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diff --git a/doc/refD.html b/doc/refD.html @@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ class obtained by <code><a href="refG.html#get">get</a></code>ing <code>sym2</code> from <code><a href="refC.html#*Class">*Class</a></code> (or <code>cls</code> if given) (third form). Built-in functions (C-function pointer) are automatically converted to Lisp expressions. See also <code><a +href="refT.html#trace">trace</a></code>, <code><a href="refE.html#expr">expr</a></code>, <code><a href="refP.html#patch">patch</a></code> and <code><a href="refR.html#redef">redef</a></code>.