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Document 'pil' function
Mdoc/refP.html | 11+++++++++++
Mdoc/refT.html | 1+
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diff --git a/doc/refP.html b/doc/refP.html @@ -240,6 +240,17 @@ href="refE.html#extract">extract</a></code>. -> 1 </code></pre> +<dt><a name="pil"><code>(pil ['any ..]) -> sym</code></a> +<dd>Returns the path name to the <code><a +href="refP.html#pack">pack</a></code>ed <code>any</code> arguments in +the directory ".pil/" in the user's home directory. +See also <code><a href="refT.html#tmp">tmp</a></code>. + +<pre><code> +: (pil "history") # Path to the line editor's history file +-> "/home/app/.pil/history" +</code></pre> + <dt><a name="pilog"><code>(pilog 'lst . prg) -> any</code></a> <dd>Evaluates a <a href="ref.html#pilog">Pilog</a> query, and executes <code>prg</code> for each result set with all Pilog variables bound to their diff --git a/doc/refT.html b/doc/refT.html @@ -388,6 +388,7 @@ process-local temporary directory. The directory name consists of the path to <code><a href="refP.html#*Pid">*Pid</a></code>. This directory is automatically created if necessary, and removed upon termination of the process (<code><a href="refB.html#bye">bye</a></code>). See also <code><a +href="refP.html#pil">pil</a></code>, <code><a href="refT.html#*Tmp">*Tmp</a></code> and <code><a href="refB.html#*Bye">*Bye</a></code> .