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Short explanation of external symbols caching
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diff --git a/doc/ref.html b/doc/ref.html @@ -420,7 +420,10 @@ href="refN.html#new">new</a></code> functions. <p>External symbols reside in a database file (or a similar resources, see <code><a href="refE.html#*Ext">*Ext</a></code>), and are loaded into memory - and written back to the file - dynamically as needed, and transparently to the -programmer. +programmer. They are kept in memory ("cached") as long as they are accessible +("referred to") from other parts of the program, or when they were modified but +not yet written to the database file (by <code><a +href="refC.html#commit">commit</a></code>). <p>The interpreter recognizes external symbols internally by an additional tag bit in the tail structure.