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commit 6ded35e1c952d65dedd4ce081ea51611c92258ad
parent e585a3385aa532ceb6e2c3db9b2460e71c64f92e
Author: tomas <tomas@logand.com>
Date:   Wed,  7 Oct 2009 23:57:26 +0200

added java.wl boot file for the interpreter in java

Ajava.wl | 36++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 36 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/java.wl b/java.wl @@ -0,0 +1,36 @@ +# -*- picolisp -*- + +(def 'de '(L (def (pop 'L) L))) + +(de caar (L) (car (car L))) +(de cadr (L) (car (cdr L))) +(de cdar (L) (cdr (car L))) +(de cddr (L) (cdr (cdr L))) + +(de caaar (L) (car (car (car L)))) +(de caadr (L) (car (car (cdr L)))) +(de cadar (L) (car (cdr (car L)))) +(de caddr (L) (car (cdr (cdr L)))) +(de cdaar (L) (cdr (car (car L)))) +(de cdadr (L) (cdr (car (cdr L)))) +(de cddar (L) (cdr (cdr (car L)))) +(de cdddr (L) (cdr (cdr (cdr L)))) + +(de cadddr (L) (car (cdr (cdr (cdr L))))) +(de cddddr (L) (cdr (cdr (cdr (cdr L))))) + +(de not (X) (== NIL X)) +(de bool (X) (not (not X))) +(de =T (X) (== T X)) +(de nT (X) (not (== T X))) + +(de rest () (cdr *Args)) +(de args () (bool (cdr *Args))) + +(de list @ (rest)) + +# java + +(de jclass (N) (java.lang.Class 'forName N)) + +(de gc () (((jclass 'java.lang.Runtime) 'getRuntime) 'gc))