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Doc extensions and fixes
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Mdoc/refC.html | 7++++---
Mdoc/refS.html | 2+-
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diff --git a/doc/ref.html b/doc/ref.html @@ -892,6 +892,20 @@ the list. -> (a b c d e f g h i) </code></pre> +<p>When a tilde character is used to separate two symbol names (without +surrounding whitespace), the first is taken as a namespace to look up the second +(64-bit version only). + +<pre><code> +: 'libA~foo # Look up 'foo' in namespace 'libA' +-> "foo" # "foo" is not interned in the current namespace +</code></pre> + +<p>Reading <code>libA~foo</code> is equivalent to switching the current +namespace to <code>libA</code> (with <code><a +href="refS.html#symbols">symbols</a></code>), reading the symbol +<code>foo</code>, and then switching back to the original namespace. + <p>Brackets ('<code>[</code>' and '<code>]</code>') can be used as super parentheses. A closing bracket will match the innermost opening bracket, or all currently open parentheses. diff --git a/doc/refC.html b/doc/refC.html @@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ argument is a predicate which has the second argument defined as a clause. </code></pre> <dt><a name="clip"><code>(clip 'lst) -> lst</code></a> -<dd>Returns a copy of <code>lst</code> with all white space characters or +<dd>Returns a copy of <code>lst</code> with all whitespace characters or <code>NIL</code> elements removed from both sides. See also <code><a href="refT.html#trim">trim</a></code>. @@ -419,8 +419,9 @@ href="refC.html#connect">connect</a></code>. picolisp interpreter is returned. Otherwise, the command name is set to <code>any</code>. Setting the name may not work on some operating systems. Note that the new name must not be longer than the original one. See also <code><a -href="refA.html#argv">argv</a></code>, <a href="refF.html#file">file</a></code> -and <a href="ref.html#invoc">Invocation</a>. +href="refA.html#argv">argv</a></code>, <code><a +href="refF.html#file">file</a></code> and <a +href="ref.html#invoc">Invocation</a>. <pre><code> $ pil + diff --git a/doc/refS.html b/doc/refS.html @@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ href="refL.html#length">length</a></code>. </code></pre> <dt><a name="skip"><code>(skip ['any]) -> sym</code></a> -<dd>Skips all white space (and comments if <code>any</code> is given) in the +<dd>Skips all whitespace (and comments if <code>any</code> is given) in the input stream. Returns the next available character, or <code>NIL</code> upon end of file. See also <code><a href="refP.html#peek">peek</a></code> and <code><a href="refE.html#eof">eof</a></code>. diff --git a/doc/refT.html b/doc/refT.html @@ -510,7 +510,7 @@ href="refC.html#chkTree">chkTree</a></code>. </code></pre> <dt><a name="trim"><code>(trim 'lst) -> lst</code></a> -<dd>Returns a copy of <code>lst</code> with all trailing white space characters +<dd>Returns a copy of <code>lst</code> with all trailing whitespace characters or <code>NIL</code> elements removed. See also <code><a href="refC.html#clip">clip</a></code>. diff --git a/doc/tut.html b/doc/tut.html @@ -1049,7 +1049,7 @@ single expression: </code></pre> <p>To read from a file, we redirect the input with <code><a -href="refI.html#in">in</a></code>. Note that comments and white space are +href="refI.html#in">in</a></code>. Note that comments and whitespace are automatically skipped by <code>read</code>: <pre><code>