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README.func (5331B)

      1 ABORT		Quit w3m without confirmation
      2 ACCESSSKEY	Popup acceskey menu
      3 ADD_BOOKMARK	Add current page to bookmark
      4 ALARM		Set alarm
      5 BACK		Back to previous buffer
      6 BEGIN		Go to the first line
      7 BOOKMARK	Read bookmark
      8 CENTER_H	Move to the center line
      9 CENTER_V	Move to the center column
     10 CHARSET		Change the current document charset
     11 CLOSE_TAB	Close current tab
     12 CLOSE_TAB_MOUSE	Close tab on mouse cursor (for mouse action)
     13 COMMAND		Execute w3m command(s)
     14 COOKIE		View cookie list
     15 DEFAULT_CHARSET	Change the default document charset
     16 DEFINE_KEY	Define a binding between a key stroke and a user command
     17 DELETE_PREVBUF  Delete previous buffer (mainly for local-CGI)
     18 DICT_WORD	Execute dictionary command (see README.dict)
     19 DICT_WORD_AT   Execute dictionary command for word at cursor
     20 DISPLAY_IMAGE	Restart loading and drawing of images
     21 DOWN		Scroll down one line
     22 DOWNLOAD	Save document source to file
     23 DOWNLOAD_LIST	Display download list panel
     24 EDIT		Edit current document
     25 EDIT_SCREEN	Edit currently rendered document
     26 END		Go to the last line
     27 EXEC_SHELL	Execute shell command
     28 EXIT		Quit w3m without confirmation
     29 EXTERN		Execute external browser
     30 EXTERN_LINK	View current link using external browser
     31 FRAME		Render frame
     32 GOTO		Go to URL
     33 GOTO_LINE	Go to specified line
     34 GOTO_LINK	Go to current link
     35 GOTO_RELATIVE	Go to relative URL
     36 HELP		View help
     37 HISTORY		View history of URL
     38 INFO		View info of current document
     39 INTERRUPT	Stop loading document
     40 INIT_MAILCAP    Reread mailcap (mainly for local-CGI)
     41 ISEARCH		Incremental search forward
     42 ISEARCH_BACK	Incremental search backward
     43 LEFT		Shift screen one column
     44 LINE_BEGIN	Go to the beginning of line
     45 LINE_END	Go to the end of line
     46 LINE_INFO	Show current line number
     47 LINK_BEGIN     Go to the first link
     48 LINK_END       Go to the last link
     49 LINK_MENU	Popup link element menu
     50 LIST		Show all links and images
     51 LIST_MENU	Popup link list menu and go to selected link
     52 LOAD		Load local file
     53 MAIN_MENU	Popup menu
     54 MARK		Set/unset mark
     55 MARK_MID	Mark Message-ID-like strings as anchors
     56 MARK_URL	Mark URL-like strings as anchors
     57 MARK_WORD	Mark current word as anchor
     58 MENU		Popup menu
     59 MENU_MOUSE	Popup menu at mouse cursor (for mouse action)
     60 MOUSE_TOGGLE   Toggle activity of mouse
     61 MOVE_DOWN      Move cursor down (a half screen scroll at the end of screen)
     62 MOVE_DOWN1     Move cursor down (1 line scroll at the end of screen)
     63 MOVE_LEFT      Move cursor left (a half screen shift at the left edge)
     64 MOVE_LEFT1     Move cursor left (1 columns shift at the left edge)
     65 MOVE_LIST_MENU	Popup link list menu and move cursor to selected link
     66 MOVE_MOUSE	Move cursor to mouse cursor (for mouse action)
     67 MOVE_RIGHT     Move cursor right (a half screen shift at the right edge)
     68 MOVE_RIGHT1    Move cursor right (1 columns shift at the right edge)
     69 MOVE_UP                Move cursor up (a half screen scroll at the top of screen)
     70 MOVE_UP1       Move cursor up (1 line scrol at the top of screen)
     71 MSGS        Display error messages
     72 NEW_TAB		Open new tab
     73 NEXT		Move to next buffer
     74 NEXT_DOWN      Move to next downward link 
     75 NEXT_LEFT      Move to next left link 
     76 NEXT_LEFT_UP   Move to next left (or upward) link 
     77 NEXT_LINK	Move to next link
     78 NEXT_MARK	Move to next word
     79 NEXT_PAGE	Move to next page
     80 NEXT_RIGHT     Move to next right link 
     81 NEXT_RIGHT_DOWN        Move to next right (or downward) link 
     82 NEXT_TAB	Move to next tab
     83 NEXT_UP                Move to next upward link 
     84 NEXT_VISITED    Move to next visited link
     85 NEXT_WORD	Move to next word
     86 NOTHING		Do nothing
     87 NULL		Do nothing
     88 OPTIONS		Option setting panel
     89 PEEK		Peek current URL
     90 PEEK_IMG	Peek image URL 
     91 PEEK_LINK      Peek link URL
     92 PIPE_BUF       Send rendered document to pipe
     93 PIPE_SHELL	Execute shell command and browse
     94 PREV		Move to previous buffer
     95 PREV_LINK	Move to previous link
     96 PREV_MARK	Move to previous mark
     97 PREV_PAGE	Move to previous page
     98 PREV_TAB	Move to previous tab
     99 PREV_VISITED    Move to previous visited link
    100 PREV_WORD	Move to previous word
    101 PRINT		Save buffer to file
    102 QUIT		Quit w3m
    103 READ_SHELL	Execute shell command and load
    104 REDO		Cancel the last undo
    105 REDRAW		Redraw screen
    106 REG_MARK	Set mark using regexp
    107 REINIT		Reload configuration files
    108 RELOAD		Reload buffer
    109 RESHAPE		Re-render buffer
    110 RIGHT		Shift screen one column right
    111 SAVE		Save document source to file
    112 SAVE_IMAGE	Save image to file
    113 SAVE_LINK	Save link to file
    114 SAVE_SCREEN	Save rendered document to file
    115 SEARCH		Search forward
    116 SEARCH_BACK	Search backward
    117 SEARCH_FORE	Search forward
    118 SEARCH_NEXT	Search next regexp
    119 SEARCH_PREV	Search previous regexp
    120 SELECT		Go to buffer selection panel
    121 SELECT_MENU    Popup buffer selection menu
    122 SETENV        Set environment variable
    123 SET_OPTION     Set option
    124 SHELL		Execute shell command
    125 SHIFT_LEFT	Shift screen left
    126 SHIFT_RIGHT	Shift screen right
    127 SOURCE		View HTML source
    128 STOP_IMAGE	Stop loading and drawing of images
    129 SUBMIT		Submit form
    130 SUSPEND		Stop loading document
    131 TAB_GOTO	Open URL on new tab
    132 TAB_GOTO_RELATIVE	Open relative URL on new tab
    133 TAB_LEFT	Move current tab left
    134 TAB_LINK	Open current link on new tab
    135 TAB_MENU	Popup tab selection menu
    136 TAB_MOUSE	Move to tab on mouse cursor (for mouse action)
    137 TAB_RIGHT	Move current tab right
    138 UNDO		Cancel the last cursor movement
    139 UP		Scroll up one line
    140 VERSION                Display version of w3m
    141 VIEW		View HTML source
    142 VIEW_BOOKMARK	View bookmark
    143 VIEW_IMAGE	View image
    144 WHEREIS		Search forward
    145 WRAP_TOGGLE    Toggle wrap search mode