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Minor doc addition
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diff --git a/doc/refS.html b/doc/refS.html @@ -607,7 +607,8 @@ href="ref.html#coroutines">coroutines</a> (the main stack segment is limited - while at least one coroutine is running - to four times that size). If called without a <code>cnt</code> argument, or if already one or more coroutines are running, the current size in megabytes is returned. Otherwise, the stack segment -size is set to the new value (default 1 MB). If there are running coroutines, +size is set to the new value (default 1 MB). The main segment's size is always +four times the size of coroutine segments. If there are running coroutines, their tags will be <code><a href="refC.html#cons">cons</a></code>ed in front of the size. See also <code><a href="refH.html#heap">heap</a></code>.