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diff --git a/doc/tut.html b/doc/tut.html @@ -51,10 +51,8 @@ arrows),</li> to make <code>&quot;</code> appear).</li> </ul> -<p>We notice that some people try to use Emacs - or some other IDE - as a -front-end to the PicoLisp console. This is not recommended, because the PicoLisp -debugging environment will set the console (tty) to raw mode by itself and do -the special handling seen above during character input. +<p>If you prefer to use Emacs, please use the picolisp-mode bundled in +"@lib/el". <p>If you feel that you absolutely have to use an IDE, <code>rlwrap</code> or another input front-end, please remove the entry "@lib/led.l" from "lib.l" and @@ -223,11 +221,6 @@ path names in the file system) matching the partial input are shown in sequence. </ul> -<h3>Behaviour of double-quoted strings</h3> - -Don't try to display &quot; in the REPL, it may be removed and the string you -wanted to quote will be underlined. Just close with another &quot; keystroke. - <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>Please take some time to experiment and to get used to command line editing.