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[w3m-dev 03762] Re: README.cygwin
* doc/README.cygwin: translated
From: Dai Sato <satodai@dog.intcul.tohoku.ac.jp>

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diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog @@ -1,3 +1,8 @@ +2003-02-21 Dai Sato <satodai@dog.intcul.tohoku.ac.jp> + + * [w3m-dev 03762] Re: README.cygwin + * doc/README.cygwin: translated + 2003-02-21 Hironori SAKAMOTO <hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp> * [w3m-dev 03761] eliminate compiler warnings diff --git a/doc/README.cygwin b/doc/README.cygwin @@ -0,0 +1,152 @@ +Using w3m on Cygwin + + 2003/02/20 + Katsuyuki Watanabe + Dai Sato + +You can use w3m on Windows with a UNIX compatible environment "Cygwin". For +detailed information of Cygwin, See http://cygwin.com/. + +Build + +After w3m-0.2, patches for Cygwin have been marged to w3m packages. If you use +cygwin-1.1.4 or later, w3m shuould be build without any problems. + +The newest version of termcap and ncurses package are recomended. Especially, +older versions of termcap have bugs in the entry for Cygwin which make the +screen collapsed. The problem was fixed in termcap-20001020-1. + +Please make sure to execute ./configure before the make. The macros explained +in "Macros" are defined by ./configure, and they are nessary to make this +package. When you have some problem in making w3m, please check the points +below: + + o Do make veryclean, then exec ./configure && make. + o Check gcc and binutils are properly installed. setup.exe might have + finished without reporting any errors, though the download of package + files was end in failure. In this case, you should try to setup again. + +Using Cygwin with Win95/98/ME, configure will not run correctly when +environment variable CYGWIN includes "ntsec" and/or "ntea", because shell +scripts will not have executable attribute. It is recomended to remove "ntsec" +and "ntea" from environment variable CYGWIN to load cygwin1.dll for the first +time. + +Macros + +The macros below are defined in config.h for Cygwin environment. + +USE_BINMODE_STREAM + With -dump, -dump_{head,source,both,extra} option, output to stdout are + done in binary mode. It might not been needed with cygwin-1.3.11 or later, + but remained for safe. + In common with Cygwin and EMX. +SUPPORT_DOS_DRIVE_PREFIX + The path names are handled as file names when they includes drive letters + like "C:", "C:/", "file://C:/", "file://C|/", and so on. + In common with Cygwin and EMX. +SUPPORT_NETBIOS_SHARE + URIs of common resources of NETBIOS in "//NETBIOSHOST/SHARE/PATH", + "file://NETBIOSHOST/SHARE/PATH" format are handled as file: schema instead + of ftp: schema. + Only for Cygwin environments. +SUPPORT_WIN9X_CONSOLE_MBCS + Search and line input to forms are supported. But input through IME is + available only with the local console when TERM=cygwin, and environment + variable CYGWIN is not include "tty". The restrictions avoid the problems + of the DOS prompt of Win9x and tty layer of Cygwin. For WinNT, the macro + doesn't change any behavior of w3m, IME is always available with local + consoles. + Only for Cygwin environments and LANG=JA. + +Cooperation with Native Applications + +When calling the Win32 Native Abblications, "File not found" errors might be +raised because of difference in formats of path name between Win32 and UNIX. + +Local CGIs + +Local CGIs in $LIB (/usr/local/lib/w3m/cgi-bin by default) use /usr/bin/perl. +If you want to use ActivePerl (a native application) and so on, please modify +the each scripts in $LIB with wrapper scripts as follows: + +------ /usr/local/bin/winperl ------ +#!/bin/sh +# wrapper script for Win32 Native Perl +PERL=/cygdrive/c/Perl/bin/perl.exe +case $1 in + -*) + ;; + *) + SCRIPT=`cygpath -w $1` + shift + ;; +esac +exec "$PERL" "$SCRIPT" $@ +------------------------------------ + +Where the PERL= is the path of Native Perl in Cygwin context. cygpath +utilities come with Cygwin packages. + +For directory listing, when "Use external program for directory listing" is +set "NO", you can browse the directory list without local CGIs. + +Editors + +w3m uses external editors to operate texts textareas and so on. You can use +any native application as the external editor with the script as below: + +------ /usr/local/lib/w3m/winedit ------ +#!/bin/sh +EDITOR='/cygdrive/c/Program Files/sakura/sakura.exe' +FILE=`cygpath -a -w $1` +exec "$EDITOR" "$FILE" +---------------------------------------- + +Where the EDITOR= is the path of Native Perl in Cygwin context. + +If you use inetd as a service in WinWinNT and connect to localhost by telnet, +the windows will be opened only if "デスクトップとの対話をサービスに許可" is +ON. + +Known Bugs + +LF is converted to CR+LF when use -dump or -dump-source options. + Make sure USE_BINMODE_STREAM was defined in compilation. Try to + re-configure and make, or set binmode to the environment variable CYGWIN. +Can't input through IME in DOS prompt of Win9x. + When "tty" is included in the environment variable CYGWIN, it is not + permitted to avoid problems in tty layer of Cygwin. Remove "tty" from + CYGWIN. +Cursor keys doesn't work when IME is ON in DOS prompt of Win9x. + This is the problem of DOS prompt of Win9x and tty layer of Cygwin. Use + C-f, C-b, C-p, and C-n instead. +Screen is not controled correctly in command prompt of WinNT. + Set the each size of screen buffer and window in a same value, and/or + disable the back scrolling. +Can't use the mouse with DOS prompt or command prompt. + When "簡易編集モード" is ON, mouse events are not handed to w3m. Set it + OFF. +Mouse buttons behave funny with DOS prompt or command prompt. + In cygwin-1.3.15 or earlier, the escape sequence of the right and center + button of the mouse are inverted. It is fixed in cygwin-1.3.16-1. Please + make w3m in the environment you use, because w3m can't judge the versions + of Cygwin perfectly, + +Others + +In Cygwin environment, it should be confortable to use not DOS prompt or +command prompt but telnet clients like TeraTerm, PuTTY, and so on with inetd +in localhost, or other tools as rxvt or cygterm. + + o rxvt: + rxvt on Cygwin + http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA021953/rxvt/ + compiled package + http://matsu-www.is.titech.ac.jp/~sohda/cygwin/dist/ + + o cygterm: + CygTerm - Yet another Cygwin console + http://www.dd.iij4u.or.jp/~nsym/cygwin/cygterm/ + +