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Author: Alexander Burger <abu@software-lab.de>
Date:   Mon, 26 Sep 2011 10:21:45 +0200

"name" inconsistency note
Mdoc/refN.html | 6++++--
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/refN.html b/doc/refN.html @@ -76,9 +76,11 @@ href="refG.html#gt0">gt0</a></code>. <dt><a name="name"><code>(name 'sym ['sym2]) -> sym</code></a> <dd>Returns, if <code>sym2</code> is not given, a new transient symbol with the name of <code>sym</code>. Otherwise <code>sym</code> must be a transient symbol, -and its name is changed to that of <code>sym2</code>. See also <code><a -href="refS.html#str">str</a></code>, <code><a +and its name is changed to that of <code>sym2</code> (note that this may give +inconsistencies if the symbol is still referred to from other namespaces). See +also <code><a href="refS.html#str">str</a></code>, <code><a href="refS.html#sym">sym</a></code>, <code><a +href="refS.html#symbols">symbols</a></code>, <code><a href="refZ.html#zap">zap</a></code> and <code><a href="refI.html#intern">intern</a></code>.