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Explanation of backslash before newline in transient symbols
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diff --git a/doc/ref.html b/doc/ref.html @@ -795,6 +795,17 @@ backslash. Control characters can be written with a preceding hat -> ("W" "e" "^I" "r" "d" "\\" "S" "t" "r" "\"" "i" "n" "g") </code></pre> +<p>A backslash '<code>\</code>' in a transient symbol name at the end of a line +discards the newline, and continues the name in the next line. In that case, all +leading spaces and tabs in that line are discarded, to allow proper source code +indentation. + +<p><pre><code> +: "abc\ + def" +-> "abcdef" +</code></pre> + <p>The index for transient symbols is cleared automatically before and after <code><a href="refL.html#load">load</a></code>ing a source file, or it can be reset explicitly with the <code><a href="ref_.html#====">====</a></code>