated From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai10+129-44
2002-04-20 17:50[w3m-dev 03181] KEYBIND_SRC was not passed to scripts/Makefile * Makefile (all-scripts): pass KEYBIND_SRC From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-04-17 02:44[w3m-dev 03178] Parser of ``cols'' and ``rows'' * frame.c (parseFrameSetLength): added (newFrameSet): use parseFrameSetLength() From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+51-71
2002-04-17 02:42fix indentukai2+3-2
2002-04-17 02:36[w3m-dev 03177] SIGUSR1 --> W3M_SIGIMG in image.c * image.c (W3M_SIGIMG): added (load_image_handler): s/SIGUSR1/W3M_SIGIMG/ (load_image_next): ditto (loadImage): ditto From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+17-5
2002-04-17 02:32[w3m-dev 03176] no Content-Type in http response header * file.c (loadGeneralFile): guess content-type from filename From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-04-09 14:53[w3m-dev 03169] Can't calculate table height if number of cells > 20. * table.c (check_table_height): change row, rowspan, indexarray, height from array to pointer From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+40-17
2002-04-09 14:45[w3m-dev 03167] xface2xbm -> xface2xpm (current imlib can't handle XBM) * configure: s/XFACE2XBM/XFACE2XPM/ * config.h.dist: ditto * file.c (xface2xpm): renamed from xface2xbm modified for xpm (readHeader): s/xface2xbm/xface2xpm/ * scripts/Makefile (LIB_TARGETS): s/xface2xbm/xface2xpm/ * scripts/xface2xpm.in: added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+118-11
2002-04-09 04:34NEWS: mark_all_pagesukai1+1-1
2002-03-29 16:58[w3m-dev 03162] Re: "ttp:" is marked instead of "http:" by MARL_URL * main.c (chkURLBuffer): "mailto" removed when USE_W3MMAILER in this case, chkExternalURIBuffer() will mark mailto: URL. From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-03-29 16:39[w3m-dev 03160] Re: "ttp:" is marked instead of "http:" by MARL_URL * NEWS: * anchor.c (reAnchorAny): check MarkAllPages * fm.h (MarkAllPages): added * rc.c (CMT_MARK_ALL_PAGES): added (mark_all_pages): added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+18-1
2002-03-29 16:32[w3m-dev 03159] "ttp:" is marked instead of "http:" by MARL_URL * main.c (chkURLBuffer): check internal URLs first From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-3
2002-03-27 15:41terms.c (set_tty): s/term_info/w3m_term_info/g; struct term_info is defined in FreeBSD's sys/consio.h reported by KOIE Hidetaka <hide@koie.org> From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+22-16
2002-03-27 15:35[w3m-dev 03146] Re: header option * main.c (make_optional_header_string): cleanups From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-13
2002-03-27 15:26[w3m-dev 03145] header option * main.c (MAIN): hide args for security From: Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi@gohome.org>ukai2+9-0
2002-03-22 15:35[w3m-dev 03140] Forward: Bug#139305: w3m: EXTERN_LINK does not work if href ends with ampersand * main.c (invoke_browser): check bg by browser From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+17-10
2002-03-22 15:05indent fixukai1+1-1
2002-03-20 17:53terms.c (term_title): use ttyf instead of stderr From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2002-03-19 16:27configure: -mandirukai1+1-0
2002-03-19 16:27[w3m-dev 03137] Re: w3mman.1 * XMakefile (MAN1): added (MAN1_JA): added (install-core): install man (install-scripts): pass MAN_DIR (uninstall): uninstall man, pass MAN_DIR to subdirs * config.h.dist (MAN_DIR): added (MAN1_DIR): added (MAN1_JA_DIR): added * configure: -mandir (config.h): add MAN_DIR, MAN1_DIR, MAN1_JA_DIR * scripts/w3mman/Makefile (MAN1_DIR): added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+53-8
2002-03-19 16:07func: COMMANDukai1+1-0
2002-03-19 16:06[w3m-dev 03136] Add COMMAND to execute multiple commands * fm.h (CurrentMenuData): deleted (CurrentCmdData): added * func.c (getKey): check next char of ^ (getWord): get word until ';' (getQWord): rewrite using Str * funcname.tab (COMMAND): added * main.c (MAIN): delete CurrentMenuData initialize CurrentCmdData (searchKeyData): use CurrentCmdData (execCmd): added (SigAlarm): delete CurrentMenuData, use CurrentCmdData * menu.c (action_menu): delete CurrentMenuData, use CurrentCmdData * proto.h (execCmd): added * doc/README.func (ALARM): capitalize (COMMAND): added * doc-jp/README.func (COMMAND): added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+107-55
2002-03-19 15:54[w3m-dev 03135] commit of [w3m-dev 03006] is incomplete. * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): check form_int fid attr update forms[] fix buf->formlist From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-2
2002-03-15 19:02indent fixukai5+24-21
2002-03-15 18:48part of [w3m-dev-en 00713] contrib: unofficial "current page info" patch, updated for w3m-0.3 by Moritz Barsnick <barsnick@gmx.net> * map.c (page_info_panel): s/line/lines/ s/byte/bytes/ anchor for URL of current anchor From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+13-3
2002-03-15 18:33-title support modified [w3m-dev-en 00710] contrib: unofficial "xterm title" patch, updated for w3m-0.3 by Moritz Barsnick <barsnick@gmx.net> * NEWS: -title * fm.h (displayTitleTerm): added * proto.h (term_title): added * main.c (fusage): add -title (MAIN): add -title (quitfm): term_title("") * display.c (displayBuffer): term_title() * terms.c (title_str): added (TERM_INFO): added (term_info): modified from mouse_term_info (term_info_list): modified from xterm_mouse_term add "screen" (set_tty): check displayTitleTerm (term_title): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+77-15
2002-03-15 16:35[w3m-dev 03132] Re: Reload image * file.c (loadGeneralFile): b->type = "text/html" * file.c (loadImageBuffer): comment out getImageSize() image_flag = IMG_FLAG_AUTO * file.c (openGeneralPagerBuffer): buf->type = "text/html" * frame.c (resetFrameElement): if (buf->mailcap_source) ... * frame.c (frame_download_source): if (buf->mailcap_source) ... * main.c (vwSrc): #ifdef USE_IMAGE From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+33-5
2002-03-15 16:10[w3m-dev 03133] Re: w3mman.1 * scripts/w3mman/Makefile (MAN1_TARGETS): added (MAN_TARGETS): use $(MAN_TARGETS) (INSTALL_MAN): added (install): use $MAN1_TARGETS, $(INSTALL_MAN) * scripts/w3mman/w3mman2html.cgi.in: $PAGER='cat' From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+15-4
2002-03-14 17:53* scripts/.cvsignore: add xface2xbm From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-03-14 17:51[w3m-dev 03130] w3mman.1 * scripts/w3mman/.cvsignore: add w3mman.1 * scripts/w3mman/Makefile (MAN_DIR): added (MAN_TARGETS): added (all): add $(MAN_TARGETS) (.in): replace @LIB_DIR@ (install): install $(MAN_TARGETS) (uninstall): uninstall $(MAN_TARGETS) (clean): clean $(MAN_TARGETS) * scripts/w3mman/w3mman.1.in: added * scripts/w3mman/w3mman2html.cgi.in: undef $PAGER From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+78-4
2002-03-14 16:12[w3m-dev 03129] Re: X-Face * configure (use_xface): ask * fm.h (_Buffer): add header_source * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): fix reshape when reading stdin with image fix disappearing header when reading stdin * file.c (xface2xbm): check file existence * file.c (readHeader): save to tmp file X-Face when activeImage & displayImage * main.c (dispI): comment out checking content type * main.c (stopI): ditto * scripts/xface2xbm.in: update compface URL read from file $XF write to file $XBM From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+76-17
2002-03-14 15:41* proto.h (readHeader): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2002-03-13 17:04[w3m-dev 03127] X-Face * NEWS: X-Face support * configure (use_xface): added * config.h.dist (USE_XFACE): added (XFACE2XBM): added * file.c (xface2xbm): added (readHeader): X-Face: handling * scripts/Makefile (LIB_TARGETS): add xface2xbm * scripts/xface2xbm.in: added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+118-1
2002-03-13 15:51[w3m-dev 03126] reshapeBuffer() and -m option * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): fix reshapeBuffer() in case of -m option From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-0
2002-03-13 15:48[w3m-dev 03125] w3m -m < image * file.c (openGeneralPagerBuffer): use internal viewer for -m option From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+14-0
2002-03-12 16:59[w3m-dev 03116] Re: aligned block in <td align="center"> * file.c (flushline): align if align="align" * fm.h (RB_LEFT): change value (RB_ALIGN): include RB_LEFT (RB_INTABLE): added * table.c (do_refill): obuf.flag |= RB_INTABLE From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+16-2
2002-03-11 16:06release dateukai1+1-1
2002-03-11 16:02[w3m-dev 03110] Re: gopher broken * file.c (loadGeneralFile): #ifdef USE_GOPHER From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <katsuyuki_1.watanabe@toppan.co.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-03-10 15:55[w3m-dev 03106] Re: displayBuffer * display.c (displayBuffer): revert previous changes * file.c (process_img): remove space in src attribute From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+7-1
2002-03-09 18:07[w3m-dev 03096] displayBuffer * display.c (displayBuffer): buf->need_reshape = 0 to prevent recursive displayBuffer calls From: Rei FURUKAWA <furukawa@tcp-ip.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-03-08 16:58[w3m-dev 03095] Re: gopher broken (Re: Bug#137287: w3m: segfault on gopher://xxxx.xxx URI) * file.c (loadGopherDir): html_quote(url_quote_conv()) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-3
2002-03-08 16:02[w3m-dev 03092] Reload image * file.c (loadImageBuffer): cache->index = 0 From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-03-08 15:59[w3m-dev 03093] Re: gopher broken (Re: Bug#137287: w3m: segfault on gopher://xxxx.xxx URI) * file.c (loadGopherDir): fix ->ptr q should be url_quote() * url.c (openURL): url_unquote() for gopher selector From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+46-37
2002-03-08 15:16[w3m-dev 03090] Re: gopher broken (Re: Bug#137287: w3m: segfault on gopher://xxxx.xxx URI) * file.c (loadGeneralFile): if loadGopherDir, type is real_type * file.c (loadGopherDir): rewrite to use loadHTMLstream() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+66-50
2002-03-08 03:28[w3m-dev 03088] gopher broken (Re: Bug#137287: w3m: segfault on gopher://xxxx.xxx URI) * file.c (form_max): initial value should be -1 * file.c (loadGopherDir): </A> From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-03-07 16:10[w3m-dev 03087] vi +1 emptyfile * etc.c (myEditor): line > 1 From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <yamt@mwd.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-03-06 03:32* version.c.in: 0.3+cvs From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+16-6
2002-03-05 18:10* version.c.in: 0.3+cvs From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2002-03-05 17:17w3m 0.3 * version.c.in: update * doc/README: version 0.3, release date * doc-jp/README: ditto * NEWS: update From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+14-6
2002-03-05 16:58[w3m-dev 03084] A temporary file remains when pipe + 'v' * proto.h (saveBufferDelNum): deleted * file.c (saveBufferDelNum): deleted * file.c (saveBuffer): saveBufferDelNum() renamed * main.c (vwSrc): tmpfname() recorded as fileToDelete use saveBuffer() instead of saveBufferDelNum() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+15-13
2002-03-03 19:07doc-jp/MANUAL.html: add note about file:/cgi-bin * doc/MANUAL.html: ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+16-2
2002-02-28 16:21[w3m-dev 03073] frame + image * file.c (loadGeneralFile): w3m_dump & ~DUMP_FRAME * file.c (loadImageBuffer): comment out if (frame_source) From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-1
2002-02-28 16:15[w3m-dev 03072] Proxy-Authorization (Re: Re: https through proxy) * file.c (loadGeneralFile) delete Proxy-Authorization set here * fm.h (HR_FLAG_PROXY): added * main.c (MAIN): need "Basic " for proxy_auth_cookie * url.c (HTTPrequest): add seen_proxy_auth if proxy and no Proxy-Authorization: header seen and has proxy_auth_cookie, use it * url.c (openURL): hr->flag |= HR_FLAG_PROXYukai6+36-9
2002-02-27 16:53[w3m-dev 03070] Re: https through proxy * url.c (openURL): pass extra_header (Proxy-Authorization:) From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-02-26 04:08[w3m-dev 03067] Re: https through proxy * file.c (loadGeneralFile): comment out ssl_get_certificate here From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-02-25 15:55[w3m-dev-en 00691] Re: w3m fails to recognize '<dt id="XXX">' * html.c: ATTR_CORE for dt, dd, blockquote, caption From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-4
2002-02-25 15:40[w3m-dev 03064] Re: SELECTED form value * form.c (formResetBuffer): set inititial value From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-0
2002-02-22 17:59[w3m-dev 03060] doc-jp/README.migemo * doc-jp/README.migemo: added From: HIDAI Ken-ichi <hidai@nmn.jp>ukai2+44-0
2002-02-22 17:55[w3m-dev 03059] table + hborder + rowspan + valign=bottom * table.c (renderTable): add case BORDER_NOWIN: From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-02-19 15:50[w3m-dev 03057] Re: Bug#134350: w3m: Forgets (http auth) login information upon reload (or almost anything else) * etc.c (find_auth): add `file' check file as well * etc.c (find_auth_cookie): add `file' * etc.c (add_auth_cookie): add `file' * file.c (AuthBasicCred): add "Basic " * file.c (AuthDigestCred): add "Digest " * file.c (getAuthCookie): if h_auth == NULL, get recorded cookie * file.c (get_auth_cookie): get recorded cookie * file.c (loadGeneralFile): don't clear add_auth_cookie_flag by redirection add_auth_cookie if authorization is required and passed * fm.h (auth_cookie): add file * ftp.c (openFTP): follow change auth_cookie * proto.h (get_auth_cookie): added * proto.h (find_auth_cookie): add `file' * proto.h (add_auth_cookie): add `file' * url.c (openURL): get_auth_cookie From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+70-20
2002-02-19 15:25[w3m-dev 03058] mailer * NEWS: rc: mailer * fm.h (Mailer): change default * main.c (MAIN): $MAILER will be used as "mailer" * main.c (followA): if "mailer" defined & simple mailto: URL, use mailer instead of w3mmail.cgi * main.c (cmd_loadURL): ditto * rc.c (params6): remove ifndef USE_W3MMAILER From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+27-11
2002-02-14 15:10[w3m-dev 03056] DISPLAY_IMAGE, STOP_IMAGE don't work. * main.c (dispI): fix DISPLAY_IMAGE * main.c (stopI): fix STOP_IMAGE From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-9
2002-02-14 03:50[w3m-dev 03055] LIB_DIR -> w3m_lib_dir() * image.c (getCharSize): s/LIB_DIR/w3m_lib_dir()/ * image.c (openImgdisplay): ditto * image.c (getImageSize): ditto From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-3
2002-02-14 03:47[w3m-dev 03048] garbage of images on the right edge of termical. * display.c (redrawLineImage): fix width calculation From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-02-13 17:24* [w3m-dev 03053] Re: SSL indicator * main.c (dump_extra): Output SSL certificate. From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+22-0
2002-02-12 08:52* [w3m-dev 03038] LDFLAGS * XMakefile: refer to LDFLAGS when linking * configure: add -ldflags=* From: Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>ukai3+18-7
2002-02-12 08:43* [w3m-dev 03036] * display.c (displayBuffer): ifdef USE_SSL From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-02-09 15:27[w3m-dev 03034] check buf * frame.c (frame_download_source): buf->ssl_certificate can be used only if buf != NULL && buf != NO_BUFFER From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-1
2002-02-09 15:24fix indentukai1+2-2
2002-02-09 15:12[w3m-dev 03033] SSL indicator * display.c (displayBuffer): show SSL indicator From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-02-08 14:29[w3m-dev 03025] fix image loading on EWS4800 * image.c (loadImage): exit if symlink failed exit if fopen failed From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+11-3
2002-02-08 11:45[w3m-dev 03022] SSL certificates of frame body * frame.h (frame_body): add ssl_certificate * frame.c (frame_download_source): save ssl_certificate * map.c (append_frame_info): display ssl_certificate of frame_body From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+20-0
2002-02-08 11:37[w3m-dev 03021] Bug#132934: w3m should recognize file:/uris in chkURLBuffer function * main.c (chkURLBuffer): add "file:" From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-02-08 11:25add commentsukai1+6-0
2002-02-08 11:20[w3m-dev 03017] URI scheme is case insensitive * url.c (searchURIMethods): s/strcmp/strcasecmp/ From: Yuji Abe <cbo46560@pop12.odn.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-02-08 11:18[w3m-dev 03011] segmentation fault on <input> tag without <form> * file.c (process_input): tmp initialization fix From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+8-1
2002-02-07 14:44[emacs-w3m:02733] for emacs-w3m better rendering with inline image * main.c (MAIN): activeImage = TRUE when -halfdump & display_image=1 From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-0
2002-02-07 14:15[w3m-dev 03006] fix form order in table * file.c (process_form): static fix form index order method should be quoted * file.c (process_form): added * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): add form_id * html.c (ALST_FORM_INT): added * html.c (form_int): update From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+41-13
2002-02-07 14:02fix indentukai1+1-1
2002-02-06 17:24[w3m-dev 03005] fix Bad cert ident * istream.c (ssl_match_cert_ident): added * istream.c (ssl_check_cert_ident): use ssl_match_cert_ident() From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+39-14
2002-02-06 16:20[w3m-dev 02999] don't ask accept bad cert when background downloading * file.c (getAuthCookie): if QuietMessage, return NULL * file.c (inputAnswer): if QuietMessage, input "n" From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-0
2002-02-05 12:31[w3m-dev 02991] form support in w3m -halfdump foo.html|w3m -halfload * fm.h (DUMP_HALFEXTRA): deleted * proto.h (process_select): return Str * file.c (process_img): process_form() fix * file.c (process_input): process_form() fix * file.c (process_select): return Str process_form() fix * file.c (process_textarea): process_form() fix * file.c (process_form): support -halfdump * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): delete case HTML_FORM_INT, HTML_N_FORM_INT process_{form,select,textarea}() fix * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): support -halfload HTML_INTERNAL, HTML_N_INTERNAL, HTML_FORM_INT, HTML_FORM_INT, HTML_TEXTAREA_INT, HTML_N_TEXTAREA_INT, HTML_SELECT_INT, HTML_N_SELECT_INT, HTML_OPTION_INT, HTML_TITLE_ALT * file.c (print_internal_information): fix -halfdump * file.c (loadHTMLstream): no DUMP_HALFEXTRA * html.h: add HTML_INTERNAL, HTML_N_INTERNAL, HTML_SELECT_INT, HTML_N_SELECT_INT, HTML_OPTION_INT, HTML_TEXTAREA_INT, HTML_N_TEXTAREA_INT * html.c (ALST_TEXTAREA_INT): added * html.c (ALST_SELECT_INT): added * html.c: add <internal>, </internal>, <select_int>, </select_int> <option_int>, <textarea_int>, </textarea_int> * main.c (MAIN): delete -halfdump_extra dont output <pre> by -halfdump * table.c (feed_table_tag): process_{form,select}() fix add case HTML_INTERNAL, HTML_N_INTERNAL, HTML_SELECT_INT, HTML_N_SELECT_INT, HTML_OPTION_INT, HTML_TEXTAREA_INT, HTML_N_TEXTAREA_INT, * tagtable.tab: add internal, /internal, select_int, /select_int option_int, textarea_int, /textarea_int From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+283-57
2002-02-05 11:58[w3m-dev 02990] * file.c (doFileCopy): use Strfgets() instead of fgets() * file.c (doFileSave): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+14-8
2002-02-05 03:45[w3m-dev 02989] * file.c (inputAnswer): use Strfgets() instead of fgets() From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-3
2002-02-05 01:15w3m - 2002-02-05ukai1+1-0
2002-02-05 01:14w3m - 2002-02-05ukai1+7-0
2002-02-04 15:26[w3m-dev 02984] inline image improvements and cleanups * config.h.dist (HAVE_SYMLINK) added * config.h.dist (HAVE_LSTAT): added * configure: symlink() check * configure: lstat() check * fm.h (maxLoadImage): added * form.c (form_write_from_file): s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ * image.c: include <sys/stat.h> * image.c (MAX_LOAD_IMAGE): default 8 * image.c (max_load_image): deleted * image.c (n_load_image): added * image.c (showImageProgress): added * image.c (loadImage): check load image count s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ (HAVE_SYMLINK) showImageProgress * local.c: include <sys/stat.h> s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ * rc.c (CMT_MAX_LOAD_IMAGE): added * rc.c (max_load_image): added * doc/README.img: update [w3m-dev 02986] * file.c (print_internal_information): Don't print boundaries. Use henv->f instead of stdout. From: TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp>ukai2+7-4
2002-02-04 15:20update NEWSukai1+3-0
2002-02-04 15:18[w3m-dev 02984] inline image improvements and cleanups * config.h.dist (HAVE_SYMLINK) added * config.h.dist (HAVE_LSTAT): added * configure: symlink() check * configure: lstat() check * fm.h (maxLoadImage): added * form.c (form_write_from_file): s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ * image.c: include <sys/stat.h> * image.c (MAX_LOAD_IMAGE): default 8 * image.c (max_load_image): deleted * image.c (n_load_image): added * image.c (showImageProgress): added * image.c (loadImage): check load image count s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ (HAVE_SYMLINK) showImageProgress * local.c: include <sys/stat.h> s/HAVE_READLINK/HAVE_LSTAT/ * rc.c (CMT_MAX_LOAD_IMAGE): added * rc.c (max_load_image): added * doc/README.img: update * doc-jp/README.img: updateukai11+175-78
2002-02-04 15:07indent breaks config.h Makefile partsukai1+2-0
2002-02-04 14:49[w3m-dev 02985] inputAnswer() and no "ssl_forbid_method" * file.c (inputAnswer): buf size is 80 * url.c (openSSLHandle): if old_ssl_forbid_method == ssl_forbid_method ssl path is not modified From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+12-4
2002-02-03 15:25[w3m-dev 02980] Re: code_to_str not found ifndef JP_CHARSET * backend.c (get_mime_charset_name): used only ifdef JP_CHARSET From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-1
2002-02-03 15:22[w3m-dev 02979] code_to_str not found ifndef JP_CHARSET * file.c (print_internal_information): ifdef JP_CHARSET From: Kazuhiko <kazuhiko@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-02-03 06:38[w3m-dev 02967] parallel image downloading * fm.h (ImageCache): add touch, pid * image.c (getCharSize): retry fscanf * image.c (drawImage): retry fflush * image.c (MAX_LOAD_IMAGE): added, default 4 * image.c (image_cache): change to ImageCache** * image.c (image_lock): added * image.c (load_image_handler): signal SIGUSR1 * image.c (load_image_next): signal SIGUSR1 * image.c (loadImage): parallel image downloading * image.c (getImage): initialize touch, pid * image.c (getImageSize): return value is TRUE or FALSE retry fscanf From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+164-79
2002-02-03 06:23[w3m-dev 02970] multiple -lnsl -lsocket * configure: merge bsdlib and extlib detection, use extlib only add ldflags to extlib (SYS_LIBRARIES): remove extlib (LOCAL_LIBRARIES): exlib only From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-15
2002-02-03 06:12[w3m-dev 02964] Print data of forms when halfdump option is set * backend.c (print_headers): print w3m-current-url and w3m-base-url * backend.c (print_formlist): deleted * backend.c (internal_get): remove "if (buf->formlist) {}" * file.c (print_internal_information): added * file.c (loadHTMLstream): if halfdump, print_internal_information if w3m_backend, print_internal_information * fm.h (DUMP_HALFEXTRA): added * main.c (-halfdump_extra): added From: TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp>ukai5+85-33
2002-02-01 14:06[w3m-dev 02972]inu1+5-0
2002-02-01 13:58for SunOS 4.1.xinu2+3-1
2002-02-01 05:01[w3m-dev 02968] fix problem with Netscape-Enterprise WWW-authenticate * file.c (findAuthentication): token is case insensitive From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-01-31 18:40[w3m-dev 02961] halfdump image is not consistent * file.c (flushline): check f * file.c (do_blankline): fix blanklink conditions From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-6
2002-01-31 18:28gcc -Wall -Werror safe * anchor.c (addMultirowsImg): unused variable: fi * display.c (redrawLineImage): unused variable: ncol * file.c (process_img): uninitialized variables: r2, ni, w0, i0, ismap unused variable: url, ext * file.c (loadHTMLstream): need volatile image_flag * image.c (image_index): int * image.c (getCharSize): need prototype * image.c (getImage): uninitialized variable: key return NULL * map.c (follow_map_menu): used only USE_IMAGE: px, py, map * map.c (newMapArea): used only USE_IMAGE: p, i, max * proto.h (addMultirowsImg): added * w3mimgdisplay.c (main): format string fix * w3mimgdisplay.c (DrawImage): need (Pixmap) castukai9+65-37
2002-01-31 17:54w3m-img merge (w3m-0.2.4+cvs-1.278-img-2.2.patch.gz) * NEWS: w3m-img merge * .cvsignore: add w3mimgdisplay, w3mimgsize * XMakefile: add image.c to SRCS add image.o to OBJS add IMGDISPLAY, IMGSIZE * config.h.dist: USE_IMAGE, IMGSIZE, IMGDISPLAY * configure: add find_imlib ask use_image (config.h) add $imgtarget to EXT_TARGETS $def_use_image IMGSIZE, IMGDISPLAY * fm.h (MAX_IMAGE): added * fm.h (DEFAULT_PIXEL_PER_CHAR): fix for USE_IMAGE * fm.h (DEFAULT_PIXEL_PER_LINE): added * fm.h (B_REDRAW_IMAGE): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_SKIP): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_AUTO): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_START): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_STOP): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_NEXT): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_UNLOADED): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_LOADED): added * fm.h (IMG_FLAG_ERROR): added * fm.h (MapArea): added * fm.h (MapList): s/urls/alts/, add area * fm.h (ImageCache): added * fm.h (Image): added * fm.h (Anchor): add image * fm.h (Buffer): add imarklist, image_flag, need_reshape * fm.h (RG_FRAME_SRC): added * fm.h (ALIGN_MIDDLE): added * fm.h (ALIGN_TOP): added * fm.h (ALIGN_BOTTOM): added * fm.h (QuietMessage): added * fm.h (Imgdisplay): added * fm.h (Imgsize): added * fm.h (activeImage): added * fm.h (displayImage): added * fm.h (autoImage): added * fm.h (useExtImageViewer): added * fm.h (image_source): added * fm.h (view_unseenobject): change default if USE_IMAGE * fm.h (set_pixel_per_char): added * fm.h (pixel_per_line): added * fm.h (set_pixel_per_line): added * fm.h (image_scale): added * proto.h (dispI): added * proto.h (stopI): added * proto.h (deleteImage): added * proto.h (getAllImage): added * proto.h (loadImage): added * proto.h (getImage): added * proto.h (getImageSize): added * proto.h (process_img): add width arg * proto.h (loadImageBuffer): added * proto.h (follow_map_menu): add a_img arg * proto.h (getMapXY): added * proto.h (newMapArea): added * proto.h (touch_cursor): added * proto.h (cURLcode): added * proto.h (initImage): added * proto.h (termImage): added * proto.h (addImage): added * proto.h (drawImage): added * proto.h (clearImage): added * anchor.c (addMultirowsImg): added * buffer.c (discardBuffer): deleteImage if USE_IMAGE * buffer.c (reshapeBuffer): buf->need_reshape check * display.c (fmTerm): if activeImage, stop load image * display.c (fmInit): if displayImage, initImage * display.c (image_touch): added * display.c (draw_image_flag): added * display.c (redrawLineImage): added * display.c (displayBuffer): buf->need_reshape = TRUE mode == B_REDRAW_IMAGE image flag checks force redraw image in mode == B_REDRAW_IMAGE displayBuffer if need reshape drawImage * display.c (redrawNLine): redrawLineImage * display.c (redrawLineImage): added * display.c (disp_message_nsec): return immediately if QuietMessage * etc.c (reset_signals): ignore SIGUSR1 * file.c (frame_source): added * file.c (_MoveFile): added * file.c (cur_baseURL): added * file.c (cur_document_code): added * file.c (cur_iseq): added * file.c (loadGeneralFile): fix fmInitialized and prevtrap checks save cur_baseURL image_source load loadImageBuffer for "image/*" frame_source flag fix b->type when proc is loadImageBuffer * file.c (process_img): add width arg parse height and width attr, align fix for inline-image * file.c (process_input): fix for form <input type="image"> * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): pass h_env->limit to process_img() fix <img_alt> for inline-image save cur_baseURL * file.c (HTMLlineproc2body): fix <img_alt> for inline-image * file.c (loadHTMLstream): fix for inline-image fix fmInitialized and prevtrap checks save cur_document_code save image_flag * file.c (loadGopherDir): save cur_document_code fix fmInitialized and prevtrap checks * file.c (loadImageBuffer): added for inline-image * file.c (save2tmp): fix fmInitialized and prevtrap checks * frame.c (frame_download_source): set RG_FRAME_SRC flag image check * funcname.tab (DISPLAY_IMAGE): added * funcname.tab (STOP_IMAGE): added * html.c (ALST_IMG): add align, ismap * html.c (ALST_AREA): add shape, coords * html.c (ALST_IMG_ALT): add width, height, usemap, ismap, hseq, xoffset, yoffset, top_margin, bottom_margin * html.c (AttrMap): add shape, coords, ismap, xoffset, yoffset * html.h (ATTR_SHAPE): added * html.h (ATTR_COORDS): added * html.h (ATTR_ISMAP): added * html.h (ATTR_XOFFSET): added * html.h (ATTR_YOFFSET): added * html.h (ATTR_TOP_MARGIN): added * html.h (ATTR_BOTTOM_MARGIN): added * html.h (SHAPE_UNKNOWN): added * html.h (SHAPE_DEFAULT): added * html.h (SHAPE_RECT): added * html.h (SHAPE_CIRCLE): added * html.h (SHAPE_POLY): added * image.c: added * main.c (fversion): add USE_IMAGE * main.c (fusage): -ppl option * main.c (MAIN): set_pixel_per_char if ppc specified -ppl option loadImage * main.c (pushBuffer): deleteImage * main.c (quitfm): termImage * main.c (selBuf): deleteImage * main.c (followA): fix for inline-image and map area * main.c (query_from_followform): getMapXY() * main.c (setOpt): displayBuffer B_REDRAW_IMAGE * main.c (follow_map): fix calculate x, y * main.c (dispI): added * main.c (stopI): added * map.c: include <math.h> * map.c (inMapArea): added * map.c (follow_map_menu): add a_img arg to handle inline-image * map.c (follow_map_panel): use MapArea * map.c (getMapXY): added * map.c (newMapArea): added * menu.c (smChBuf): deleteImage * parsetagx.c (toAlign): align top, bottom, middle * rc.c (P_SCALE): added * rc.c (CMT_PIXEL_PER_LINE): added * rc.c (CMT_DISP_IMAGE): added * rc.c (CMT_AUTO_IMAGE): added * rc.c (CMT_EXT_IMAGE_VIEWER): added * rc.c (CMT_IMAGE_SCALE): added * rc.c (CMT_IMGDISPLAY): added * rc.c (CMT_IMGSIZE): added * rc.c (show_param): P_PIXELS * rc.c (set_param): P_PIXELS * rc.c (sync_with_option): initImage * rc.c (to_str): P_PIXELS * table.c (feed_table_tag): fix <img> for inline-image * tagtable.tab (image): added * terms.c (wgetch): retry read when EINTR or EAGAIN * terms.c (touch_cursor): added * w3mimgdisplay.c: added * w3mimgsize.c: added * doc/README.func (DISPLAY_IMAGE): added * doc/README.func (STOP_IMAGE): added * doc/README.img: added * doc-jp/README.func (DISPLAY_IMAGE): added * doc-jp/README.func (STOP_IMAGE): added * doc-jp/README.img: added * scripts/w3mhelp.cgi.in: show dispI, stopI * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: inline image support From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai34+2987-193
2002-01-31 15:54version.c.in: 0.2.5+cvs From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2002-01-31 15:26[w3m-dev 02960] inflate without memmove() * inflate.c: rewrite without memmove() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+64-150
2002-01-31 15:00w3m 0.2.5ukai5+14-6
2002-01-31 14:03inflate.c: support raw deflate without zlib header From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+160-45
2002-01-31 09:43[w3m-dev 02955] compression_decoders error message * file.c (uncompress_stream): redirect stderr * inflate.c (main): print error message From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+16-3
2002-01-31 04:49[w3m-dev 02949] fix for #undef USE_MIGEMO * main.c (dispincsrch): need #ifdef USE_MIGEMO From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+14-8
2002-01-31 03:55[w3m-dev 02946] toggle migemo * fm.h (migemo_active): added * proto.h (inputLineHistSearch): add arg `prop' to incrfunc() * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): ditto * main.c (isrch): ditto * main.c (dispincsrch): ditto C-\ toggle migemo underline when migemo is active * search.c (migemo_active): deleted * search.c (migemo_running): added * search.c (init_migemo): migemo_running * search.c (migemostr): ditto * search.c (forwardSearch): migemo_active > 0 * search.c (backwardSearch): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+50-15
2002-01-30 17:48[w3m-dev 02942] Digest qop=auth support * file.c (http_auth): add request to cred() arg * file.c (AuthBasicCred): ditto * file.c (AuthDigestCred): ditto * file.c (AuthDigestCred): support algorithm=MD5, MD5-sess qop=auth, auth-int * file.c (qstr_unquote): return NULL if input is NULL * file.c (none_auth_param): added * file.c (findAuthentication): skip weak or unknown auth * file.c (getAuthCookie): add request to arg * file.c (loadGeneralFile): add request to getAuthCookie() From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+152-32
2002-01-30 15:16[w3m-dev 02934] add auth cookie with unquoted realm * file.c (loadGeneralFile): need unquote realm From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-01-30 15:08[w3m-dev 02933] segmentation fault when w3m -dump https: * file.c (readHeader): use inputAnswer() * file.c (getAuthCookie): remove term_cbreak() * file.c (checkOverWrite): use inputAnswer() * file.c (inputAnswer): added * istream.c (ssl_get_certificate): use inputAnswer() * main.c (qquitfm): change prompt * proto.h (inputAnswer): added From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+52-34
2002-01-30 04:42[w3m-dev 02931] use POST in multipart.cgi * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: support POST method From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+28-7
2002-01-30 04:27[w3m-dev 02930] Re: fixed w3mmail.cgi * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (lang_header_default): [=_?] should be encoded * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (lang_body_default): '=' should be encoded From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-01-30 04:25[w3m-dev 02929] Re: fixed w3mmail.cgi * file.c (openPagerBuffer): use content_charset as document_code * file.c (getNextPage): code is document_code or DocumentCode From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-2
2002-01-29 19:16indentukai1+1-1
2002-01-29 19:08[w3m-dev 02928] RFC2617: HTTP Digest authentication * NEWS: RFC2617: HTTP Digest authentication * config.h.dist (USE_DIGEST_AUTH): added * configure (use_digest_auth): added, enabled when openssl found (because it used openssl/md5.h) * file.c (auth_param): added * file.c (http_auth): added * file.c (extract_auth_val): added * file.c (qstr_unquote): added * file.c (extract_auth_param): added * file.c (get_auth_param): added * file.c (AuthBasicCred): added * file.c (digest_hex): added * file.c (AuthDigestCred): added * file.c (basic_auth_param): added * file.c (digest_auth_param): added * file.c (www_auth): added * file.c (findAuthentication): added * file.c (getAuthCookie): rewrite, use http_auth * file.c (loadGeneralFile): HRequest hr * file.c (loadGeneralFile): use findAuthentication, new getAuthCookie * proto.h (HTTPrequestMethod): added * proto.h (HTTPrequestURI): added * proto.h (openURL): add `hr' arg * url.c (HTTPrequestMethod): added * url.c (HTTPrequestURI): added * url.c (HTTPrequest): use HTTPrequestMethod and HTTPrequestURI * url.c (openURL): add `hr' arg From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+432-70
2002-01-29 17:16[w3m-dev 02927] mailto: POST method with w3mmail.cgi * file.c (loadGeneralFile): pass request even if SCM_UNKNOWN (for external URI loader) * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: support POST method From: SASAKI Takeshi <sasaki@ct.sakura.ne.jp>ukai3+40-5
2002-01-29 16:31[w3m-dev 02926] fixed w3mmail.cgi * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: dont MIME encode for preview * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (lang_body): add 7bit/8bit flag arg * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: fix hidden from value * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (lang_setup): check $LC_ALL, $LC_CTYPE * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (lang_header_default): fix MIME encode word From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+28-12
2002-01-29 16:23[w3m-dev 02920] don't use inttypes.h and/or stdint.h * mktable.c: remove inttypes.h, uintptr_t, use unsigned long instead * configure: remove inttypes.h detection * config.h.dist: remove HAVE_INTTYPES_H From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+10-26
2002-01-29 03:23[w3m-dev 02921] use inttypes.h instead of stdint.h * configure: check inttypes.h instead of stdint.h * config.h.dist: s/STDINT_H/INTTYPES_H/ * mktable.c: use inttypes.h instead of stdint.h From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+29-13
2002-01-28 14:44[w3m-dev 02919] no need of width * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: no need width=80 for header field name From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-6
2002-01-28 14:42[w3m-dev 02919] wrong table width calculation * table.c (set_table_matrix0): refine width calculation From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-17
2002-01-27 18:59[w3m-dev 02918] fixed scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: add width=80 for header field name * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in (url_unquote): use pack instead of chr From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+13-7
2002-01-26 17:24[w3m-dev 02914] * history.c (copyHist): added * history.h (copyHist): ditto * main.c (goURL0): copyHist(URLHist), push current and anchor URLs default set by DefaultURLString From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+43-11
2002-01-25 17:25[w3m-dev 02913] wrong table width calculation * table.c (set_table_matrix0): refine width calculation From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+34-5
2002-01-25 15:28update NEWSukai1+3-1
2002-01-25 15:20[w3m-dev 02875] rendering a table with inconsistent colspan,rowspan * table.c (feed_table_tag): don't clear HTT_X|HTT_Y, instead, if set these flags, break the loop From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-0
2002-01-25 15:13indent commentukai1+2-2
2002-01-25 15:10[w3m-dev 02909] wrong table width calculation (sf.net Bug#506949) * table.c (correct_table_matrix4): added * table.c (set_table_matrix0): use correct_table_matrix4() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+46-12
2002-01-25 14:59[w3m-dev 02908] document code of frame * frame.c (renderFrame): save document_code if JP_CHARSET From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-01-25 14:55[w3m-dev 02904] * rc.c (N_STR): use cpp stringification From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+11-0
2002-01-24 17:46[w3m-dev 02902] mouse inactive after ALARM commands. * main.c (SigAlarm): mouse_inactive() and mouse_active() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+13-0
2002-01-24 17:29[w3m-dev 02901] Default URL for GOTO* * fm.h (DEFAULT_URL_*): added * fm.h (DefaultURLString): added * main.c (cmd_loadURL): add arg "referer" * main.c (goURL0): 2nd arg is "relative" flag check DefaultURLString if relative, then current and referer is set * main.c (ldhelp): cmd_loadURL arg changes * main.c (deletePrevBuf): ditto * main.c (cmd_loadBuffer): ditto * main.c (adBmark): ditto * main.c (follow_map): ditto * rc.c (CMT_DEFAULT_URL): added * rc.c (defaulturls): added * rc.c (params9): add "default_url"ukai4+74-16
2002-01-24 17:07[w3m-dev 02901] DNS_ORDER_* * fm.h (DNS_ORDER_*): added * rc.c (dnsorders): use N_S(DNS_ORDER_*) From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+13-4
2002-01-24 16:59[w3m-dev 02901] ACCEPT_BAD_COOKIE_* * file.c (readHeader): accept_bad_cookie is one of ACCEPT_BAD_COOKIE_* * fm.h (PERHAPS): deleted * fm.h (ACCEPT_BAD_COOKIE_*): added * rc.c (n_s): added * rc.c (N_S): added * rc.c (badcookiestr): use N_S(ACCEPT_BAD_COOKIE_*) From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+27-10
2002-01-23 17:57[w3m-dev 02896] fid attr value should be in sequence * table.c (feed_table_tag): s/line/""/ for HTML_FORM,HTML_N_FORM From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2002-01-23 17:19[w3m-dev 02894] Re: goURL * file.c (HTMLtagproc1): s/goURL/gorURL/ * keybind.c (EscKeymap): M-u = GOTO_RELATIVE * keybind_lynx.c (EscKeymap): ditto * doc/keymap.default: ditto * doc/keymap.lynx: ditto * doc-jp/keymap.default: ditto * doc-jp/keymap.lynx: ditto * main.c (MAIN): add $HTTP_HOME or $WWW_HOME to history * main.c (MAIN): add history even if it is local file or local cgi * main.c (goURL0): change args, def_url -> current * main.c (goURL0): delete ParsedURL *b_url * main.c (goURL0): add Buffer *cur_buf * main.c (goURL0): if current is supplied, use its URL as default * main.c (goURL0): add URL to history if loadURL succeeded * main.c (goURL): change args for goURL0() * main.c (gorURL): ditto From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+42-19
2002-01-22 17:34[w3m-dev 02889] fix scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: return "" instead of next From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-01-22 16:59[w3m-dev 02885] Re: goURL * funcname.tab (GOTO_RELATIVE): added * main.c (goURL0): renamed from goURL don't add http:// here, if base URL is NULL, cmd_loadURL() will add http:// when necessary * main.c (goURL): go to URL with current URL * main.c (gorURL): go to relative URL * proto.h (gorURL): added * doc/README.func (GOTO_RELATIVE): added * doc-jp/README.func (GOTO_RELATIVE): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+38-14
2002-01-22 10:45[w3m-dev-en 00670] GOTO behavior change * main.c (goURL): default URL is current URL if retry_http specified, and inputed URL is not absolute URL add http:// to top of urlukai3+23-4
2002-01-22 06:53[w3m-dev 02880] URI_PATTERNukai1+1-0
2002-01-21 18:33[w3m-dev 02880] URI_PATTERN * url.c (URI_PATTERN): better match for % hex hex * url.c (chkExternalURIBuffer): don't use URI_PATTERN as format string From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-3
2002-01-21 17:57indentukai1+1-1
2002-01-21 17:57[w3m-dev 02879] reset signals * etc.c (reset_signals): added * etc.c (mySystem): use reset_signals() * file.c (uncompress_stream): use reset_signals() * proto.h (reset_signals): added * search.c (init_migemo): kill by SIGKILL * search.c (open_migemo): use reset_signals() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+40-9
2002-01-21 16:58url.c (URI_PATTERN): remove \ From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-1
2002-01-21 16:38[w3m-dev 02878] fix regexp [-...], [...-], []...] * regexp.c (newRegex0): if first char is `-' or ']' after '[', it isn't meta char. if last char in [..] is `-', it isn't meta char. From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-1
2002-01-21 15:56[w3m-dev 02877] some fixes for urimethodmap * config.h.dist (RC_DIR): remove tailing / * configure (mailer): if use_w3mmailer = y, don't ask mailer * configure (RC_DIR): remove tailing / * fm.h (Mailer): ifndef USE_W3MMAILER * main.c (MAIN): ifndef USE_W3MMAILER getenv("MAILER") * rc.c ("mailer"): ifndef USE_W3MMAILER * regex.c (newRegex0): \ escape kanji chars * url.c (searchURIMethods): need escape for - * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: move $url, $qurl * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: url_unquote $to From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+45-15
2002-01-20 17:06[w3m-dev 02876] w3mmail.cgi.in backport from w3mmee * action='file://$0' * don't add \n to $body's tail * $body =~ s/\r+\n/\n/g; * s/@cmd/@opt/ * url_unquote: + should be unquote too From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+14-4
2002-01-18 13:09[w3m-dev 02873] delete "decode MIME-body" in doc{,-jp}/README * doc-jp/README: delete "decode MIME-body" * doc/README: ditto From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+6-3
2002-01-18 13:06[w3m-dev 02872] EWS4800 sh doesn't work ${param-word} * configure (use_migemo): change migemo URL * configure (def_migemo_command): fix for EWS4800 * configure (def_image_viewer): ditto * configure (def_audio_player): ditto From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+12-4
2002-01-17 15:49[w3m-dev 02871] ignore SIGCHLD (for at least EWS4800) * search.c (open_migemo): signal(SIGCHLD, SIG_IGN); From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-01-17 15:05[w3m-dev 02870] don't kill migemo by SIGINT * main.c (w3m_exit): init_migemo() to kill migemo * search.c: #include <unistd.h> * search.c (migemo_active): added * search.c (migemo_pid): added * search.c (init_migemo): migemo_active = use_migemo * search.c (init_migemo): kill migemo_pid * search.c (open_migemo): s/pid/migemo_pid/ * search.c (open_migemo): setpgrp() * search.c (open_migemo): s/use_migemo/migemo_active/ * search.c (migemostr): ditto * search.c (forwardSearch): ditto * search.c (backwardSearch): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+37-8
2002-01-17 11:06[w3m-dev 02867] mark URL for external URIs * main.c (chkURLBuffer): chkExternalURIBuffer() * proto.h (chkExternalURIBuffer): added * url.c (chkExternalURIBuffer): added From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+40-0
2002-01-17 10:29[w3m-dev 02866] * search.c: #include <signal.h> * search.c (open_migemo): ignore SIG_INT for migemo process * search.c (open_migemo): close_tty() * search.c (open_migemo): use execl() instead of system() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+12-1
2002-01-17 09:26[w3m-dev 02865] * search.c (open_migemo): add flush_tty() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-01-17 09:24[w3m-dev 02864] def_migemo_command * configure (def_migemo_command): default is migemo -t egrep /usr/local/share/migemo/migemo-dict From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-1
2002-01-16 19:18[w3m-dev 02863] discard migemo error message * search.c (open_migemo): close stderr From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-0
2002-01-16 19:05run make indentukai3+13-12
2002-01-16 19:02[w3m-dev 02862] SIGPIPE for migemo support * main.c (SigPipe): added * main.c (MAIN): signal(SIGPIPE, ) * search.c: #include <errno.h> * search.c (migemostr): check fflush() error * search.c (migemostr): check result string (empty is err) * search.c (migemostr): if error occured, disable use_migemo From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+44-1
2002-01-16 17:22[w3m-dev 02861] IPv6 configuration check * configure: force "#define INET6" if socket(AF_INET6, SOCK_STREAM, 0) failed but use_ipv6=y in config.param From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+14-0
2002-01-16 16:52highlight for incremental searchukai2+2-0
2002-01-16 16:49[w3m-dev 02859] * config.h.dist (DEF_MIGEMO_COMMAND): added * configure (DEF_MIGEMO_COMMAND): added * fm.h (migemo_command): initial value is DEF_MIGEMO_COMMAND * main.c (migemostr): remove here, move search.c * main.c (srchcore): dont migemostr() here * proto.h (init_migemo): added * rc.c (sync_with_option): init_migemo() * search.c (init_migemo): added * search.c (open_migemo): added * search.c (migemostr): communicate background migemo * search.c (forwardSearch): if regexCompile for migemostr failed, try original str * search.c (backwardSearch): ditto From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai8+120-24
2002-01-16 16:11[w3m-dev 02855] * main.c (dispincsrch): for C-s C-s, revert some changes From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+14-6
2002-01-16 15:37[w3m-dev 02854] highlight for incremental search * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_START): added * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_END): added * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_START_C): added * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_END_C): added * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_START_M): added * display.c (EFFECT_MARK_END_M): added * display.c: define_effect for MARK_{START,END} * display.c (mark_mode): added * display.c (redrawLine): if mark_mode * display.c (do_effects): do_effect2(PE_MARK, ...) * display.c (do_effects): do_effect1(PE_MARK, ...) * fm.h (P_EFFECT): changed to 0x01ff * fm.h (PE_MARK): moved * fm.h (mark_color): added * linein.c (inputLineHistSearch): incrfunc(int ch, Str str) * main.c (clear_mark): added * main.c (dispincsrch): remove arg `x', `y' * main.c (dispincsrch): move SAVE_BUFPOSITION() * main.c (srch): if (result & SR_FOUND) clear_mark() * main.c (cmd_mark): PE_MARK * main.c (nextMk): s/PM_MARK/PE_MARK/ * main.c (prevMk): s/PM_MARK/PE_MARK/ * proto.h (inputLineHistSearch): change prototype incfunc() * rc.c (CMT_MARK_COLOR): added * rc.c (params2): add "mark_color" * search.c (set_mark): added * search.c (forwardSearch): use set_mark() * search.c (backwardSearch): use set_mark() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+115-46
2002-01-16 04:38[w3m-dev 02851] * regex.c (newRegex0): fix return NULL; From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-01-16 02:51[w3m-dev 02847] * menu.c (initSelectMenu): use /* */ instead of // From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+6-1
2002-01-16 02:50[w3m-dev 02846] * regex.c (newRegex0): check msg From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-2
2002-01-15 18:26[w3m-dev 02845] * regex.c (newRegex0): check regex->storage[STORAGE_MAX] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-01-15 17:46[w3m-dev 02843] w3mmail.cgi.in update * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: add $SENDMAIL_OPT change html From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+69-42
2002-01-15 17:23[w3m-dev 02841] migemo patch * NEWS: migemo support * config.h.dist (USE_MIGEMO): added * configure: add use_migemo * fm.h (use_migemo): added * fm.h (migemo_command: added * main.c (fversion): add "migemo" * main.c (migemostr): added * main.c (srchcore): if use_migemo, use migemostr * rc.c (CMT_USE_MIGEMO): added * rc.c (CMT_MIGEMO_COMMAND): added * rc.c (params3): add use_migemo, migemo_command From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+68-1
2002-01-15 16:30* main.c (fversion): add "external-uri-loader,w3mmailer" From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-0
2002-01-15 16:13[w3m-dev 02840] * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: use LOCAL_COOKIE * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: no need HTTP response header * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: fix typo $nkf_NKF * scripts/w3mmail.cgi.in: eval { use NKF; } is perl5ism * scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in: ditto From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+22-7
2002-01-15 16:07* [w3m-dev 02835] * rc.c: move label_topline, nextpage_topline from param3 to param1 param7 is SSL Settingukai2+16-10
2002-01-15 15:58run make indentukai1+6-6
2002-01-15 05:50[w3m-dev 02834] mailto: use external programukai2+2-0
2002-01-15 05:41ignore w3mmail.cgiukai2+2-0
2002-01-15 05:40[w3m-dev 02834] mailto: use external programukai1+15-0
2002-01-15 05:36add w3mmail.cgi.inukai1+287-0
2002-01-15 03:45file.c (loadGeneralFile): return NULL, not NO_BUFFERukai2+12-8
2002-01-15 03:45[w3m-dev 02834] mailto: use external programukai5+30-7
2002-01-14 16:31[w3m-dev 02833] ssl_forbid_method in SSL Setting From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+25-23
2002-01-14 15:59[w3m-dev 02832] external URI loader support From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai10+152-3
2002-01-14 15:59[w3m-dev 02832] external URI loader support From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+23-0
2002-01-12 15:34[w3m-dev 02828] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-0
2002-01-12 13:33[w3m-dev 02829] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+174-167
2002-01-12 11:44[w3m-dev 02827] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-12
2002-01-11 20:51[w3m-dev 02823] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-2
2002-01-11 20:48[w3m-dev 02822] Print FTP directory list for -dump_extra option From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+1-0
2002-01-11 20:11run make indentukai1+21-21
2002-01-11 20:05[w3m-dev 02822] Print FTP directory list for -dump_extra option From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+48-14
2002-01-11 03:00run make indentukai1+1-2
2002-01-11 02:242002-01-11 Akinori Ito <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>a-ito3+11-3
2002-01-10 16:11[w3m-dev 02818] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-0
2002-01-10 15:43[w3m-dev 02817]ukai2+6-1
2002-01-10 15:39[w3m-dev 02815] From: aito@fw.ipsj.or.jpukai6+56-39
2002-01-10 04:55[w3m-dev 02811] new regexp implementation From: aito@fw.ipsj.or.jpukai4+529-155
2002-01-10 03:45[w3m-dev 02810] From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai3+10-4
2002-01-07 16:28[w3m-dev 02794] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-16
2002-01-07 14:00version.c.in: 0.2.4+cvsukai2+5-1
2002-01-07 13:27w3m 0.2.4ukai5+16-9
2002-01-05 16:13[w3m-dev 02781] Re: Bug#127883: w3m tries to use xv as default From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+26-2
2002-01-04 19:14[w3m-dev 02779] ';' is valid in URL From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-4
2001-12-27 19:23[w3m-dev 02772]ukai1+1-0
2001-12-27 18:30add note about certukai1+60-1
2001-12-27 18:22[w3m-dev 02772] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+30-10
2001-12-27 18:01[w3m-dev 02770] form element outside <form>..</form> From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+32-3
2001-12-27 17:56[w3m-dev 02769] <form>..</form> as block element From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+14-0
2001-12-27 17:50[w3m-dev 02765] backend From: Hironori Sakamoto <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai4+30-17
2001-12-27 17:45[w3m-dev 02761] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+5-2
2001-12-27 17:43[w3m-dev 02760] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+13-2
2001-12-27 17:37[w3m-dev 02759] fold textarea From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+18-3
2001-12-27 17:23[w3m-dev 02757] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+15-10
2001-12-27 02:32fix #undef USE_SSL_VERIFY compile errorukai2+6-1
2001-12-27 02:28[w3m-dev 02753] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-77
2001-12-26 18:46[w3m-dev 02750] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+175-21
2001-12-26 18:29[w3m-dev 02749] cleanup code for editor,mailer,extbrowser From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+110-110
2001-12-26 18:17[w3m-dev 02748] cleanup code for restoring cursor position From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+117-105
2001-12-26 17:57[w3m-dev 02735] From: "OMAE, jun" <jun-o@dai.meta.ne.jp>ukai2+10-3
2001-12-26 13:00typoukai1+1-1
2001-12-26 12:58RFC2818 server identity check updateukai4+73-56
2001-12-26 12:18[w3m-dev 02743] RFC2818 server identity check From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+152-12
2001-12-26 01:57[w3m-dev 02715] bugfix in scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+10-1
2001-12-25 18:14[w3m-dev 02732] fix Debian Bug#126381 - Passwords entered for HTTPS are used for HTTP From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai6+29-12
2001-12-25 17:29[w3m-dev 02729] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+67-24
2001-12-25 16:54[#496613] LASTLINE in terms.cukai2+11-4
2001-12-25 16:49[#496610] #include <sys/wait.h>ukai4+14-0
2001-12-25 16:19[w3m-dev 02725] bcopy, bzero From: Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <zn@mbf.nifty.com>ukai3+4-2
2001-12-25 16:11[w3m-dev 02725] bcopy, bzero From: Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <zn@mbf.nifty.com>ukai3+34-26
2001-12-25 14:06[w3m-dev 02727] From: Kazuhiko <kazuhiko@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp>ukai3+10-3
2001-12-25 13:43[w3m-dev 02726] incremental search From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai11+183-9
2001-12-25 12:41[w3m-dev 02723] cleanup resizing From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai4+41-36
2001-12-25 09:59[w3m-dev 02721] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+22-0
2001-12-25 09:16[w3m-dev 02714] From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <katsuyuki_1.watanabe@toppan.co.jp>ukai2+9-0
2001-12-25 09:12[w3m-dev 02715] bugfix in scripts/multipart/multipart.cgi.in From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai1+5-0
2001-12-25 09:08[w3m-dev 02719] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+22-7
2001-12-23 16:30[w3m-dev 02702] fix problem with emacs-w3m in [w3m-dev 02699] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-8
2001-12-23 14:44[w3m-dev 02700] search refactoring From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+84-80
2001-12-23 14:31run make indentukai1+1-1
2001-12-23 14:24[w3m-dev 02699] initialization too late From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+25-0
2001-12-22 10:02[w3m-dev 02696] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2001-12-21 22:09w3mhelp*html is autogenerated filesukai1+4-0
2001-12-21 22:02[w3m-dev 02687] version number in w3mhelp-*.html (+[w3m-dev 02689]) From: Dai Sato <satodai@dog.intcul.tohoku.ac.jp>ukai10+616-603
2001-12-21 21:51[w3m-dev 02682] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai3+6-32
2001-12-21 21:42[w3m-dev 02692] w3m on linux/ia64 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+5-0
2001-12-21 21:37[w3m-dev 02692] w3m on linux/ia64 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+65-7
2001-12-21 20:30[w3m-dev 02690] RC_DIR in scripts From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai7+43-6
2001-12-21 20:28oops, +cvsukai1+1-1
2001-12-21 20:15w3m
2001-12-21 19:47w3m - security fix in w3m/scriptsukai2+29-0
2001-12-21 19:33w3m - security fix in w3m/scriptsukai8+21-9
2001-12-21 19:25more restrict tlangukai1+3-1
2001-12-21 19:21more restrict tlangukai1+1-0
2001-12-21 19:20mark insecureukai1+2-2
2001-12-21 18:33Security hole in multipart.cgi.in, w3mman2html.cgi.in From: Hironori Sakamoto <h-saka@lsi.nec.co.jp>ukai4+15-7
2001-12-21 02:11helpdir default PREFIX/share/w3mukai2+6-1
2001-12-20 13:17w3m
2001-12-20 12:39w3m
2001-12-20 12:34w3m
2001-12-20 12:32[w3m-dev 02683] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+11-3
2001-12-20 11:11changed for w3m-0.2.3inu7+11-6
2001-12-20 04:520.2.3-cvsukai2+5-1
2001-12-20 04:31w3m 0.2.3ukai2+6-1
2001-12-20 04:03w3m 0.2.3 rc3 From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-3
2001-12-20 03:39w3m 0.2.3 rc2 [w3m-dev 02678] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+29-9
2001-12-20 00:47w3m 0.2.3 rc1ukai1+1-0
2001-12-20 00:43sync with w3m-0.2.2-inu-1.1/gc, so Patches/ews4800 no longer neededukai3+3-176
2001-12-20 00:37sync with w3m-0.2.2-inu-1.1/gcukai53+1601-470
2001-12-19 18:16[w3m-dev 02655] print version and compile options Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+91-14
2001-12-19 16:24[w3m-dev 02672] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+14-15
2001-12-17 16:18[#493911] too few arguments to function `longjmpukai2+7-1
2001-12-17 16:13[#493906] missing #ifdef by Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA (znz)ukai2+10-0
2001-12-17 16:05[w3m-dev 02670] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+8-5
2001-12-17 15:54[w3m-dev 02669] delete cURLcode() From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+17-28
2001-12-17 15:42[w3m-dev 02668] install-sh: -e option of sh(1) From: Rin Okuyama <okuyama@cna.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2001-12-17 15:39[w3m-dev 02667] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+9-2
2001-12-15 18:33[w3m-dev 02666] resizing on xterm with gpm support From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+13-3
2001-12-15 17:25[w3m-dev 02664] install-sh -s option From: Rin Okuyama <okuyama@cna.ne.jp>ukai3+25-8
2001-12-14 17:58[w3m-dev 02663] fix prevA() cause loop From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2001-12-14 17:40run make indentukai1+126-115
2001-12-14 17:35[w3m-dev 02659] rc.c (show_srch_str) From: Rin Okuyama <okuyama@cna.ne.jp>ukai4+13-1
2001-12-14 17:13[w3m-dev 02657] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2001-12-14 17:10[w3m-dev 02656] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai4+16-13
2001-12-12 17:04[w3m-dev 02541] mouse support on cygwin From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai4+216-97
2001-12-10 17:02[w3m-dev 02651] search keymap using hash From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai17+176-126
2001-12-10 16:29[w3m-dev 02650] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2001-12-10 15:42[w3m-dev 02647] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai3+7-34
2001-12-10 15:27[w3m-dev 02648] rewrite strCmp() with strcmp() Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-8
2001-12-10 15:23[w3m-dev 02441] A patch against functions *_(un)?quote() From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai4+62-27
2001-12-10 15:04[w3m-dev 02647] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai3+6-38
2001-12-09 13:59[w3m-dev 02646] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai7+52-62
2001-12-08 15:55fix to prevent rcsid expansionukai1+5-0
2001-12-08 11:24fix to prevent rcsid expansionukai1+1-1
2001-12-07 19:50[w3m-dev 02641] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+18-7
2001-12-07 08:04[w3m-dev 02642] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+1-0
2001-12-07 08:01fix EMACS_LIKE_LINEEDITukai2+5-2
2001-12-07 07:58run "make indent"ukai2+3-4
2001-12-07 07:24[w3m-dev 02640] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+33-14
2001-12-07 07:20[w3m-dev 02638] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+52-1
2001-12-06 22:49add rcsidukai1+1-0
2001-12-06 22:45[w3m-dev 02637] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+19-14
2001-12-06 22:25[w3m-dev 02635] Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+8-2
2001-12-06 16:36run make indentukai2+4-3
2001-12-06 16:35[#489463] Host: header is wrong IPv6 literal addrukai2+11-1
2001-12-06 15:48[w3m-dev 02629] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+13-4
2001-12-06 15:44[w3m-dev 02633] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+8-2
2001-12-06 15:36install.sh -> install-shukai3+7-2
2001-12-06 15:31[w3m-dev 02622] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai7+49-13
2001-12-05 17:29[w3m-dev 02619] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-0
2001-12-04 18:57[w3m-dev 02618] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+6-1
2001-12-04 16:48[w3m-dev 02617] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+20-4
2001-12-04 16:33[w3m-dev 02616] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai4+28-4
2001-12-04 16:24[w3m-dev 02615] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+7-2
2001-12-04 16:17[w3m-dev 02614] cleanup Makefiles From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai5+106-35
2001-12-03 18:29[w3m-dev 02611] a improvement of find_cookie() From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai4+16-11
2001-12-03 18:17[w3m-dev 02609] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+5-4
2001-12-03 18:15[w3m-dev 02608] From: From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai3+9-3
2001-12-02 16:28[w3m-dev 02606] From: hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp (Hironori Sakamoto)ukai2+7-2
2001-12-02 16:26[w3m-dev 02605] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai16+62-31
2001-12-02 14:27[w3m-dev 02604] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+8-1
2001-12-02 13:16[w3m-dev 02603] From: hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp (Hironori Sakamoto) modified for perl4ukai2+34-24
2001-11-30 19:59run make indentukai1+1-1
2001-11-30 19:37fix typoukai1+3-3
2001-11-30 18:06[w3m-dev 02601] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai11+186-28
2001-11-30 16:56[w3m-dev 02600] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai1+2-0
2001-11-30 16:48[w3m-dev 02600] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+265-13
2001-11-30 16:35add ALARM, SUBMITukai3+7-0
2001-11-30 15:21config.h.dist updatedukai2+28-9
2001-11-30 14:06modify AcceptLangukai3+14-12
2001-11-30 11:11run make indentukai1+3-2
2001-11-30 11:10[w3m-dev 02599] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+7-4
2001-11-30 11:06[w3m-dev 02598] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-2
2001-11-30 10:49[w3m-dev 02597] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+33-8
2001-11-30 10:30[w3m-dev 02596] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-3
2001-11-30 10:27[w3m-dev 02595] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+28-18
2001-11-30 10:10[w3m-dev 02593] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai7+20-32
2001-11-30 10:00run make indentukai3+15-14
2001-11-30 09:54[w3m-dev 02592] Accept: and AcceptEncoding: From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai8+324-163
2001-11-30 04:56[w3m-dev 02590] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+9-2
2001-11-30 04:52[w3m-dev 02589] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+5-2
2001-11-29 11:09[w3m-dev 02588] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2001-11-29 10:48[w3m-dev 02587] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+4-1
2001-11-29 10:22[w3m-dev 02586] code cleanup again From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai8+123-94
2001-11-29 09:34[w3m-dev 02584] code cleanup again From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai23+302-201
2001-11-28 12:23[w3m-dev 02579] Use environment variables CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS From: Use environment variables CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS for defaultukai2+15-4
2001-11-27 18:29[w3m-dev 02574] sysconfdir From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai6+57-1
2001-11-27 18:23[w3m-dev 02578] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp> <input type="image">ukai6+48-27
2001-11-27 17:00[w3m-dev 02576] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+6-1
2001-11-27 16:55[w3m-dev 02571] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai3+14-0
2001-11-27 04:45[w3m-dev 02572] _peekURL() bug From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-1
2001-11-27 03:542001-11-27 aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp * Error correction on doc-jp/FAQ.htmla-ito16+892-140
2001-11-26 09:59[w3m-dev 02537] Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+6-1
2001-11-26 09:04[w3m-dev 02556] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+5-0
2001-11-26 09:01[w3m-dev 02555] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai5+42-3
2001-11-26 08:23[w3m-dev 02553] From: Yoshinobu Sakane <sakane@d4.bsd.nes.nec.co.jp>ukai2+7-2
2001-11-25 17:41[w3m-dev 02547] "message/*" as a kind of text type From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+7-1
2001-11-24 19:51[w3m-dev 02535] Name conflicts in configure From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+26-21
2001-11-24 16:32call of init_win32_console_handle deletedinu2+4-3
2001-11-24 15:45[w3m-dev 02533] setpgrp bug in configure From: Rin Okuyama <okuyama@cna.ne.jp>ukai2+8-2
2001-11-24 02:01run make indentukai60+4925-4643
2001-11-23 22:41[w3m-dev 02530] segfault for bad cookie from local From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+7-1
2001-11-23 22:25[w3m-dev 02529]ukai1+1-0
2001-11-23 22:10fix ask_choice bug ask/def parameter after model selectionukai2+48-31
2001-11-23 22:07add use_markukai3+22-0
2001-11-23 21:40add nextpage_toplineukai5+29-9
2001-11-23 21:22add label_toplineukai5+37-14
2001-11-23 21:06default is TRUEukai1+2-2
2001-11-23 21:05add vi_prec_numukai4+30-10
2001-11-23 20:50add emacs_like_lineeditukai4+59-28
2001-11-23 20:23add ftppass_hostnamegenukai4+20-1
2001-11-23 20:06[w3m-dev 02528] RFC2732 URL Patch From: Akihiro Sagawa <sagawa@sohgoh.net>ukai3+26-10
2001-11-23 19:00[w3m-dev 02526] new configure From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai9+483-500
2001-11-23 18:35[w3m-dev 02523] From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp> fix problem of anchor tag with name attribute onlyukai2+8-1
2001-11-22 19:44[w3m-dev 02511] From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai2+5-0
2001-11-22 15:02[w3m-dev 02509] cygwin mouse supportukai6+230-113
2001-11-22 14:15[w3m-dev 02503] From: aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp closes: Debian Bug#120540ukai2+23-0
2001-11-22 14:07[w3m-dev 02506] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai4+7-12
2001-11-22 13:59[w3m-dev 02505]ukai1+2-1
2001-11-22 13:53check alarmukai2+25-0
2001-11-22 13:43[w3m-dev 02501] Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai7+18-0
2001-11-22 13:35[w3m-dev 02498] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+8-3
2001-11-22 13:30[w3m-dev 02497] From: WATANABE Katsuyuki <katsuyuki_1.watanabe@toppan.co.jp>ukai3+9-18
2001-11-22 03:22[w3m-dev 02494] From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai2+10-3
2001-11-22 03:21[w3m-dev 02493] From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai2+7-2
2001-11-21 19:24[w3m-dev 02481] Re: #ifdef cleanup From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai15+226-222
2001-11-21 18:51[w3m-dev 02480] new configure From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+206-110
2001-11-21 16:29[w3m-dev 02479] #ifdef cleanups make -> $(MAKE)ukai15+192-181
2001-11-21 09:42[w3m-dev 02473] clean & install-scripts From: Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>ukai7+35-535
2001-11-21 09:21[w3m-dev 02470] Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai9+104-42
2001-11-21 09:09[w3m-dev 02472] cleanup CYGWIN macro From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai4+19-10
2001-11-21 04:292001-11-21 Akinori Ito <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>a-ito17+589-1807
2001-11-21 04:11add ML sequenceukai1+29-20
2001-11-21 03:58remove autogenerated files rename scripts/dirlist.in to scripts/dirlist.cgi.inukai7+11-1099
2001-11-20 17:49add rcsidsukai51+61-21
2001-11-20 16:46[w3m-dev 02454] line number From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai8+85-58
2001-11-20 15:16* XMakefile (clean): rm tagtable.c * .cvsignore: XXMakefile config.h config.paramukai3+9-1
2001-11-20 15:09[w3m-dev 02455] some suggestion From: Hironori Sakamoto <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp>ukai6+28-447
2001-11-20 13:17fix possible buffer overrunukai2+10-2
2001-11-20 08:43remove XXMakefile config.h config.h is moved to config.h.distukai4+238-376
2001-11-20 08:20[w3m-dev 02449] reimplemented meta refresh support From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai5+74-20
2001-11-20 08:15remove gcc warningsukai3+7-3
2001-11-20 08:11remove funcname.c funcname1.h funcname2.h; autogenerated filesukai5+5-311
2001-11-20 04:11remove gcc warningsukai9+40-70
2001-11-19 19:21[w3m-dev 02447] XTerm's mouse sequence should be skipped? From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+13-0
2001-11-19 19:19Gpm_Close() is required. closes: Debian Bug#120221: w3m-ssl: trashes terminal on exitukai2+9-0
2001-11-19 15:39XMakefile (funcname1.h funcname2.h): sort as well as funcname.c Subject: [w3m-dev 02444] funcname.tab must always be sorted From: Kiyokazu SUTO <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>ukai2+6-2
2001-11-19 08:17add cygwin as xterm-style mouse terminalukai2+20-3
2001-11-19 07:58[w3m-dev 02436] fix segmentation fault in main.c closes: #482763 segmentation fault in main.cukai2+16-15
2001-11-19 07:53.cvsignore exclude gctest, if_mach, if_not_there, threadlibsukai6+10-0
2001-11-16 22:02follow autoconf conventions, #include cleanupsukai24+175-174
2001-11-16 17:38tgetstr("Km", &pt) cannot be used to detect is_xtermukai2+15-12
2001-11-16 17:25[w3m-dev 02418] main.c: mailto: like pattern to mark as anchor search.c: check NULL add disp_message() by ukaiukai3+17-0
2001-11-16 13:28*** empty log message ***inu2+7-2
2001-11-16 05:55fix mouse handling on TERM=linuxukai2+17-7
2001-11-16 04:08ChangeLog updateukai1+3-3
2001-11-16 03:58[w3m-dev 02408] meta refresh From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai5+39-7
2001-11-16 03:43add ChangeLogukai1+26-0
2001-11-16 03:33[w3m-dev 02415] clean up temporary files From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai1+1-0
2001-11-16 03:32[w3m-dev 02414] stable SIGINT handling in HTMLlineproc0() From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp>ukai1+9-9
2001-11-16 03:30[w3m-dev 02413] Re: mark history bug From: Tsutomu Okada <okada@furuno.co.jp> When input invalid regex for mark regexp, "Invalid regular expression" is added to the history.ukai1+3-3
2001-11-15 01:53Rename version number 0.2.1-inu-1.6 as 0.2.2a-ito1+1-1
2001-11-15 00:32Update to w3m-0.2.1-inu-1.6.a-ito63+10873-190
2001-11-09 04:59Updates from 0.2.1 into 0.2.1-inu-1.5a-ito243+32801-21853
2001-11-08 05:14Initial revisiona-ito305+104642-0