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Author: Alexander Burger <abu@software-lab.de>
Date:   Thu, 23 May 2013 19:36:24 +0200

Allow unlimited number of coroutines
Mdoc/ref.html | 5++---
Mdoc/refC.html | 5++---
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/ref.html b/doc/ref.html @@ -1240,9 +1240,8 @@ environment is executed </ul> -<p>In the current implementation, not more than 64 coroutines can exist at the -same time. Reentrant coroutines are not supported, a coroutine cannot resume -itself directly or indirectly. +<p>Reentrant coroutines are not supported: A coroutine cannot resume itself +directly or indirectly. <p>Before using coroutines, make sure you have sufficient stack space, e.g. by calling diff --git a/doc/refC.html b/doc/refC.html @@ -609,9 +609,8 @@ tag is initialized and started. <code>prg</code> will be executed until it either terminates normally, or until <code><a href="refY.html#yield">yield</a></code> is called. In the latter case <code>co</code> returns, or transfers control to some other, already running, -coroutine. Trying to start more than 64 coroutines will result in a stack -overflow error. Also, a coroutine cannot resume itself directly or indirectly. -See also <code><a href="refS.html#stack">stack</a></code>, <code><a +coroutine. A coroutine cannot resume itself directly or indirectly. See also +<code><a href="refS.html#stack">stack</a></code>, <code><a href="refC.html#catch">catch</a></code> and <code><a href="refT.html#throw">throw</a></code>.